Teddy Baker Season 3 MID SEASON PREMIERE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK 



That’s what it stated in the early morning

We pulled up and looked upon our findings. 

It was wrecked


I had second thoughts about going in because of who I had with me, but I knew sooner


He would’ve had to learn at some point

Anything could’ve happened to me at any given moment


It was best to be prepared for the future. I then realised it wouldn’t have been a good idea to leave the car in plane sight, so I made sure I hid the car before entering.  

   “Don’t we need the car?” He asked

   “Don’t worry?” I told, “they’ll be something in there to help us, we can’t take the car, because it’ll make it too obvious that we’re there, we need to sneak around quietly”

   “But what if we get shot at, we won’t have the car to protect us?”

   I smiled, “sometimes I forget how smart you’re,” I said, “just trust your old man”

   “Alright, but I think you’re making the wrong choice”

We got out of the car and I looked around. He walked to my side as we walked to the front of the car. 

   “You have your gun?” I asked


   “Remember what I taught you,” I said

The one- time- safezone was now a forever blood bath. Tanks and other army vehicles were still there. We walked closer and got a better angle of the place 


The infected appeared

Mostly soldiers and a few that weren’t

There weren’t a lot


I was happy about

I was expecting there to be a high number of them, but luckily, there weren’t. Some infected soldiers were on the ground sitting against the vehicles. 

No legs 

Arms hanging off

Necks with gaping holes in them

And mouths and jaws torn

I looked at Jack and he looked at me 

   “You have to learn, ok, stay sharp”

The place looked ideal for a large scavenge. A place where if we were lucky. I wouldn’t have had to put myself or my family in danger for long long time.

That’s what I wanted

That’s what I hoped for

It was an industrial estate

Large units towered above us in the not so far distance

We just needed to find the right ones for the merchandise.

   “Couldn’t we have picked a smaller place?” He asked

   “Sometimes the deep end is the best place to learn how to swim”

   “What if I drown?”

   “You won’t,” I bent down in front of him, “because I’m here”

We stayed away from them

The ones on the floor weren’t a problem and the ones standing up just hobbled. Non of them were a threat to us.

   “We’ll start over here,” I told

We wandered down and turned left. There were many buildings.

A few units were open and some weren’t.

   “Come on, stay with me”

We kept looking around as we quickly walked to the unit with our guns grasped in our hands.

I stopped at the corner with Jack behind me.

   “We’ll go through the door, not the front”

I reached the door and listened in to try and detect anything. With nothing there

So it sounded

I opened the door as silent as I could

Peeped in 

And walked inside

   “Come on,” I whispered 

I relaxed my arm as soon as I knew there wasn’t a threat in sight

   “Check the boxes,” I told

We walked around and began to check every box. 

I opened one

He opened one

   “We could be doing with some of this stuff,” he said

   “If we need it, we’ll take it, we just need enough to last us for awhile”

Moments went by. The only things that were there were clothes.

   “Shall we take some?” he asked 

    “We’ll just focus on food”

   “But I want some new clothes,” he said

   “Wanting and needing are different, especially in this world son, you’ll learn that”

We checked a few more and decided to move on. I walked away to the exit and looked behind me and noticed he wasn’t following. He was reading something. 

   “Jack, there’s no time for that, come on”

   “Look at this,” he said 

I walked over and stood beside him to have a glance. I began to read it and realised…

   “It’s a diary,” he told, “look at the dates”

   “It’s today’s date,” I mentioned

The words read
       I lost you and I am sorry

       But I know you’ll all        

       Be looking down at me

       And I’ll always be looking 

       Up to you for guidance 


      Today I am heading out

      I know you want me to stay

      Inside, but I need to find 

      People to help build this 

      Place towards its potential.

      What you told me made   


      I KNOW

      But I can’t be alone anymore

      There is much evil out

      There, but where there is evil

      There is good

      And I will find it

      And embrace it


           Love you forever
   “Do you think he’s still alive?” He asked

   “It’s not our problem, put it back where you found it and let’s go”

He put it back on the shelf and we went and walked on to the next one. 


Jack stayed beside me

We directed our stare in every direction without fail 

   “Lets try this one,” Jack said

   “The shutters are closed, so it might be locked,” I told

   “I just have a good feeling about this one, also, the important stuff will be locked away”

   “Now why didn’t I think of that?” I mumbled 

I loved my son, but sometimes

I wondered 

Was he smarter than his old man?

He waited for me at the door.

   “You try it, see if you’re right?” 

And so he did

And so…

He was right

The door slowly opened and his face filled up with pride

   “Well done son, come on”

We walked in slowly and quietly

Looked around 

Nobody there

And we began to rummage through the boxes

   “Food!” He cried

   “Shhh,” I told


I walked over and I was relieved.

   “Good job,” I said

The box was full of tins. I checked the others and they were the same. 

   “Right, let’s get this to the car”

   “How?” He asked

   “Forklift, there’s one close by”
We unloaded the boxes into the car. 

There were plenty

Many of them were going to last us for a long long time.

I was pleased


   “Did you have fun?” I asked him

   “Yeah,” he answered

   “Good, this stuff will last us for awhile, so we won’t need to go back there”

   I looked forward, “but if we ever need to, least we know”

I Started the car

And we drove away

I looked in the mirror and frowned. I had noticed something

And that something was a figure watching us from a far

I grinned 

And carried on…




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