Rhonda Gedling Season 3 Episode Three 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Hindegate, Colorado

​”There’s a lot of them Murphy!” The driver cried

   “Just run through the fuckers, if we stop, we’re dead!”

Mom and I sat facing each other on opposite sides of the RV. Our faces showed nothing. It was like we had given up, but we hadn’t. I was still stirring and so was she. Stirring with a plan to get the hell out of there. Each man I looked at I wanted to grab their heads and crush it with my bare hands. I fucking wished. 

   “Soon girls, you’ll have a place to lye your heads!” He told

The words obviously didn’t touch my heart. His words didn’t mean a damn fucking thing. All I could do was sit there and listen to his shit. I closed my eyes for a short period and felt my finger nails dig into the palms of my hands as I clenched my fists.

   “Hey,” I heard, “did you hear me?” 

I looked up and saw Murphy looking over. His eyes poison and his mouth grinned. 

   I nodded, “yes”

   “Good, I hope you’re grateful, if not, well, you can always try and make it out there, your decision”

I went to put my shirt on

   “No no,” he said, “they are good to look at, it’ll be a shame to hide them”

   I looked over at him and put it on anyway, “fuck you”

   “There was no need for that, man’s only paying a compliment,”  the fat old fucker said

I got up and walked over. Everybody watched especially Murphy and Rock. The fat old bastard stood his ground and stared a hole right through me as I walked toward him. I stood and stared as I reached him. Nobody did anything. Murphy and Rock looked on and so did the others. Including the old fat man. He grinned and then sniggered.

   “I like this bitch,” he said, “can we keep her and take her for walks, I promise I’ll look after her daddy”

All I saw was blood and hate. My fists were clenched more than before. 

Hit him


Do you think I did? Oh I did alright. I hit him fucking hard. I clenched my fist and bang. Right in his fat ugly jaw. 

   “You like me now you fat old fucking prick!” I screamed, “this bitch just knocked your saggy ass out”

I had dropped him. I had dropped him hard. His fat ass hit off the ground and the back of his head bounced off the floor. 

   He looked up, spat blood from his mouth, a hell of a lot of it, “gorgeous, being in prison, you learn not to care about pain”

   “How about I crush your fucking balls!” 

A large hand then wrapped around my neck and slammed me against the wall. 

   “Sit down girl and chill,” Rock ordered

I looked up at him. His large chest and arms covering a large area. His eyes dark with malice. I felt his grip tighten. I began to feel dizzy. 

    Mom then got up and Murphy came into play, he pointed his gun at her, “sit your ass down,” he told, she didn’t, “sit down!” She looked at me and I nodded to her, I knew he would, I knew he would pull the trigger, so she had to “Just chill everyone, all of this is unnecessary, fighting doesn’t solve a fucking thing, all it does is complicate things and piss off the people that can change things in an instant, meaning…” he pointed at himself as he held the gun to mom, “me” 

   “Damn right Murph,” the fat man had risen to his feet

   He looked over, angry, “shut up,” he told, “you boys need to stop being pussys, it’s embarrassing”

   “She hits hard,” he told

   Murphy’s eyes widened, “You wanna feel my punch?” He asked, he faced up to him and the fat man backed off, “I could’ve left you in their to be eaten a fucking live, you’d make a great meal for the dead wouldn’t you, like a ten course fucking meal, show me, show me why I brought you with me”

He walked over to me and Rock moved away.

   “If she doesn’t go down from the first, I’ll know how much a damn pussy you’re”

   “This is for you bitch,” he said

It came flying at me and like a rock being thrown at point blank. He did he was told. I blacked out and I heard the screams from mom. 

   “Rhonda!” She cried
I woke up to a blur and gunfire. The RV door was open and I couldn’t see much out of it. I looked to my left slowly. I realised mom wasn’t there and began to panic a little.

   “Mom,” I murmered

   “Yeah!” I heard, “That’s how you fucking do it! 

A figure walked in and it was him once again


I couldn’t see much of him. He kept his distance and turned his back and looked out of the RV. 

   “You’re awake, I’m glad,” he said, “we’re here by the way, your future home, we just need to clear a few things out and you can come out, I know what you’re thinking, your mom right? Don’t worry about her, she’s one tough son of a bitch, she’s actually helping us, took some convincing, but she’s smart and realised that you can survive in numbers and not in few, we hang with the pack of dogs and we don’t get bit, she realised that and I hope you do to,” he turned and faced me, “sorry about what happened back there, sometimes a leader has to take drastic measures to keep the line straight, I hope you understand”

   “Fuck… you”

   “I wish I could, because I’m one sexy mother fucker,” he looked out of the door and lifted up his arms, “Hey honey! Told you I’d find you!” He looked around again, came closer and bent down to my level, “thats my wife Heidi, she’s fucking crazy, she was in prison too, but, all crazy are free now, because the whole world has gone caraazy”

He smiled another one of those daunting smiles and laughed once again.

   “Murphy!” I heard

   “Be right there!” He told, “one sec, I’ll be right back honey,” he told

He got up. Walked back out and closed the door and all I could hear was gone fire once again…

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