Cal Moore Season 3 Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California 

Day had sprung

The suns light spread once again in blinding fashion

As always

Sleep didn’t come easy

I sat on the rooftop and looked down. Looked down at the dead city. What once was night and I could see nothing but pitch black. 


I could see my deceased home once again and this time I could see a lot more. The view I had was breathtaking in a horrible way. The kind of way where the longer you stared, the horrible it got. I was on my own up there. Mason was around somewhere whilst my parents worried about other things. They were always in the soldiers ears. Trying to get the information they wanted

But somehow

They didn’t know anything

We felt it to be strange,

We knew something was being hidden from us, but there was nothing else we could’ve done. It was either to die out there or MAYBE

Survive in there and that was that. 

I gazed longer at the skyline in the distance. Tall buildings stood above everything else. The road below them is where Mason and I used to hang around. The mall was just a few blocks away. I looked down at the large garden below at my Dad and Ray talking to one of the soldiers. Ray being the big man he was. Towered over them both. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, so I focused on somewhere else. 

   “Hey,” I heard, I looked around and it was my mom, “you ok up here by yourself?” 

   “Yeah, I’m fine”

  She sat down with me, “You seen Mason?”

   “No, why?” 

   “He’s meditating with Israel”

   “He’s what?” 

   She got up and walked to where we could see the back yard, “look”

I walked over and spotted him with Israel. Just like she said. They both sat on the grass with their legs crossed and eyes closed. I grinned at the sight. It was strange at first to see, but then my Mom made me realise something. 

   “He’s lost so much,” she reminded, “he needs peice of mind, to calm, I do it now and again to remind myself to be thankful for what I have, I worry about you and your father a lot, back then and especially now, but we’re all still here for each other…” She paused and looked over at him, “it seems like he’s helping him to ease that pain, you should join in, it’s good, trust me it’ll help”

   “I don’t need to,” I told

   “We all do, if there’s a time to find something positive, nows the time, think about it”

She walked away and climbed back down inside the house. 

Talking to Mom was different of course. Looking into her eyes whilst talking to her gave off a different feeling. Her looked spent. Her eyes were darker. 

Like the light 

Was slowly dying 

My dad was the same

I couldn’t help but think about the worst possible things. I couldn’t help but think that my parents were next. 

Was it only a matter of time?

Was the world only meant for darkness now? 

I clinched my eyes shut

Breathed deeply and opened them again. I looked over at Mason and Israel and started to make my way over.
   “Can I join?” I asked

   Israel opened one eye and nodded, “sit, shut your eyes and breathe”

I looked over at Mason. He was oblivious.

I sat and did what he said. 

   “Let your thoughts wash over you,” he told, “let there be silence in your mind”

I let it all take over me

The deep breaths

The darkness from my closed eyes

It suddenly felt like I was floating in the air with nobody else around me. 

Nothing but my thoughts 

A picture suddenly came in front of me like a film was being played. This wasn’t silence. This was the opposite. 

It was like a tidle wave of negitveness had begun to drown me. A big fear of mine. Now on top of me. Squashing me like a stampede. My breathing was a panic. 

   “No,” I said

Everybody was dead in front of my eyes. We were in the same place and somehow they were all dead. 

   I opened them, “I can’t do this”

I got up and quickly walked away.
The sun set once more. I sat on a bench in the back garden and heard the bushes and trees nestle in the wind. My dad’s figure came from the side of the house and walked toward me. 

   He sat down beside me and put his arm at the back of the chair, “I haven’t spoke to you much, I’m sorry”

   “Sorry for what?” I asked

   “I haven’t been there for you, a father should be there for his son and I haven’t been, I’m sorry for that, I’ve just been in my own little world, I’ve been selfish and I’m not going to be from now on”

   “You don’t need to be sorry for that, dad, you don’t, believe me when I say this”-

   “Shhh, can you hear that?”

   “Hear what?” 

We listened and heard something walking around outside. 

   “Is it one of them?” I asked

   “We’ll go get one of the guys,” he told

We stood up and quickly walked to the house. 

Through the coridoor 

And into the living room where most of them were. A few of the soldiers were still outside.

I looked at mom and the others. They looked petrified.

   The main man held a note, “What’s that?” Dad asked

He gave it to my dad and it was a note written what looked like blood. 


                    DEATH WILL COME

                           IN FLAMES…

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