Graham Jackson Season Episode Seven 

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

We were in the living room 


The dogs 

And my angel

The same living room where I got humiliated in front of my family.

She looked at me.

I looked at her.

She stared me down and I looked away and put my hand into my palms. I got up and walked toward the window and gazed out of it and I could still feel her deadly stare.

   “I know what you’re thinking, Evelyn,” I spoke

   “Then why are you doing this?” She asked

   “For Preston,” I told

   “You could die,” she warned, “then what… huh?!”

I turned around and walked toward her.

   “Keep your voice down”

   “His brother took him, family took him, he’s with his family and that’s where he belongs,” she grabbed my hand, “you don’t need to do this”

I shook my head. 

His older brother took him, yes.

His older brother took him in a direction where he could be killed at any moment? 


My gut was telling me yes.

What I saw of him

What he did 

What he’s been doing 

Killing soldiers

Maybe killing innocent people

Coming into my fucking house and doing what the fuck he wants. 

Anger burned. 

Anger burned deep down inside of me and the fire needed to be released and it was him I was going to release it on.

I had to. She might not have seen him as family, but I did. He was the son I never had and I was going to get him back and kick his brother into hell where he belonged.

   “He was with us through so much, Evelyn,” I said, “he was like  family”

   “But he isn’t,” she repeated, “Why don’t you get that? We’re living in a time where family,” she put her hand to her chest and slapped it, “family, have to stick together and not seperate, do you understand? People are dying so fast and I don’t want you to be added to that list”

   “I understand, I do and don’t ever think that I don’t,” I told, “I love you, I love Michelle and Katelyn, you’re my world”

   “Then why do you want to leave us?” She asked

   “I’m not leaving you, I’m getting something back that is a part of us, of all of us, he is family, he’s been with us and will continue to be with us”

Tears began to make her eyes sparkle and then they began to descend down her cheeks. She shook her head in disbelief. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing and a tiny part of me couldn’t believe it either, but it was something that just had to be done. I wouldn’t expect you to understand, but understand this. Would you rescue a boy who you loved, who you saw as a son, even though he wasn’t, but you still felt he was? 

   Her breath shuddered, “ok,” she said, “do what you want dad, do what the fuck you want, because it’s obvious that you’re only thinking about the things you want and not the things you need, and that thing is us and we… we need you”

She turned and walked away from me. Leaving me in a pool of her words circling my ears.

Entering them


Then re- entering 

Now the questions remained

Was she right?

Wasn’t she?

And if she was right. Should I still go out there and save the boy?

I took time to think and I thought long and hard

And then

I realised…

I walked up the stairs and as I reached the top. I looked to my left and saw her sitting down next to the wall. 

   I began walking over to her, “what am I going to tell your granddaughters?”

   I stopped in my tracks, it was like, she was stopping me from coming closer, “I have to get him back, I have to”

   She looked up at me, “and if you don’t prevail, then what?”

   “Thats not going to happen,” I told

   She laughed and shook her head, “Mr macho man, Mr invincible”

   “Don’t be like that”

   “No dad, no,” she said, “I’m not the one who is blinde to danger, your the one who is being the fucking idiot in all of this”

   I walked up to her and she got up and gazed my way, “please Evelyn”

   “Stay the fuck away from me dad, if you wanna risk in killing yourself in saving something that isn’t ours, then go ahead, go right a fucking head”


   She punched me and I staggered back, “Go fuck yourself”

She opened the door and closed it behind her.

   “Mummy, what’s wrong?” I heard behind the door

   “Nothing sweety, I’m here, go back to sleep”

I turned 

And walked away   

Bruno stayed close as we walked through the misty day. 


I had made up my mind 


It was the decision that was going to be the biggest risk of my life. It may have brought me to death’s door. 


It may have brought me to saving the young lad who I now saw as a son.


I was coming for him with all my anger and all my might. 

We reached the same place where I kicked the living crap out of Marcus. The same place that changed everything and brought me to this moment.

   I looked at Bruno, “Here we’re,” I said, “you ready?” He looked at me, “Let’s go buddy”

We started walking over to the apartement block where huge familiar graffiti in black came visible at the corner.

                           THE WORLD 

                               IS FREE

The door had been left open. It was in tatters. Smashed to bits. I looked at the floor at the glass and watched Bruno walk around it and as we got in. I listened out for anybody that would be hanging around. 

I then heard a crash and a cry upstairs. 

Bruno then barked and pelted it upstairs which made me have no choice in doing the same.

   “For fuck sake, Bruno”

I chased him up the next flight and watched him run through a door. 

And then

In an emotional turn

I heard Bruno yelp

   “Bruno!” I cried

I ran through the same door toward him as he was laid out in the centre of the apartement. A scruffy skinny pale man who was busted up was standing up against the wall in fear.

I then looked around and realised why he was so fearful. A large man with a thick beard stood there with his eyes fixated on me. He held a large combat knife and walked toward me…



Teddy Baker Season 3 Episode Seven 

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK 

Night time was here and everything we had taken from that place had been put away. Lianne rested on my lap and soon she was asleep. I looked down at her and smiled. Kissed her on the forehead and looked over at Jack who was still awake. Elijah sat next to me on the other side of the sofa. 

   “Aren’t you tired, son?” I asked

   “No, I keep thinking about earlier,” he told

   “What about it?” 

   “That man, do you think he’ll know where we’re?” He asked

   “Of course not,” I assured, “and it did say, all are welcome, remember?”

   “Yeah, ok,” he said 

   “It’s getting late, Jack, let’s get you both to bed shall we”

   “You know I’m nearly twelve right,” he said

   “Yeah I know, get back to me when you’re eighteen”

   “Thats if I live that long”

   “Hey,” I said, “you will live that long,” I got up with Lianne in my arms, “She’s getting heavy,” I looked over at Jack, “come on, let’s go”

   “But I’m not tired,” he told, “What’s the point in going to bed when I’m not even tired? I mean, it’s not like I’ve got school tomorrow or anything”

   “Ok, alright, you can stay up”

   “Thanks for the privilege”

   “Ok smart ass,” I said

I continued to carry my sleeping star up the stairs and to her room. Luckily the door was already open. I reached the bed. 

Looked at her innocent face

and laid her down and continued to gaze at her. I sighed and stayed standing.

   “It’s crazy that if the world hadn’t turn to shit, I wouldn’t have been able to feel at my best… and that’s with you guys,” I kissed my hand and placed it gently on her forehead, “good night my star”

I smiled a small smile

A tired smile

And made my way out to let her rest. 

I walked back down the stairs.

Sat back down next to Elijah

and looked over at my son.

   “Getting tired yet?” I asked

   “No, are you?” He asked

   “Nope,” I answered

   “Elijah?” He asked

   “Not me little man,” he told, “you’re fighting a losing battle”

   “I have too much on my mind to fall asleep,” Jack told

   “I told you Jack, who ever they were, they won’t find us and like it said, all are welcome, meaning we can take what the hell we want, hell, maybe we’ll go back there tomorrow and see what else we can find”

   “I’ll go next time,” Elijah told, “I wanna start doing something around here, I’m a big guy, I need to start pulling my weight other than being a baby sitter”

   I smiled at him, looked into his eyes, he meant it, he meant business, “you don’t know where it is”

   “I’ll find something, something else that you haven’t come across yet, I can see why you want me to stay here, I get it, I do, but I’m just… I just feel like I’m not doing enough, so… let me do enough, let me do what I need to”

He felt strong about it. He wanted this I could tell. I searched for the answer and I searched high and low. I wasn’t sure what to do with him. He was the protector of my children because I wanted to feel like the man of the house. I wanted to feel like the dad and dads do what a dad is supposed to do. 

Build things

Provide things

That’s how I felt.


Maybe I had been doing the wrong things. Maybe… I needed him to go out there for a change and find new things.

New things 

A new place for all of us


Another thing 

Maybe I was worried that I’d lose him, because he was family now. He was like the younger brother I never had


I wouldn’t be able to live with that.

   “I know, you’re right… you’re right, maybe I’m just slow at realising it, maybe I’m just… maybe I’m… scared you know, terrified of losing you… and losing you will mean losing a part of myself, because we’re family, we’re in this together and yes, you’re a big guy, so… having you with my kids I guess, I guess I feel like they’re safer with you”

   “They’ll also be safe with you Teddy, they’ll always be safe with you and you will have to let me go one day, I just wanna go out there and see what I can do, you know, bring back for all of us”

   “I think he’s right,” Jack spoke, “I hated you before, I must admit, but I like you now, you’ve helped me gain confidence in myself, before I didn’t really talk much, but you related to me because you was the same, maybe I could go with you and we’ll do it together”

   “I dunno about that,” Elijah told

   “We’ll talk about it soon, until then, you need to get some sleep Jack,” I told

   “I’m not tired,” he told

   “I’m not asking, I’m telling”

He sighed heavily 

Got up

And walked toward the stairs

   “Good night, son”

   “Good night dad, good night Elijah”

Time passed

I looked at Elijah

I opened my mouth to speak

Then it all changed

In a swift shift of mood

Darkness took over light

And the door of our home was forced open with a bang and there they stood 


The sledge hammer with one brother with a gun and the other brother held the metal bat that I saw before, he also held a gun. Their eyes fixated on us. 

   “This is for our brother,” they told



Rhonda Gedling Season 3 Episode Seven 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Red Rose, Colorado

I heard there screams

They had sensed me

And now they were coming for me. I clenched the gun in my hand and I focused on what was in front. I waited for the inevitable. For the vile creatures that were soon going to be in front of my very eyes and they had one thing on their dead minds. 

They were going to try and kill me, but that… 

That was not going to fucking happen. 

   “Come on then, where’re you?” 


There they were. Erupting around the corner in their numbers. I got in my stance and lunged forward at the first sprinter that came running towards me. I grabbed the woman by the neck and quickly shot her in the head. 

   “One down,” I said

I moved fast. 

Taking care of my breathing with every move. Staying calm with every breath. Knowing if I made one mistake I’ll be saying bye bye. I gasped at the sight of the others. They were only kids. Teenage girls and boys with a few adults thrown in. I shook my head and concentrated and told myself.

They weren’t human

They weren’t children

They were killers

   “Let’s get this over with,” I said

One by one they fell 

One by one they crumbled to my feet 

Every shot going through their skulls and ending them. Putting them out of their misery. I grabbed one and pressed the gun into it’s skull. The young girl looked at me and I looked for one second too long. 

An adult male suddenly barged into me and sent me tumbling off of my feet. Sending my gun out of my hands.

   “Ssssaaahhh,” I groaned 

I had to be quick as it pelted toward me. My gun was close, but not close enough. I rolled out of the oncoming infected and tripped it over. 

It fell

And I got up rapidly. The adult began to rise up. I hurried over to the gun and turned and shot once again.

   “Any fucking more?” I gasped

The numbers were now running low. I could feel the end getting closer and closer. 


I hoped

Shot after shot

Fall after fall

And then…


The bullets had gone

No more

I grabbed the gun and clenched it and watched them come toward me. Only one fucking option now and that was to cave their freaky skulls in. I waited until the remaining ones groggily walked toward me. I pulled my fist back as they reached for me. I grabbed the first one and repeatedly bashed it in with the gun.

The blood splattered 

The skull broken from the battering and then it collapsed.

The next one came

I did the same thing and rapidly caved it’s skull in with the gun.

Blood splattered once again. My hands and some of my shirt were painted.

I panted and felt my arms begin to ache. I had to get this over with soon and I hoped there wasn’t anymore. One came and then the next one. 

And then

Every single one now was gone and all I could do now was walk forward and wish for the best. I walked down a long coridoor full of lockers on both sides. I carried on walking down slowly and focused my hearing for anything that was ineveitbly going to come. I breathed quietly and silently advanced. 

   Doors were now on either side now. It was the class room area. I opened the first door and looked over at the dead bodies on the floor. There wasn’t many, but again they were only kids. 

   “Jesus, I need to get this over with”

I suddenly heard something.

Feet shuffling across the floor and then the groans came after. It was them and I didn’t know how many they were. They were going to appear soon so I had to make a hasty decision. I hurried into the class room beside me and closed the door and hid behind it.

I waited for them.

I waited for the storm to pass.

It sounded like there were many and I couldn’t take that chance. 

   “What now?” I asked myself, “think Rhonda, think”

And then it happened. 

Remember the dead bodies


A few of them began to move and came crawling towards me. 


Fucking… great   

   “Fuck,” I whispered, “just what I needed”

I had to find away in getting rid of them without being heard. 

But how?

I looked around for anything.

Anything at all that would’ve been able to kill them off, but there wasn’t really anything in there suitable for it. 

My gun was empty

I had nothing

I then took a peek out of the window to have a look if the large crowd of the diseased had moved on. 

   “Damn it”

They hadn’t

Not yet

Some still stumbled through. I quickly looked back and the two infected teenage children had shortened the space between us. I had to move away from the door silently. I crawled to the other side to bide myself some time. The time I needed to wait until the crowd had passed so I could take care of them. 

I sat beside the teachers desk and something caught my eye. It was a message written on the desk cabinet. 



                        DON’T WAIT

I opened it and a hammer was shown. I picked it up and looked over at the two that still crawled towards me. Their hands reaching for me as their legs slithered across the floor as they crawled. I listened out for the crowd. To hear if they had gone and they had. I rose up with the hammer in hand and rapidly went to work on the infected so I could move forward.

Cal Moore Season 3 Episode Seven

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

He had gone

Left us

Now it was just the five of us. It felt like it was all falling a part as we all sat their in the strange house we had now found ourselves in. Hannah was restless as she walked up and down and Zach just sat next to the wall. Mason sat down on a chair looking at the ground whilst my mom and I sat on the sofa. I looked at her and all I saw was her staring out of the window as if she was hoping he would come back to us.


He didn’t

   “We can’t just stay here,” Mason said, “they’ll come for us”

   “Masons right,” Hannah spoke, “we need to leave soon, grab what ever we can from here and leave”

   “No!” Mom demanded, “we’re staying here, he might find us, he might know where we’re but can’t get to us yet”

   “Mom,” I spoke

   “No Cal,” she said, “he’s out there, I know he is, I can feel him, he’s out there and I know you know it to”

Was I angry at him?

Did I resent him for leaving us?

I guess… 

Yes and no

I had to find it in myself to understand why he did it? 

But, I also knew that maybe, just maybe, he didn’t need to do what he did? 

Was there another way to get away from those things?

We’ll never know. All we knew now was that things were going to get a little tougher from now on.

   Hannah walked in the middle of us all, “guys,” she spoke, we all looked up at her, “listen to me, please, what’s happened is horrible, it’s fucked up and I can see why it’s affecting you, but he did it for a reason and that reason was to get away as safe as possible”

   “What’s your point?” Mom asked 

   “My point is that we have to not waste his efforts…” she knelt down and faced my mom, “we have to leave, now, we have to get away”

   “We’re safe here,” mom said, Hannah shook her head, “I know you think differently, but I think he’s coming back right now, he knows where we’re, he knows that we’re waiting for him!”

   “You’re not seeing it Pam, why will he lead them back to us?!” She asked

   “He will lose them,” mom sobbed, “he will lose them and when it’s safe, he’ll come back to us you’ll see, that’s why we have to wait!”

Hannah couldn’t believe what she was hearing 

And me?

I didn’t know what to believe.    

   Hannah turned and walked away and stood next to Zach who was still seated, “I’m not staying here, you guys might feel the need to stay here, but I don’t, I can’t and I won’t”

   “Then go,” mom told, “go on, go!”


Once again 

Shook her head in disbelief. Her face turned straight and realised that she wasn’t going to budge. That she was going to stay there no matter what. 

She looked at me

She looked at Mason

And she looked at Mom

She then took out her hand toward Zach and he reached up and held it. She helped him up. They both turned and began walking toward the door.

   I rushed toward her, “Hannah don’t, please stay!”

   “Don’t do this again, Cal,” she told

    “Let her go, Cal,” Mom demanded 

I turned and stood in the middle in anger. 

   I turned mom’s way, “don’t you see!” I cried, “don’t you see what’s happening here mom!” I let the tears and let the deep words fill me, “Dad…”

   “Don’t say it, Cal,” she told, her emotions written all over her, “don’t say it”

   “He’s dead, mom, he’s dead and we’ll be dead if we stay here, Hannah’s right, we can’t waste his efforts in saving our lives by staying here, he did it for us to escape those things out there!”

   “I can’t believe this, how can you think that about your father?!” She bellowed

   “Mom, if he’s still alive he wouldn’t come back here, he would search for us somewhere else because he’ll know that it would be a big mistake to stay here”

It went silent and I let her think it through. To come to her senses and realise how dangerous the situation was. Either way it was bad. 

I knew that

I knew that going out there would be a huge risk and I knew that staying where we were was more dangerous.    


I had to let her think

I did my bit and now it was time for her to do her’s.

   “I don’t believe you… I can’t”

   Hannah through her arms into the air, “I’m going, if you wanna stay here fine by me, but I’m going!”

   “Can we all stop arguing!” Mason begged

   “I’ve had it,” Hannah told, “no more, I’m going,” she turned and went toward the door and I went to block her, only to have her shove me out of the way, “don’t try it again,” she warned

   “Hannah please!” I shouted as she walked out of the door hand in hand with Zach, “Hannah!”

   “Let her go,” Mom told

   “You see what you’ve done!” I cried, “our chances of surviving this is going to shit because you can’t realise that dad is gone!”

I was stuck


Stuck between family and people that I had grown to love. I looked to Mason who was emotionless. She was getting further and further way.

Should I chase her and try and bring her back?



Graham Jackson Season 3 MID SEASON PREMIERE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK 


It was either lose one thing


Lose it all

I nodded to him and he threw his arms into the air and smiled a sinister smile. 

   “That was easy,” he said, “I’ve never had it any easier…” he came in close, I gave him a deadly gaze, “you don’t look like the type of person to give shit up that easy… well?”

   “I’m not,” I said, “never have, never will be”

He flashed his eyebrows

Stepped back

I was frozen


And he knew that

He knew that there wasn’t shite I could do about it

   I looked outside again and there were more people now, “do you really need that many people here?” I asked

   “You never know my friend, you never know”

   “You scared I’ll kick your little teeth in?”

   He put his hands up, “woh woh woh, hold on a second, you need to be careful, you should be feeling all great and everything, you’ve just helped reunite a family”

I stood there with clenched fists. I felt the pressure of my fists growing tighter and tighter.

I had to control myself 

Think long and hard about the odds. It was a losing bet. No way was I going to step into a brawl with him because his pal’s would’ve jumped me

I had to be smart 

Go with the flow and let him think KNOW

That he was going to get out of there with his head intact 

   “You want a fight don’t you?” He asked, “you wanna kick my ass don’t you?” 

   “Aye, I do, but I’m not stupid, people like you’re nothing but shite on the side of a dark shitty road, if I wanted to, I could squash you, but I’m not going to, because all your little bitches are waiting for that to happen, I may be old, but I’m not fucking blind”

He took the insult badly. 

I sensed it

I sensed his heart go from slow to fast in a second as soon as my words shot him in his tiny little fucking balls.

I wanted to kill the little prick 

Grab him by the neck and crush it with my bear fucking hands


I couldn’t 

The only way I was going to keep my sanity was to stay sane. My family’s life was in jeopardy and everything was in my court.

I had to stand my ground, but not stand too hard

   “You’re smart, so I could slap you, punch you, kick you, do anything to you and you won’t lift a finger?”

I didn’t say a word

   “Wow, this ain’t half bad, it’s like my birthday, christmas and valentines day all come at once”


I didn’t speak a word

   “Marcus!” He shouted, “get in here!”

He came through. His face still badly damaged. I looked and saw Evelyn, the kids, Jessie and Elvis standing at the door. Evelyn looked like she was going to explode. I gazed her way  and tried to communicate without speaking a word.

   I looked at the dogs, “stay”

And they did

   “Is your family going to watch?” He asked

   “Go upstairs,” I told

   “No, they can watch”

   “You don’t have to do this Aaron,” Preston spoke 

   “Oh, but I do brother, in this life, in this world, people pay for their crimes, not like the old world where people got away with murder,” he said, “look at what you did to him,” he grabbed an angry Marcus by the face and pulled him toward me, we were now face to face, “look at what you did to his face!”

   “I know what I did,” I looked at Marcus, “and you fucking deserved it”

Marcus swung for me and caught me hard in the face. I looked back and smiled.

   “Is that all you’ve got?” 

   “Try this on for size,” he said


He swung hard and caught me. My head turned from the impact and I looked back again

And again…

I smiled

   I spat blood out onto his scruffy shirt, “you’re as weak as you look, call yourself a man”


He hit me

And this time I took a step back

He was on me in no time. Punches repeatedly coming my way.

   “Dad!” I heard, “stop!”

   “When I say so,” Aaron told, “come any closer and he dies”

I felt it all now

Every hit

Pulverising my face

But all I could hear were the cries of my family and my dogs barking. 

   “Marcus!” Aaron spoke, “enough”

Marcus rose to his feet and spat at me. I was in a haze

A blur

Nothing but pain greeted me whilst I moved

   “That was fun,” he said, “unfortunately, it’s time to go, come on brother”

My hearing and vision became impossible to control


I blacked out

Preston shouting my name, my dogs barking and my family crying were the last things I heard
Time had died under my feet

My face had now recovered


From the heavy load of punches, but all I could do was sit there and think about it all. 

I had been battered




In my own home and my family saw everything


To top it all off. They took Preston away from me. The only son I ever had. Sometimes I thought about it. How I could’ve done something, but then I realised. I couldn’t have done nothing and that sickened me.

I felt my old mind ticking

And it had been ticking ever since that day

That’s all I did was think. I wasn’t the kind of man to take a beating and let it slide

No sir

   I sat on the bench

Elvis sat to the left of me

A desolate kid’s park surrounded me. The wind picked up and the swings moved slightly whilst the rest were unmoved. I had walked for miles and was now far out. It was a little misty and it was building up fast, but I didn’t give two shites.

I had to calm my mind

   I spotted a figure coming toward me, it looked drunk, so I guessed it was one of them, “arrrgh,” I grumbled

Elvis noticed to. I raised my hand and he sat back down.

   “If I need you, I’ll call you,” I told, “now stay”

I rose to my feet

Cracked my knuckles and neck and walked over. I was in no fucking mood for company. Especially for something that was trying to kill me. It didn’t take me long to reach and when I did.


I unloaded everything I had on to it. It’s face was already fucked, so what ever I did to it was a fucking improvement. 

I bashed it’s dead brains in

Every hit as I sat on top of it was like a canon hitting a building. Each hit boomed and echoed until I felt the concrete 


There was nothing left

   I looked at my hands and stared at the blood with dreaded eyes, “I’ll find you Preston and your fucking brother to…”

Teddy Baker Season 3 MID SEASON PREMIERE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK 



That’s what it stated in the early morning

We pulled up and looked upon our findings. 

It was wrecked


I had second thoughts about going in because of who I had with me, but I knew sooner


He would’ve had to learn at some point

Anything could’ve happened to me at any given moment


It was best to be prepared for the future. I then realised it wouldn’t have been a good idea to leave the car in plane sight, so I made sure I hid the car before entering.  

   “Don’t we need the car?” He asked

   “Don’t worry?” I told, “they’ll be something in there to help us, we can’t take the car, because it’ll make it too obvious that we’re there, we need to sneak around quietly”

   “But what if we get shot at, we won’t have the car to protect us?”

   I smiled, “sometimes I forget how smart you’re,” I said, “just trust your old man”

   “Alright, but I think you’re making the wrong choice”

We got out of the car and I looked around. He walked to my side as we walked to the front of the car. 

   “You have your gun?” I asked


   “Remember what I taught you,” I said

The one- time- safezone was now a forever blood bath. Tanks and other army vehicles were still there. We walked closer and got a better angle of the place 


The infected appeared

Mostly soldiers and a few that weren’t

There weren’t a lot


I was happy about

I was expecting there to be a high number of them, but luckily, there weren’t. Some infected soldiers were on the ground sitting against the vehicles. 

No legs 

Arms hanging off

Necks with gaping holes in them

And mouths and jaws torn

I looked at Jack and he looked at me 

   “You have to learn, ok, stay sharp”

The place looked ideal for a large scavenge. A place where if we were lucky. I wouldn’t have had to put myself or my family in danger for long long time.

That’s what I wanted

That’s what I hoped for

It was an industrial estate

Large units towered above us in the not so far distance

We just needed to find the right ones for the merchandise.

   “Couldn’t we have picked a smaller place?” He asked

   “Sometimes the deep end is the best place to learn how to swim”

   “What if I drown?”

   “You won’t,” I bent down in front of him, “because I’m here”

We stayed away from them

The ones on the floor weren’t a problem and the ones standing up just hobbled. Non of them were a threat to us.

   “We’ll start over here,” I told

We wandered down and turned left. There were many buildings.

A few units were open and some weren’t.

   “Come on, stay with me”

We kept looking around as we quickly walked to the unit with our guns grasped in our hands.

I stopped at the corner with Jack behind me.

   “We’ll go through the door, not the front”

I reached the door and listened in to try and detect anything. With nothing there

So it sounded

I opened the door as silent as I could

Peeped in 

And walked inside

   “Come on,” I whispered 

I relaxed my arm as soon as I knew there wasn’t a threat in sight

   “Check the boxes,” I told

We walked around and began to check every box. 

I opened one

He opened one

   “We could be doing with some of this stuff,” he said

   “If we need it, we’ll take it, we just need enough to last us for awhile”

Moments went by. The only things that were there were clothes.

   “Shall we take some?” he asked 

    “We’ll just focus on food”

   “But I want some new clothes,” he said

   “Wanting and needing are different, especially in this world son, you’ll learn that”

We checked a few more and decided to move on. I walked away to the exit and looked behind me and noticed he wasn’t following. He was reading something. 

   “Jack, there’s no time for that, come on”

   “Look at this,” he said 

I walked over and stood beside him to have a glance. I began to read it and realised…

   “It’s a diary,” he told, “look at the dates”

   “It’s today’s date,” I mentioned

The words read
       I lost you and I am sorry

       But I know you’ll all        

       Be looking down at me

       And I’ll always be looking 

       Up to you for guidance 


      Today I am heading out

      I know you want me to stay

      Inside, but I need to find 

      People to help build this 

      Place towards its potential.

      What you told me made   


      I KNOW

      But I can’t be alone anymore

      There is much evil out

      There, but where there is evil

      There is good

      And I will find it

      And embrace it


           Love you forever
   “Do you think he’s still alive?” He asked

   “It’s not our problem, put it back where you found it and let’s go”

He put it back on the shelf and we went and walked on to the next one. 


Jack stayed beside me

We directed our stare in every direction without fail 

   “Lets try this one,” Jack said

   “The shutters are closed, so it might be locked,” I told

   “I just have a good feeling about this one, also, the important stuff will be locked away”

   “Now why didn’t I think of that?” I mumbled 

I loved my son, but sometimes

I wondered 

Was he smarter than his old man?

He waited for me at the door.

   “You try it, see if you’re right?” 

And so he did

And so…

He was right

The door slowly opened and his face filled up with pride

   “Well done son, come on”

We walked in slowly and quietly

Looked around 

Nobody there

And we began to rummage through the boxes

   “Food!” He cried

   “Shhh,” I told


I walked over and I was relieved.

   “Good job,” I said

The box was full of tins. I checked the others and they were the same. 

   “Right, let’s get this to the car”

   “How?” He asked

   “Forklift, there’s one close by”
We unloaded the boxes into the car. 

There were plenty

Many of them were going to last us for a long long time.

I was pleased


   “Did you have fun?” I asked him

   “Yeah,” he answered

   “Good, this stuff will last us for awhile, so we won’t need to go back there”

   I looked forward, “but if we ever need to, least we know”

I Started the car

And we drove away

I looked in the mirror and frowned. I had noticed something

And that something was a figure watching us from a far

I grinned 

And carried on…




Rhonda Gedling Season 3 MID SEASON PREMIERE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Healing, Colorado


We were on the move in our RV

Every day

Was a gruelling trip 

Stopping off at a run down shop with run down surroundings.

That was the norm for us now.      

   We turned on to a road hoping to find a shop that had supplies. We were tired


Growing weak

We had been searching for quite some time for food because most of the stores had been emptied in the town we were now in.

   “Over there,” she pointed

A few infected could be seen as we stopped at another abandoned store and when they sensed us. They began to come our way. 

Some ran

Some walked

   “We got sprinters,” she told

   “I see them”

   “You doing it or shall I?”

   I looked at her and smiled, “I’ll let you do the honours”

   “Gee, thanks,” she said, “I was bored anyway”

   “No problem,” I said

She gripped the gun in her hands as I turned to walk away and let her deal with it. I checked out the store. It was larger than the others so the chances

I felt

Were a lot larger in striking gold. A giant sign hung at the top in yellow with the name, LowCost and on the floor.

Trolleys were scattered around in large numbers. 

The gun then went off

I looked around and saw the grotesque bodies on the floor. 

   “Done?” I asked

   “Done,” she told

   “Let’s get inside,” I said

   “Hope we find something this time,” she said

   “I have a good feeling about this place,” I assured

I rolled my eyes and huffed

The shutters were down


Nothing like working yourself to the ground. I breathed deep and thought long and hard. 

Don’t panic

There’s always a way in


   “Fire exits,” I said, “keep your eyes open”

   “You do the same,” she told

We kept low

Knowing that it wasn’t just the diseased to look out for

But people also

Waiting to do anything at any moment

We wandered down the side of the large building down a narrow way. A few doors were spotted. 

   “There,” she said, “you try the other”

   “Don’t be too hasty, you don’t know what’s behind there”

    I saw a diseased crawling towards us, “Hey, look out,” I told

I gripped the knife and gun and wandered over to it. It’s jaw was half missing and skin hung from its cheek revealing it’s teeth. It reached for me


And reached for me again 

   “Karrglf,” it moaned

I looked on disgusted at the sight. It’s side was leaking blood on to the floor and it’s organs were showing.

   “That’s fucking gross,” she said

   “It’s got no foot either,” I said

   “Just do it already and finish this”

   “What… you scared or something?”

   “Damn right I’m fucking scared,” she told, “happy now? Now get rid of it”

It suddenly grabbed my arm. I quickly turned and buried the knife into its forehead.

   “Don’t do that again,” she told

   “I was joking around,” I said, “we need a joke from time to time”

   “Let’s just get in there and go”

We tried the doors

Of course

They were locked

   “How’d I guess that was going to happen?” She said

I tried the other one and yup

You guessed it

It was also locked

   “There’s gotta be another way,” I said, “Let’s keep searching”

We carried on around 

As always

We were cautious

   “You hear that?” she asked 

   “It’s far away, just keep moving”

I looked up and noticed a ladder 

   “There,” I said

   “How can we reach it?” 

It was high up

Too high for us

   “That’ll do,” she told, “help me”

I followed her 

We reached a large dumpster and helped it along to the ladder. 

   “Right there,” I said

I got up and she grabbed my leg

   “Let me, if something goes wrong you get out of here”

   “Trying to play the mother?” I asked

   “Please, just let me”

   “Alright,” I said

I got down and she got up.

I watched her climb then looked back down to see if there was anything around 

I looked back up

She reached the top and I waited

   “Anything?” I asked

   “Another door, let’s see if this one opens”

I breathed in and hoped for the best

   “It’s open,” she told

I went to climb up and my leg was suddenly grabbed by an infected

It’s fingers were missing and dried blood ran down its hand

   “Shit,” I jumped

It went to clamp at my foot

I had to be quick

I launched my boot into its chest and knocked it back 

   “You alright?” She asked

   “One second!” I told

I grabbed my knife and forced it into the side of its head and watched it crumble

   “Can’t catch a break from you guys”


   “Yeah, I’m coming,” I told

I got up once again

But this time

With no trouble at all

I climbed up and heard a bellow

I looked down and saw a sprinter coming from a distance 

   “Looks like we’ve attracted attention”

   “Probably from the gun shots,” she said

I didn’t look back this time

I just kept climbing until I reached the top

She waited for me and we both headed toward the door together 

   “I hope all this trouble was worth it,” she said 

Behind the door were stairs

It was dark and dreary 

We couldn’t see much 


We couldn’t see anything 

The door slammed shut behind us

   “It’s never easy is it,” she groaned 

   “Come on, let’s just take it slow”

We slowly walked down

One step at a time 

   “You alright?” I asked

   “Yup, I’m super”

   “Loving the sarcasm”

   “How did you think I was going to be?”

   “True, I should’ve known better”

We reached the bottom and the light shined through the windows now

   “Thank god,” she said

   I looked at her, “better now?”


We were on the shop floor 

It was large and quiet 

No sign of the dead lurking

   “This place is pretty full of stuff,” she said

   I looked on, suspicious, “I know, which is why we need to be cautious”

   “Hey, Rhonda,” she said, “look” 

   I looked round, “what?”

   “Do you remember this?” She asked

I walked over and saw an old film which she held up with a smile.

   “Wow, dirty frigging dancing, I haven’t seen that since, well… forever”

   “You and Elaine loved this film right?” 

   I thought back and felt it all come back to me, “yeah, before it all fell a part”

Her smile left and she put it back down

   “Sorry,” she said

   “It’s fine, come on, let’s do what we’re here for”

We moved away from the shelves and passed many aisles. We quietly looked for the things we needed and finally discovered them.

   “Mom, over here,” I whispered

Finally the food aisle

It was all tinned food

   “I’ll go grab a basket,” she told

   “Ok, be careful”

She walked away and a noise was then heard

A song

A guitar in the distance with a man’s voice just barely listenable 


I walked towards it silently

Looking around every angle 

Trusting this place would’ve been naive

So I kept the trust out

I got closer and came across the warehouse with high ceilings and high shelves. Boxes upon boxes were stacked on the shelves like nothing had been touched

   “Strange,” I said

The music was louder this time. I carried on walking toward it with a careful mind and then

I spotted him 

Hidden behind a line of dead bodies 

I hid myself and listened to his lyrics

   His voice was low and mellow and the guitar played slowly, the song was deep,

   “Oh can’t you see

When you look at me

The blood that you see 

That’s behind me

It trickles from my hands when I breathe

oh Rosie…

   I am sorry”

He suddenly stopped and I heard the guitar being put down

   “I know you’re there,” he said, calmly, “come on out, I don’t bite”

I thought about it

Then I came out 

   “Come on over,” he said

I slowly walked over and stayed on guard with my gun clinched

at the ready

   “You won’t need that,” he told

He stayed seated with the guitar by his side. A black hoodie was laid down beside him. He wore a white shirt with jeans. He was slim and oldish looking. Probably In his mid or late forties. His hair was short and his beard was long and grey. 

His eyes


Numbers were etched into his wrist





   “Did you like the song?” He asked

I nodded

Still unsure about the man

   “I haven’t got a weapon, as you can see,” he told, “if I wanted to kill you, trust me, I would’ve”

   “I liked the song, what I heard of it,” I spoke

   “That’s what I like to hear, thank you for your honesty”

   “No problem”

   “May I ask for your name?” He asked


   “Hello Rhonda, I’m Wesley”

I carried on looking at the numbers on his wrist

   “You’re looking at my tattoo?” He asked

   “What does it mean?”

   “Destiny…” he answered, “do you have a destiny, Rhonda?”

His eyes were only focused on me

   “To fight, to survive”

   He nodded, “I like you, I feel like we share a connection and for that, you don’t have to sneak around anymore, just take what you need, just not too much, or I’ll come looking”

   “Thanks Wesley, means a lot”

   “No…” he put his hand out and I went to shake it, he then softly kissed it as he looked up at me, “thank you”

I smiled

Walked away 

And refocused


Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

We ran away from the flames. We just kept moving. I looked around. Mason was to my right and Hannah and Zach were to my left. I looked back and saw my parents side by side.

   “Keep going Cal!” Dad told, “just keep going!”

I looked forward

The fire felt close

Everywhere was threatened now

The smell was strong 

I looked around and noticed the surrounding areas get set alight as well.

Hannah fired her gun

I looked her way and saw the diseased.

There were many

And they were coming our way

   I looked on concerned, “oh no”

   “This way!” Mom told

We ran toward the road and carried on down it. I looked back again to see if they were close.


They weren’t 
We had lengthened the gap

But we couldn’t stop

We had to keep going

   “Down here!” Hannah bellowed, “quickly… Zach, go!”

We turned down an alley

   She turned, “move!” She told

She fired again 

The diseased had closed the gap

They were coming in quick

Most of them were sprinters

We could hear there screams 

Screaming for our blood

There were many houses. We tried many doors, but we couldn’t  get in

   “There’s somebody in there,” Mom told, “Hey!” She cried, “let us in, please!”

I looked and I caught a glimpse of the figure behind the unclear glass. It was just standing there. 

And then

It slowly came towards us

   “Wait,” I said

It reached the glass and it’s hand pressed up against it. We could hear it’s groans

   “It’s one of them,” she said

I looked at Mason

The fright on his face said it all

Hannah’s, mom’s, dad’s

We all looked like we were readying for the end

   Hannah grabbed her gun and began firing, “fuck you!” 

She cried out loud

She fired and some fell, but she weren’t going to kill them all.

   “We need to move, come on!” Dad told 

Once again we ran, but I felt my legs tiring.

How long could we go on for?

I looked around once more at everybody and I could tell.

They all felt the same way.

We were slowing down

And they were quickening

We turned another corner

down another street and like the majority of the streets we had passed. It was nearly empty.

What would’ve been a typical city street. Was now only inhabited by a few cars and one or two bodies that were torn apart

We ran down a back alley now

   “Ahhh!” I heard

I looked around and saw my mom on the ground fighting an infected man that was holding her by the leg.

   “Mother fucker!” Dad bellowed, “get off her!”

He kicked the side of its head 


And it fell

We all ran to my mom’s aid and we all kicked repeatedly. Kicked it until there was nothing left.

   “Zach, come here,” Hannah told 

Dad reached down and took a gun from the bodies back pocket. We then heard their screams. 

They were close

The ground we had gained was shortening once more

   “Is there anything over that fence,” Dad breathed heavily

   Mason jumped up and clinged at the top for a second, “no, there’s nothing there”

   “Ok, climb over now, all of you, go!” Dad told

One by one we climbed over

Zach first

Then Hannah

Then Mason

   I stayed, “you coming right?” I asked 

   “Yeah, we’re behind you,” Dad told

Dad helped me over and I landed in a small back yard with a swing close by and a dog kennel down at the bottom. 

Mom came seconds after


Dad stayed over 

   “Jeffrey!” Mom shouted, “What’re you doing?!”

   “I’ve gotta do this honey, I have to lead them away, they’ll keep following us no matter what, now go!”

   “You’re not leaving us!”

I listened and a tear fell from my eye.

   “Go, now!”

   “Jeffrey!” She cried

I ran to the fence and tried climbing over, but mom stopped me.

   “Leave it, Cal,” she told 

   “Let go of me!”

   “He’s gone, he’s led them away, I’m sorry”

   “Dad!” I screamed

I heard the gun from a far and as we hid behind the fence. The sounds of their running footsteps passed us.

   “Over here!” Dad called

He fired the gun once more

   “Come get me!”

Mom and I sat down beside the fense.

   “Come here,” she told

   I fell into her arms, “he can’t leave us mom,” I cried, “he can’t”

My vision went dark as I lent into the warmth of my mother. 

I felt protected

Like a shield had suddenly appeared around me

   “He did it for us,” she tried to stay strong, “I would’ve done the exact same thing, he just got there first, Cal”

   “We need to go,” Hannah spoke 

I looked up and saw one making its way out of the back door of the house. 

It walked gingerly 

A small woman around my  mom’s age

Hannah wandered up to the kennel and picked up the chain next to it. She wrapped it around her knuckles and hit it hard in the head. 

It wobbled 

She hit again until it fell 

She then got on top of it and repeatedly bashed the hell out of it

Mason and I looked at each other in shock as she just kept going.

   “Hannah,” Mason said, “Hannah, I think it’s dead,” he walked up to her and caressed her shoulder, “Hannah, stop it… stop it”

He pulled on her and she pushed him away.

   “Don’t touch me!” She cried

We all were standing at the edge.

Another safe house gone 

Another way of life destroyed


The only question that stared into our anxious eyes was…

Safety, was it dead to us?