Rhonda Gedling Season 3 MID SEASON FINALE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Red Rose, Colorado


I made my choice in the end and that choice was to stay. 

I had to 

Don’t think for one second that I did it because I thought there wasn’t another way. I knew there was. I knew there was a way where I could’ve walked down and got my self the fuck out of there, but I had to stay.


For my sister

For Elaine

The reason why I say that is because she loved Mom no matter what. She saw hope in her therefore I couldn’t just leave her there alone with them. 

I had to protect her

To stay with her

Because that’s what Elaine would’ve done and would’ve wanted me to do.

   “You made the right choice,” mom said, “thank you”

   “If thats what you think,” I said, “honestly, I just think you’re scared to fucking death”

   “It’s the right choice Rhonda, us out there, like they said, we have no chance at all”

   “Exactly…” I got up close, “what they said, they’re trying to push these thoughts into our heads, don’t you get it? They’ll do anything and say anything to get us to stay”

   “It’s safer in numbers”

She wasn’t understanding anything. I put my hands on to my pounding head and gripped my hair. I felt like tearing my hair out. I was close to exploding.  

   “We survived for weeks out there on our own!” I yelled, “if we can do then, we can do so much more!”

The door to the RV then swung open and in he came with his wife and two guys by his side. It was like a stare down at first. They were trying to pull us down to our knees. I could feel it. I could feel the tention heating up in the small area we stood in. 

What were they thinking?

What had they got planned for us?

And then…

   “Boo!” Murphy shouted

He laughed

He laughed with the others whilst I 

Just stood there 

Staring holes through them all. I looked at mom. I could tell the fear was in front of her. That’s what she could see. That’s what she only saw. 

Nothing else

Nothing more

Nothing less

Just a wall that she couldn’t pass or a bridge she couldn’t cross. 

   “It’s great to see that you beautiful women are still here,” Heidi spoke, “Let’s go take a walk, just us three, we’ll leave the men behind for awhile”

   “A walk?” I said, “you going to let us go?”

   She rolled her eyes, “no, like I said before, it’s your choice, I just wanna have a lil chat, you know… girl talk”

The men seperated for her as she stepped outside the RV. She waited and motioned to us to come with her. 

   “Come on girls, don’t keep Mrs H waiting,” she warned

I looked at the floor


And walked outside

The place where we were was  Red Rose High School. It was huge, but it looked like they had the numbers to keep the place safe. Not much time passed when we saw somebody with a gun walking tall. 

A mean face

Probably a stone heart

Mostly men were seen, but a woman turned up from time to time. They also looked strong. They also carried guns. 

   “I know you’re impressed, you should see the inside, so much room for improvement, it’s gonna  look fucking awesome… a new start,” she spoke, confidently, “and I know you wanna stay here, don’t let your stubbornness put you in danger, we both know that survival in small numbers is very very… low”

   “You have no idea who we’re, underestimating people can get you killed,” I told, “it disappoints me that a fellow woman hides behind a man so much where she loses that strength”

   Her smile was slow, but it came, the button was half pushed, “he’s more than just a man, he’s a machine and if I wanted to, I would break your little neck right here right now,” Mom then stepped forward, Heidi grinned, “but luckily for you, I like you, you… complete me, all women do, we’re firery species that will get what we want and when we want it, but when against each other,” she turned serious, “respect has to be given”

A small stare and then she turned on her heal and walked away.

   “Come on then my girls, follow me”

Once more we followed. I looked back at the entrance in the distance and noticed another vehicle coming through. 

   “Where’re you getting all these people?” I asked

    “Oh them… around,” she explained lazily, “don’t worry your little head, you should be thankful a group like us found you, all you need to know is that we have quite a few people willing to do anything to survive, like you have been, or you will be doing from now on in this glorious place, ” she stopped and stretched her arms out wide as if she was trying to hug the place, “living here is going to pay off, trust me, I’m a woman of my word and I will promise you nothing but safety, safety in numbers, safety… with me”

   “Somehow I don’t believe you,” I told, “somehow, all I think you’ve done so far is talk a load of dog shit”

  She tilted her head and frowned a little, “and why is that?” 

   “Do you have any idea what they did to us, any at all?” 

She looked on confused. She shook her head slowly, no.

   “The worse thing that could’ve happened to a woman,” Mom spoke

It took a second, then she clicked on

   “They raped you?”

   “Yes,” I said

  She came in close, “my husband do anything?”

   “No, bu”-

   “Well that’s fucking fine then!” she smiled, “you should be greatful anyway getting a stiff ass dick in your pussy these days, cheer up and follow me, I’ll show you around inside”

We followed the building round. I looked to my left at the tall buildings in the distance and the other surrounding areas. It was a dangerous place to be. All major cities had fallen and this was a huge town. 

The bigger the town

The bigger the threat

One question that floated round 

What made these people so confident surviving there?

   She stopped at the door, “do you love your mom,” she asked 

Why the question?

Why the fuck was she asking me that?

I felt something

A stone being thrown my way and hitting me multiple times 

The same stone 

A bad feeling 

   “Will you do anything to save her?” 

   “She’s my mom,” I told

I heard movement behind me and a gun clicked. I looked behind me and a rough faced woman stood there with the gun toward me

   “Take the gun,” Heidi told

   “What the hell is this?” I asked, looking her way

   “I have a job for you, it’s fun, all you need to do is clear out this little area of infected and then voila, welcome home”

   “Grab that gun and shove it,” I told

   “She doesn’t need to do this, you have the men to do it,” mom told

   “Or your mom dies,” she told 

Another gun was loaded. I looked round and the same woman had another gun pointing mom’s way. 

I was trapped now

Heart beating intensely

Mind had now stopped and saw only one option in front

I thought of her

   “You scared little one?” She asked

I looked her way. Grabbed the gun


And moved forward. She opened the door for me and politely motioned me in

   “Ladies,” she said

   “Rhonda, don’t do this please, let me do it,” mom said

   “Shut up please,” she demanded, “Rhonda, let’s get this over with”

I moved forward into the unknown. Time tended as I didn’t know how many were in there? There was no lighting

Just slight glimpses of the sun shining on the walls. The door then slammed shut. 

I jumped forward 

My pounding faster

   “Rhonda!” Mom cried 

   “Rhonda,” Heidi spoke, “listen to me, some run and some walk, just keep your eyes pealed, good luck little one and if I find one more that’s still standing in there,  the hag dies”

It was time

I breathed

And stepped forward with the gun clenched…




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