Rhonda Gedling Season 3 Episode Seven 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Red Rose, Colorado

I heard there screams

They had sensed me

And now they were coming for me. I clenched the gun in my hand and I focused on what was in front. I waited for the inevitable. For the vile creatures that were soon going to be in front of my very eyes and they had one thing on their dead minds. 

They were going to try and kill me, but that… 

That was not going to fucking happen. 

   “Come on then, where’re you?” 


There they were. Erupting around the corner in their numbers. I got in my stance and lunged forward at the first sprinter that came running towards me. I grabbed the woman by the neck and quickly shot her in the head. 

   “One down,” I said

I moved fast. 

Taking care of my breathing with every move. Staying calm with every breath. Knowing if I made one mistake I’ll be saying bye bye. I gasped at the sight of the others. They were only kids. Teenage girls and boys with a few adults thrown in. I shook my head and concentrated and told myself.

They weren’t human

They weren’t children

They were killers

   “Let’s get this over with,” I said

One by one they fell 

One by one they crumbled to my feet 

Every shot going through their skulls and ending them. Putting them out of their misery. I grabbed one and pressed the gun into it’s skull. The young girl looked at me and I looked for one second too long. 

An adult male suddenly barged into me and sent me tumbling off of my feet. Sending my gun out of my hands.

   “Ssssaaahhh,” I groaned 

I had to be quick as it pelted toward me. My gun was close, but not close enough. I rolled out of the oncoming infected and tripped it over. 

It fell

And I got up rapidly. The adult began to rise up. I hurried over to the gun and turned and shot once again.

   “Any fucking more?” I gasped

The numbers were now running low. I could feel the end getting closer and closer. 


I hoped

Shot after shot

Fall after fall

And then…


The bullets had gone

No more

I grabbed the gun and clenched it and watched them come toward me. Only one fucking option now and that was to cave their freaky skulls in. I waited until the remaining ones groggily walked toward me. I pulled my fist back as they reached for me. I grabbed the first one and repeatedly bashed it in with the gun.

The blood splattered 

The skull broken from the battering and then it collapsed.

The next one came

I did the same thing and rapidly caved it’s skull in with the gun.

Blood splattered once again. My hands and some of my shirt were painted.

I panted and felt my arms begin to ache. I had to get this over with soon and I hoped there wasn’t anymore. One came and then the next one. 

And then

Every single one now was gone and all I could do now was walk forward and wish for the best. I walked down a long coridoor full of lockers on both sides. I carried on walking down slowly and focused my hearing for anything that was ineveitbly going to come. I breathed quietly and silently advanced. 

   Doors were now on either side now. It was the class room area. I opened the first door and looked over at the dead bodies on the floor. There wasn’t many, but again they were only kids. 

   “Jesus, I need to get this over with”

I suddenly heard something.

Feet shuffling across the floor and then the groans came after. It was them and I didn’t know how many they were. They were going to appear soon so I had to make a hasty decision. I hurried into the class room beside me and closed the door and hid behind it.

I waited for them.

I waited for the storm to pass.

It sounded like there were many and I couldn’t take that chance. 

   “What now?” I asked myself, “think Rhonda, think”

And then it happened. 

Remember the dead bodies


A few of them began to move and came crawling towards me. 


Fucking… great   

   “Fuck,” I whispered, “just what I needed”

I had to find away in getting rid of them without being heard. 

But how?

I looked around for anything.

Anything at all that would’ve been able to kill them off, but there wasn’t really anything in there suitable for it. 

My gun was empty

I had nothing

I then took a peek out of the window to have a look if the large crowd of the diseased had moved on. 

   “Damn it”

They hadn’t

Not yet

Some still stumbled through. I quickly looked back and the two infected teenage children had shortened the space between us. I had to move away from the door silently. I crawled to the other side to bide myself some time. The time I needed to wait until the crowd had passed so I could take care of them. 

I sat beside the teachers desk and something caught my eye. It was a message written on the desk cabinet. 



                        DON’T WAIT

I opened it and a hammer was shown. I picked it up and looked over at the two that still crawled towards me. Their hands reaching for me as their legs slithered across the floor as they crawled. I listened out for the crowd. To hear if they had gone and they had. I rose up with the hammer in hand and rapidly went to work on the infected so I could move forward.

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