Teddy Baker Season 3 Episode Four 

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK 


We needed food 

We had run dry and it was now time to venture out. 

The world had changed and I knew that. Venturing out wasn’t going to be a heavenly drive round the country to a local village shop. 

It was going to be bumpy

The sky may have been clear at the moment


A storm wasn’t that far away.

I walked out of the house toward the car. They all followed me. I stopped and dropped to my children’s level.

   First Jack, I hugged him tight, “you look after your sister, don’t have Elijah doing anything that he doesn’t need to, he’s our family now, family love each other, understand?” 

   He nodded, “yes dad”

   My little star was next, I hugged her tight, “my lil girl, you have two strong men here to protect you, I won’t be gone long, I’ll be back before you know it, ok”

   She nodded and I heard a whimper, “come back to us daddy”

   “I will, now give me a kiss”

She kissed me on the cheek and I got up and walked toward Elijah. He was worried and it was written all over his face. He had done so much for me. To have a friend like him was a miracle in this world. I hugged him tight and looked into his eyes.

   “Stay strong,” I told, “You’ve been such a great friend, if I’m not”-

   “I can go, you don’t have to, I can do it”

   “No, I need to get used to this, we’re running low on food and I wanna provide for my family, you… my children… are my family”

   “I’m gonna have to pull my weight sooner or later,” he said

   I opened the car and turned to face him, “you will, in time, I trust you”

I put the gun, map and knife on the passenger seat and got in the car. I looked back 

At my children

At my close friend

Jack stood there with Lianne with his arm around her. Condoling her like a big brother should. Both watching me. All of them with concerned looks on their faces.

   I lowered the window, “Elijah”

   He came over, “yeah”

   I took a deep breath, “watch Jack for me”

   “You got it… and Teddy,” he caressed my shoulder, “are you sure about this?” 

   “I have to do this,” I told, “I’ll see you soon”

I drove away and looked in the mirror as my family disappeared into the distance. I drove and thought about plenty of things as the vast fields around me came visible as the drive expanded. The country side was beautiful. The place held many positives in the time I had now found myself in. I looked at the dashboard and found a CD. 

   “Hmm, what have you got for me,” I said 

I put it in and a man’s voice began to speak. The voice sounded emotional. All I could hear were breaths and then…

The words came

   “My sweet Carrie, saying your name at a time like this will always make the sky bright even when it’s dark, like it is now. I tried to see reason, I tried see things differently but I couldn’t, I don’t love her anymore, I love you, first time I saw you in that bar in London I couldn’t take my eyes off you, even when I was with her all I could see was you. I knew you were married because you were with your husband at the time. That black sparkly dress, that long hair that fell down your back. He was such a lucky guy and I wanted that, it’s just so unfortunate how things planned out for us, I know you were married and I am and it wouldn’t have been the best of things for our families, but just imagine if we met before hand, just… imagine, imagine how happy we both would’ve been. Anyway, if this ever gets to you, that’s if I ever get bigger balls, I hope we can see each other again because I can’t keep thinking about you, anyway, I hope you’re well, take care”

I looked to the left and noticed a large house. I stopped and focused on it. 

Was there anything in there? 

Was it empty?

I got out and walked over.

Opened the big gate 

Walked down the vast garden whilst looking around cautiously.

My back was straight

My focus was hard

This house could hold something that we really needed… so I hoped. I got close and listened for any movement. Any noises that sounded unusual. 



So I hoped

I opened the door quietly and slowly made my way in. It was a pretty big house. The corridor was vast


With rooms on either side with a few pictures on the walls here and there, most- probably- family members

I closed my eyes

Took a deep breath 

And moved forward 

I walked through and checked every room for any infected. I grasped my knife on one side and touched my gun on the other. I reassured myself that I was going to get through this. I had survived this long in a screwed up world so I was going to survive this little test.

My breath was light as my gaze switched from left to right. 

I stopped 

Noticed a room


   “Wow,” I muttered, “should’ve picked this place”

My heart then jumped out of my mouth as a large bang came from upstairs and a scream 

A childs scream

   “Leave me alone!!!”

I took out the gun and kept my blood stained knife in its holster. I looked upstairs and made my way up.

   “Hello!” I said

An infected male came zooming toward me.

   my guard was up and I smiled, “come at me”

I shot and It’s head splattered. It fell heavily on the ground and that was that.

   “Hello,” I said, “anybody there, I heard a scream”

   “Go away,” I heard, it was a girls voice

I walked to where I thought her voice was coming from. 

The door was open

A bedroom was inside

I walked in slowly and saw her sitting down at the corner of the room holding her arm.   

A gun was beside her

   “I can help you,” I said

   “No you can’t, no one can”


I would say

Was in her early teens. 

I walked closer with my hands up to assure her I was good and I didn’t want to cause her any harm   

   She picked the gun up and pointed it at me, “Don’t come any closer,” she demanded

I noticed blood on her arm. It was a bite. A large one. I saw her wince in pain. Tears ran down but she didn’t cry.

   “Please, I’m not here for this, I wanna help you”

It went quiet for a short time. Just her and I keeping eye contact. The longer I stared into the young girls eyes the more of her story was revealed. 

She was alone

And she had been alone for awhile

The pain I felt in those eyes. It felt like it had taken her.

    She pointed the gun to the side of her head, “no… you can’t”


The gun went off and the blood splattered from the other side. I stared at the gun at the dead body of the young girl. I didn’t know her name. I didn’t know anything about her. The only thing I knew were her last moments of suffering. 

I breathed

Looked one final time

Brushed myself off

Turned around 

And got back to my mission


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