Cal Moore Season 3 Episode Seven

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

He had gone

Left us

Now it was just the five of us. It felt like it was all falling a part as we all sat their in the strange house we had now found ourselves in. Hannah was restless as she walked up and down and Zach just sat next to the wall. Mason sat down on a chair looking at the ground whilst my mom and I sat on the sofa. I looked at her and all I saw was her staring out of the window as if she was hoping he would come back to us.


He didn’t

   “We can’t just stay here,” Mason said, “they’ll come for us”

   “Masons right,” Hannah spoke, “we need to leave soon, grab what ever we can from here and leave”

   “No!” Mom demanded, “we’re staying here, he might find us, he might know where we’re but can’t get to us yet”

   “Mom,” I spoke

   “No Cal,” she said, “he’s out there, I know he is, I can feel him, he’s out there and I know you know it to”

Was I angry at him?

Did I resent him for leaving us?

I guess… 

Yes and no

I had to find it in myself to understand why he did it? 

But, I also knew that maybe, just maybe, he didn’t need to do what he did? 

Was there another way to get away from those things?

We’ll never know. All we knew now was that things were going to get a little tougher from now on.

   Hannah walked in the middle of us all, “guys,” she spoke, we all looked up at her, “listen to me, please, what’s happened is horrible, it’s fucked up and I can see why it’s affecting you, but he did it for a reason and that reason was to get away as safe as possible”

   “What’s your point?” Mom asked 

   “My point is that we have to not waste his efforts…” she knelt down and faced my mom, “we have to leave, now, we have to get away”

   “We’re safe here,” mom said, Hannah shook her head, “I know you think differently, but I think he’s coming back right now, he knows where we’re, he knows that we’re waiting for him!”

   “You’re not seeing it Pam, why will he lead them back to us?!” She asked

   “He will lose them,” mom sobbed, “he will lose them and when it’s safe, he’ll come back to us you’ll see, that’s why we have to wait!”

Hannah couldn’t believe what she was hearing 

And me?

I didn’t know what to believe.    

   Hannah turned and walked away and stood next to Zach who was still seated, “I’m not staying here, you guys might feel the need to stay here, but I don’t, I can’t and I won’t”

   “Then go,” mom told, “go on, go!”


Once again 

Shook her head in disbelief. Her face turned straight and realised that she wasn’t going to budge. That she was going to stay there no matter what. 

She looked at me

She looked at Mason

And she looked at Mom

She then took out her hand toward Zach and he reached up and held it. She helped him up. They both turned and began walking toward the door.

   I rushed toward her, “Hannah don’t, please stay!”

   “Don’t do this again, Cal,” she told

    “Let her go, Cal,” Mom demanded 

I turned and stood in the middle in anger. 

   I turned mom’s way, “don’t you see!” I cried, “don’t you see what’s happening here mom!” I let the tears and let the deep words fill me, “Dad…”

   “Don’t say it, Cal,” she told, her emotions written all over her, “don’t say it”

   “He’s dead, mom, he’s dead and we’ll be dead if we stay here, Hannah’s right, we can’t waste his efforts in saving our lives by staying here, he did it for us to escape those things out there!”

   “I can’t believe this, how can you think that about your father?!” She bellowed

   “Mom, if he’s still alive he wouldn’t come back here, he would search for us somewhere else because he’ll know that it would be a big mistake to stay here”

It went silent and I let her think it through. To come to her senses and realise how dangerous the situation was. Either way it was bad. 

I knew that

I knew that going out there would be a huge risk and I knew that staying where we were was more dangerous.    


I had to let her think

I did my bit and now it was time for her to do her’s.

   “I don’t believe you… I can’t”

   Hannah through her arms into the air, “I’m going, if you wanna stay here fine by me, but I’m going!”

   “Can we all stop arguing!” Mason begged

   “I’ve had it,” Hannah told, “no more, I’m going,” she turned and went toward the door and I went to block her, only to have her shove me out of the way, “don’t try it again,” she warned

   “Hannah please!” I shouted as she walked out of the door hand in hand with Zach, “Hannah!”

   “Let her go,” Mom told

   “You see what you’ve done!” I cried, “our chances of surviving this is going to shit because you can’t realise that dad is gone!”

I was stuck


Stuck between family and people that I had grown to love. I looked to Mason who was emotionless. She was getting further and further way.

Should I chase her and try and bring her back?



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