Teddy Baker Season 3 Episode Two

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK

I walked around the forest

The trees surrounded me



My mind chilled

Just the way I liked it. There was no other way I wanted this to plan out. It was me. My kids and Elijah. He was a close friend now and I knew I could trust him. The sky was blue with a few scattered clouds that I could play with. I imagined them into faces or animals. Something I hadn’t done for a long time. I smiled and sighed and carried on walking to nowhere. I was walking around. Nothing to do really. Just a simple stroll with me, myself and I. I looked around and watched the leafs fall from the trees. I watched them slowly make their way to the ground that was already flooded by them. It was a beautiful sight. Such a beautiful morning for a stroll. 

   “It was all worth it,” I said to myself, “everything you did led us to this… no regrets”

Hell yeah it was worth it. Fuck everybody else that got in my way. Fuck them all. They deserved what had come to them. The knife that’ll forever be stained with blood. 

The weapon I chose to fight with.

It was their lives that the knife I carried had ended


And the pillow of course 

   “Maybe we could make a life here,” I said, I walked until I reached a spot where their was a large space of grass and no trees, the trees surrounded the space and a cheer sat in the middle of it, “nice to see you again my friend”

I walked over to the wooden chair and sat down and faced something. That something was a body. That body was a man that had tried to attack me not long before then. His body sat facing me in a distance in the middle of the tree. 

   I stared at it, I always did ever since the incident happened, “you tried it,” I said, “you tried to kill me, you tried to sneek up behind me and end me, but I didn’t let you, I knew…” I walked over to him, the dead man was a man who looked a little younger than myself at the time, probably in his late twenties, early thirties, what ever it fucking was, “I knew you were there, I heard you, all I wanted to do was be surrounded by the leaves and the wind, but you…” I grabbed him by the hair, lifted his head up so he could look at me, kinda, “you had to ruin that for me and this…” I pointed at his sliced neck and the dried bloody river that had ran down it, “this is what happened and it’s your fucking fault”

I got back up and walked over to the cheer and sat back down to stare at him once again. I then closed my eyes and listened to my surroundings. 

   “You tried to kill me,” I said, I looked down at the ground, “I had to do it, I just had to, there was no getting around it”


I woke up early. The air was fresh and there were no signs of any meanings to run and leave the place we were in. It was a good place.

A quiet place

And I wanted it to be made into a happy place

I wanted to live there with them.

I left my kids asleep and Elijah, who would do anything for me now, was awake and keeping an eye on the kids for me as I went out on my long walk. The walk was an eye opener for me. It had showed me how safe the place was. How a life was able to grow in that place and move freely. At least then there wasn’t going to be anyway trouble.

   I nodded, “Yeah, we’ll stay here, build a life, grow our own food, kill anybody that tries to disrupt us, these days, anybody can do anything”

I spoke to myself because I felt sometimes I’ll get a path of sense to walk on…


The sun shone bright, but the cold still beat it back. I then stopped and looked around at the beautiful surroundings that were now in my view. A large circle of green with no trees. The trees stood around it. I stood in the middle looking at the sky. 

Breathed in 

And I breathed out

A smile then came and everything was all washing away.

Something then disturbed me. I looked back down and around.

   “Who’s there?” I asked

I looked behind me and a man then appeared from out of the trees. He walked slow. His eyes set on me. 

Nothing else

Just me

   “Only me,” he said

   “Jesus Francis ,” I said, “you scared the shit out of me”

I was on guard. Something wasn’t right. The way his eyes were. The way he beamed a hole through me. I wasn’t going to let my guard down any time soon that’s for sure.

   “Just wanted to see how you were”

   “I’m fine my friend, just taking a nice slow walk you know, get my mind off things, you know how it is”

   “Sure do,” he told, “After all, I’ve had a lot of shit to think about, don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for what you did, I really truly am, if it weren’t for you, we’ll be dead”

He was a tough rugged looking guy. A little bit smaller than Elijah, but he was still big. I had to be smart and quick about things if anything were to happen. 

   “Listen, what happened back there, it wasn’t easy”

   “No it fucking wasn’t,” he piped up, “not when it’s family, I saw what you did, I saw you walk away”

   “John was unstable, I have kids, I can’t allow it”

   “Yeah…” he said, deeply, walking up to me, “you have kids, see how you like it”

He revealed a pen knife. He came at me and in an instant. His neck was sliced wide open. He fell to the floor. Blood was like a hose pipe with a finger on it. 

   I bent down to his level, “Nobody, and I mean nobody, threatens my fucking family!”

His eyes wrote pain. His hand tried to stop the bleeding, but all he got for his efforts was a big slice of fuck all. 

    “So you don’t turn, I’m gonna stick this fucker in your head, say hello to the prick upstairs, if he lets you in”

I drove the knife deep into his skull and heard it crunch. I took it out. Looked back at him and grinned.

   “Goodnight nurse”

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