Teddy Baker Season 3 MID SEASON FINALE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK 

I drove down a long road. I had collected everything that I could’ve from the house where a dead girl now layed. I didn’t think of her. 

I couldn’t

I couldn’t take my focus off what was in front of me and that was getting back to my family in one peice. Mainly tins of food were stashed in the back seat. I was quite happy with it but the amount that was there wouldn’t have lasted long enough.

Maybe a week or to

Maybe three

But I had to search for more

I carried on down the long winding roads and noticed in the distance figures walking aimlessly. Like they were struggling to balance. It was obvious what they were. They were one of them. A few were out in the open field just wandering around and one was close to the road. It sensed me and turned around and walked on to the road. I didn’t stop. I just carried on and then


What used to be a figure of a woman was now nothing but death’s meat. The car crushed her as it hit

Bounced off

And fell underneath the car

   “One down, billions more to go”

I stopped at a roundabout

Left or right


I heard a noise that only meant one thing. 

A sprinter 

It’s cry was loud. It exploded out of a window from a house.

I jumped but fear didn’t grab me for long. 

I watched as the infected skinny- tall- man with ripped bloody clothes and shredded skin dash toward me. 

   I looked to my left and smiled, “hello there, this is becoming one hell of a fun day”

I had

From time to time

Been able to flip a switch 

From normal

To fucking crazy

And slaughtering these things made the switch being there more acceptable

I was

Let me think…

Turned on

Sounds grotesque I know, but that’s me. 


That was the other side

The darker… side

   “I’ll come out and play,” I joked

I grabbed my knife and left the gun in the car. I wanted to slice shit up. I wanted to hear the skin splitting. I hadn’t cleaned the blood off the knife from the many occasions before, so the memories were still there.


   I smiled at it, “just how I like you”

I looked at the sprinter again. I watched it’s face and disgusting body shaking in rage. It’s eyes bled and it’s teeth were rotting. 

   “Let’s get to it”

I got out and watched it come my way. It’s blood still fell from its eyes and it was now spitting blood. It wildly came toward me and I waited with my hand gently pressed against the knife. 

I waited

And then 

I sliced it’s neck wide open and stuck the blade deep into the side of its head after it fell.

  The blade dripped with blood, “That was boring, I was expected more of a fight”

After saying that

More screams from the diseased sounded. I rapidly directed my gaze toward the screams. 

There were plenty

Plenty to bring excitement 

   “Thats more fucking like it!” 

I motioned them to bring it and got in my car. 

Grabbed my gun 

And started firing 

I watched some tumble

And others stay on their feet

Shot after shot after shot

It was an adrenaline rush 

My smile wide


Loving every minute of it until they got a little too close

   “I’d love to stay folks, but I’ve gotta go”

I got into the car and waited until they were close enough. 

Close enough to see

To be banging at the window

Then I drove away and left them chasing the fumes

   “Back to business”

I sped down the road as fast I as could and I felt the world passing me by.

No rules

No law

No job

It felt spactactular


And deep down in my twisted fucking soul I felt my duty as a father mixed in with the craziness. The true colours of man could now come out and be seen in the new world.

I was a tiny tiny tiny bit scared of that I guess

But I was more scared for them. 

For the other residents of this fucked up world.

Because sooner or later.

Somebody was going to try and mess with me and I couldn’t wait. 

I couldn’t wait for the challenge.

For the blood

The new world felt like a playground to me. Of course I had to be careful, but the possibilities were endless now. I didn’t just work at a shitty store anymore. Grades from school didn’t matter anymore. No worrying about having an endless job. 


The ladder was reset and I was going to reach for the fucking top.

   “Any music?” 

I looked in the dashboard and clocked another CD. 

   “Ed Sheeran, hmm… that’ll do”

I took out the other CD and replaced it with the album. 

   “Pick a number, any number… three,” it began to play, “when your legs don’t work like they used to before”

An infected was then seen crawling onto the road.

   I grinned then giggled, “hooow convenient”

I carried on staring and then


I had to slam on the breaks

   A young woman stood in the middle of the road with her hands on the car bonnet, “you fucking stupid?!”

I grabbed my gun and knife and got out of the car to confront her

   “Please, we need help, can you help us please?” She gasped for air

I looked behind me and saw a young boy with three young looking men and an older man with him. The older man stood on one leg. He looked in pain as he was being held up by the two younger ones. They all held weapons.

A baseball bat

A sword


And a sledge hammer

They also had a few bags with them   

   I was on guard, “you look pretty capable”

   “We need shelter, my uncle’s been hurt bad, our camp got over run, we just need a safe place and that’ll be it,” I watched them and she watched me, “hey, you can trust us, please”

I began walking over to the guys and now they were on guard. Some were shorter than me and some were tall, but they all looked strong.

Capable of surviving in a world like this

It was the eyes

They told the story

   “No need to be frightened,” I told, “I only want one thing from you and that is your guarantee”

   “What do you want?” The uncle said, short with broard shoulders, his face looked spent

   “I have a place for you and it’s a nice place, but the problem is, it isn’t available until you hand over your weapons”

   “Fuck you,” one said

   I held up my hands, “ok fine,” 

I walked away

   “Wait, we’ll do it,” the girl said

   “Abbey, are you crazy?” 

   “Shut up Francis, we can’t stay out here”

   I smiled and nodded, “if you need safety, this is the only road”

   “If we wanted to kill you we would’ve done it already,” one said

   “Just do as he says,” Abbey told

   In the end they gave me their weapons and I nodded every time to show I respected their decision. 

   “Don’t worry, you’ll get them back when we get there,” Francis looked my way, his eyes wide with fury, “you can trust me,” they all got in, “It’s a good job I have a big car huh”


We stood in the house now. The others looked around whilst Abbey came toward me.


   “Thanks for this, really, we appreciate it,” Abbey told

   “It’s fine, really, do you have everything you need?” 

   “Yes we do, we have everything, all the supplies we need”

   “Good, well I’ll be seeing you”

   “Wait, do you wanna stay for dinner?” She asked

I thought about it

long and hard

But I had to get back 

   “I have to get home, but thank you, but first, I need to use the men’s room”

   “You don’t need to ask me,” she said

I walked upstairs and passed many doors. 

The place was huge

I couldn’t believe I didn’t grab it when I could

I heard a noise

A cry actually

   “What the?” 

   I listened in, the door was slightly open, I looked in and saw the uncle crying, looking up at the ceiling on a large bed, praying, “sorry for my sin’s, sorry for all my wrong doings, those children did not deserve it, but I am a changed man now and I will never do it again, I have changed, I have… changed”

My mood changed from a little calm to anger.

I had done a good deed


Anger had struck

He had to go

He had to…

What ever this guy did

It involved children

I had children of my own

I couldn’t have him around
Night came and I drove back to the house where they stayed. 

I parked at a distance

I was quiet 

Calm and collected

My other side had taken over as I walked closer to the house

Candles could be seen giving a little light in the house

And then I saw him

Standing there with a smoke

   “There you’re,” I said

I walked over

Clutched my blood stained knife in my hand. 


I was calm and collected

Fully focused

He didn’t see me coming and I didn’t stop walking


I was behind him 


He turned and his face quickly changed to shock. He saw my knife.

   “What’s that for?” He asked, “What’re you doing?”

   “Doing what the last world should’ve done,” I answered

   “Please, I never meant”-

He was frozen in fear and soon the blood that I lusted for began to rain into the darkness. 

The knife was driven into his stomach 

   “Shhh,” I told

And then his throat. I watched him fall.

Blood gushed

Job done

I looked around and walked back into the night. I looked behind me and saw a face that I knew had been standing there for awhile in the window.


   “He deserved it,” I muttered





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