Rhonda Gedling Season 3 Episode Four 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, somewhere in Colorado 

My sight wasn’t blurry anymore and the shouts and shots weren’t muffled

The noises were more 


And then…


Absolute silence and then a roar of cheers. Including Murphy’s which was the most robust. He also started the cheer and the pumps of the chests. 

Even though I couldn’t see them, I had a feeling thats what they’d be doing. They had won a battle that I couldn’t see, but my mom did.

   “Long live us!” He shouted, “welcome home peeps!”

The feeling I had in my gut was not right one bit. I tried to examine what I could’ve done to avoid this mess that we had found ourselves in. How did this all come to be? Should we have just carried on instead of stopping right there and then? 

We were tired 


It was just the case of us being at the wrong place at the wrong frigging time. He came back into the RV. His face all smiles. It had been a good day for the monster.

   “Looks like we have a good future here,” he said, “nothing to stop us, nothing to get in our way, other than those crazy motherfuckers we’ve just disposed of”

   I looked at him, “You gonna make me stay?” 

   “You can leave if you want, but deep deep down inside…” he came in close, “I know you’ll miss me”

My blood boiled so bad. Right there and then I wanted to kill him. The frustrating thing was. 

I couldn’t. I wasn’t the stupid bitch that I knew he thought I was. I needed a plan. I need something that was going to keep me alive, because I knew full well that one wrong move that he didn’t agree with.

It’ll be lights out

No more walking on the dead ground. Just me floating in the darkness

   “I doubt I’ll miss you,” I said, “if anything happens to you, I hope to be the one that does it”

   “Bless ya, bless ya very much, I hope that we can be friends, because I’m a good friend to have, being a friend to a dangerous man can be very helpful in the long haul”

   “Like the fucking idiots out there that you have hanging off your balls, I’ll not let you fool me into thinking you’re a saint”

He flashed his eyebrows and licked his lips.

   “Hmm, you’re a hard gal to please,” he told, “man offers a bitch a safe haven and she turns it down”

   “What you did to me, what you did to us, you will regret it”

   He smiled once again, “I love a challenge, I love living dangerously and by the way, you look great when you’re mad”

I started to rise to my feet and I stumbled. He got up and the same fucking simper had grew even bigger. He watched me and then decided to be a gentleman by offering his hand.

   “Don’t you fucking touch me”

   “Don’t flatter yourself, I was offering a hand, but if you’re gonna be all hormonal about it, then you can struggle”

He took a step back and as I got my balance, he then clapped his hands together with the same damn smile. 

   “Rhonda!” I heard

   “She’s in here, she’s fine,” Murphy told

Mom came storming in, in a bloody mess. 

Her eyes widened

All over the place

She was concerned and shocked at the same time. She panted wildly as she looked my way. 

   “Rhonda… are you… are you ok?” She asked

   “She’s fine,” Murphy spoke, “Just a little dizzy from the hit,” he stepped outside, “I’ll leave you two gals time to catch up”

He closed the door and we were both alone with muffled voices coming from the outside.

   “Am I ok?” I asked, “What the fuck do you think?” I pointed to the blood around my mouth, “do I look ok?” 

   “I’m sorry, I should’ve done something, I”-

   I sighed, “leave it, it doesn’t matter, the chance we get, we’re getting out of here”

   “Are you sure?” She asked

   “What do you mean…? This is not the place for us, it’s not, we have to go, these people, what they’ve done to us…” anger boiled inside, emotions making my stomach like hell’s sauna, “we have to go… we have to”

She was silent. I couldn’t understand 


Why couldn’t she find the words to carry on the plans of escape? Why was she fucking struggling to see what I was seeing? This wasn’t like her at all. As much as I despised the woman. She wasn’t the kind of woman to get scared easily in the time we had rekindled. 

   “I’m sorry, but out there, we don’t stand a chance on our own”

And there it was. 


Dropped on my head


Making me wonder if we were ever going to get away.

I couldn’t leave her there. That wasnt going to happen.


   “I don’t believe this,” I said, “so this is it huh, welcome to hell, welcome to a life where men decide to put their hands on us when ever they feel like it and if we even fight back, I don’t think that vile prick out there will let it stand this time…” I got in close, “we’ll be dead, don’t you get it…? Is that the life you wanna lead”
He let us have our moment together until he knocked on the door. 

   “Knock knock knock, somebody wants to meet ya”

   “Where’re my fellow ladies,” I heard

   “In here my queen”

The door opened and he walked in once again, but this time he had company. 

   “Ladies, this is my wife, Heidi”

The first thing I noticed was her prison uniform. She was a strong looking woman. 


Just a little shorter than Murphy. Her eyes made contact and when they did they grabbed you from the inside. Her hair was short and platinum. Her cheekbones were well made which matched the rest of her slim built body. She was tough. I felt it and so did mom. 

   She extended her arms, “my fellow women, my fellow lionesses, welcome to your new home”

   “We aren’t staying,” I told 

   She wasn’t smiling for long, her smile died and her face became darkened and then she shrugged, she didn’t give a shit “ok, you can leave, just like my sexy hubby over here said,” she grabbed his crotch and he smiled, “you won’t stand a dickedy chance out there by yourself, plus look at you, you aren’t strong enough, your best bet is to stay with us”

   “Try me,” I told

Mom put her hand on my arm and clenched hard. I wasn’t in the best of positions to fight but I wasn’t going to take any crap. 

   “Ladies, ladies, ladies,” Murphy spoke, “like my smoking hot wife said,” he grabbed her behind and she grinned, “you won’t stand a chance, so make your choice…”

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