Teddy Baker Season 3 Episode Nine 

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, A waterfall, Outside Wales, UK 


We were seated

The atmosphere was peaceful

Nothing but the air

The trees 

The grass 

The touch of skin from the people I loved

All of them sat beside me as we looked and felt the waterfall we gazed at.

It exhaled in happiness and we inhaled it in.

It took away everything that was happening around us. It took away everything that had happened…

To us

Nothing at that moment mattered more than where we were and who that was around us…

I was in my element 

At peace

   “Dad,” said Jack

   “Yeah,” I turned to him

   “Can we stay here?” He asked

   “We can, but soon we will have to go,” I told

I looked over at Lianne who layed beside me, asleep. Elijah sat next to her. The big guy stared at the waterfall also.

He to

Looked like everything had been stripped away.

All the lows

Now gone

   “I want to stay here?” Jack told, “I feel like… everything feels fine and everythings normal again”

   “Me too,” Elijah told, “Just a few seconds, I thought I heard my mum’s voice in there… she told me she was fine and… I did the right thing”

   “Its good that you hear that, it will go a long way,” I looked over at him, “hey…” I said, he looked over, “don’t ever think differently, you’re still here, what you did, will never be undone, what you do now, with us… is what counts”

   He nodded, “I know,” he said, “thank you, its just that…” he continued, “if I could turn back”-

   “Elijah, Listen to me,” I told, “you won’t and you can’t, two very powerful things, so why wish, when wishes… will never come true”

He nodded again and looked at the waterfall once more. I gazed at it also and listened to everything. I heard voices to. 


Mine weren’t like theres

The voices I heard were from the victims of my bloody past

My bloody hands

My bloody hands that were now dripping blood once again.

I looked at them and frowned and listened to the voices that kicked and punched my mind.


All the voices

Howling their wishes into my ears

All wanting my head on a stick for the world to see. 

And then…

A grin appeared

A sadistic grin shone through it all.



As I looked at my bloody hands.

And then I blinked.

And the illusion was gone.

   “Dad?” I heard

   I looked over at Jack, “yeah”

    “Are you alright?” 

   I smiled, “nothing can be better”

I was right 

Nothing could’ve been better

Nothing could be greater than the sounds of the waterfall and the freah air that came with it. I breathed it in and it was like an army of good spirits eliminated my enemies 


By one

   “I’m hungry dad,” said Jack

   “Me to,” told Elijah, winking

I expected Lianne to say something but she didn’t. She was still buried in her dreams.

Floating in the clouds.

I hoped her dreams had guided her away somewhere nice.

   “I’ll go see what we’ve got in the car,” I said

I gently got up, moved away slowly from my sleeping angel and took a stroll back to the car.

   “Behave you guys,” I said

   “We will,” Jack said

The car 


Wasn’t that far away.


A moment later I thought I saw a figure to my left and quickly turned my gaze to it, I thought, maybe it was one of them, but something inside of me suggested it wasn’t

   “Just when I thought we were out the way,” I said, “how stupid of me”

I kept my eyes pealed, carried on walking toward the car, but quickened the pace 


If it wasn’t the diseased

It would’ve been somebody else

And that

In this world

Terrified me even more

   I reached the car and quickly grabbed a gun.

   “I need to get back,” I said

   “Why?” Somebody suddenly spoke, “whats the rush?”

I looked around and saw a woman standing there with a gun pointing at me.

   “Drop the gun,” she demanded and I did, “give me everything,” she told, holding her rucksack in her hand, open, “what ever you have in there, I want it,” 

   I smiled at her, my other side seeping in, “You’re not having anything from me,” I told

   She looked on, shocked at the answer, “I will shoot, I will fucking shoot”

   “Go on then…” I walked closer, “shoot”

She was about to and then

   “Daddy?” I heard

Lianne had walked up with Elijah and Jack. The woman quickly turned around with the gun.

   “No!” I shouted

I ran to her and tackled her to the ground. I was on top of her now. I grabbed the gun off of her

Stood up

And looked down on her angrily with the gun pointing at her.

   She began to cry “please,” she begged, “I am so hungry, so so hungry”

   I went to shoot, until I heard, “daddy!”

It was Lianne, “don’t!” She told, “don’t kill her!”

I looked and saw her standing there. Elijah looked on concerned and Jack looked on

His gaze

Wasn’t liķe Lianne’s face or Eliajah’s. 

He wanted me to kill her

I could see it in his eyes

   “Please daddy no,” Lianne begged

   I looked down at her again and I struggled with the decision, until, “get up,” she stayed on the ground, “get up!”

She quickly rose to her feet 

   I breathed heavily, anger fueling each breath, “wait here,” I told, “one move and I’ll kill you”

   I walked back to the car and pulled out some tinned food for her, “here,” I said, “take it,” she took it, “now go, get out of here”

   “Can I have my gun”

   “Elijah,” I said, “if she raises her gun a lil… shoot her”

I threw her gun to her side. She picked it up and looked at me and nodded, with a tear.

   “Thank you,” she said

She placed the tins in her bag and walked away. I kept my eyes on her and so did Elijah.

   “What if she comes back?” Jack asked

   “She won’t,” I told

   “I’m glad you didn’t shoot her daddy,” Lianne said

   I smiled at her, “you can bring out the good in anybody,” I picked her up, “you’re my lil star”

We gathered food from the car and strolled back to the waterfall.

Rhonda Gedling Season 3 Episode Nine

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

We had parked in an area that was astonishing. An area that we had found and we were now left we just our thoughts and ourselves. The landscape around us drowned out everything we had gone through.

All the pain

The hurt

The violence

All seemed to have gone away in a moment of being there. 

I felt the winds whisk pass me and I was sure I heard Elaine’s voice speak to me.

Telling me

She was at peace

   “Everything is fine Rhonda,” she told, “keep doing what you’re doing, stay strong and look after each other, mom loves you and I know… you love her, watch each others backs and keep going and one day… I will see you again and then… we can be a family again… I love you sis”

Her voice flowed 

Hitting all the right buttons

Switching the darkness off

And turning the light on

I closed my eyes and imagined her next to me.

It was strange because it felt…

We were sitting in a cafe. We used to meet up a lot there. Even though we were both busy as we both had more than one job. We still found the time for each other as families should. She sat across from me. We had a window seat and we used to play a game. Every man we saw we used to ask questions like.

One night stand?





Me being extremely picky with men. Whether it’ll be them being too short, too tall or too womanly. I never got to gripse with it, so my answers were mostly… avoid.


On the other hand

She didn’t seem to mind

So many times we went out together for drinks and she loved a chat up line.



I loved a good, fuck off and go away or I am not interested.

   I remember her taking me to one side and saying, “stop being so uptight, one day you’ll regret turning all these men away”

   I can remember saying to her, “aren’t you scared, after what happened to you?”

   Her answer was, which made her braver than anyone I knew, “I can’t let what happened haunt me, therefore I will not let it ruin my fucking life… and neither should you”

We didn’t go out much when we reached our thirties and late twenties, but when did, it was a night to remember. But, meeting up for a coffee was hardly missed. We sat down at our usual table gazing out at the crowded streets of New York. Many men passed and I always said, avoid.

   “What about him?” She asked

A man waited at the bus stop outside. He was average height. Looked like he was in his early thirties. He wore a thick brown jacket because it was winter and he had a full head of hair, I never went for bold guys. He was cool looking. 


Had a confidence about him the way he stood.

   “Rhonda…” I looked at her after looking at him, “so, do you like him?”

   “He’s alright I guess,” I said

   “Do you like him?” She repeated

   I nodded, “yeah, ok… I do”

   “Great,” she said, “now go and talk to him”

I looked over again and that one moment he glanced up, he caught me looking. I looked away. I then lifted my head back up and he was still looking.

   “Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda,” Elaine chanted

He began to make his way into the cafe

    I hid my face with my hand, “Oh crap,” I said, “he’s coming in”

He walked into the shop and he came over. 

   “Hey…” he said, “I saw you looking earlier, was that at me?” 

   I smiled nervously, Elaine flashed her eyebrows, “Yes it was,” I answered

   “Wow, beautiful woman like yourself, I thought it would’ve been somebody, like… your boyfriend?” 

   “Nope, it was you,” I told

   “And she doesn’t have a boyfriend,” Elaine told, she then got up and began walking away

   “I grabbed her hand, “wait, where’re you going?” 

   “I need to make a call,” she said, “take a seat,” she said to him

   “Oh, I don’t know… my bus”-

   “That’s fine, come on,” Elaine said, “when’s your bus?”

   He looked at his watch and smiled, “I’m sure I could sit down for a little bit”

   “That’s the spirit,” she said, looking at me and winking, “I’ll see you later sis”

She then walked out.

I was more nervous now. I felt like the seat was getting warmer. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for making an absolute idiot of myself. It had been awhile since I had done anything like this before.

   He sat down, he looked nervous, “so, ermm… are you from around here?” He asked

   “Hamsford,” I told, “not far from here, I’m visiting my sister”

   “Oh I know Hamsford, nice place,” he said

   “Yeah I guess, it has its moments,” I told

   “With women like you living there, there’ll be a lot more,” he looked down and giggled, “I’m sorry,” he said

   “For what?” I asked

   “That was so cheesy, I’m not used to this at all”

   “Neither am I,’ I told, “I haven’t really had much luck”

   He pointed to himself, “like me,” he said, “I struggle, I surprised myself that I even came over”

   “If it weren’t for my sister I wouldn’t be even talking to you right now,” I said

We spoke for a little longer and he had to go in the end to catch his bus. He gave me his number and quickly left, so I was unable to give him mine and having the luck I had, yeah… I lost it and for some reason he never even came back to the same bus stop.
The memory passed and I still gazed out into the heavenly open. Mom stood there next to me. She looked on at the open in sadness.

   “I’ll always remember,” she said

   “Remember what?” I asked

   “When it all went wrong,” she answered


   “Let me say this,” she said, so I did, “when your father left me, I thought I could cope, but the pressure just… fell on top of me you know,” she continued, still looking at the scenery, “I loved a drink, but slowly it turned into a habit and suddenly it wasn’t doing the trick anymore, then… I turned to drugs and suddenly… I had no money, so…” she breathed heavely, “I turned to sex, selling my body,” she wiped away a tear as I listened, “I was a terrible mom and I didn’t deserve any of you, not you, or your brother or sister… It’s my fault that they’re dead, because how I treated you, if it weren’t for me… they would still be here… talking to us”

   “But they aren’t,” I said, “its just me and you now, what happened in the past, ok… you did a lot of fucked up things, like… take away our childhoods because you were so wreckless, moving away and not even telling us, so we had nobody… I hate you for that… I do, but one thing is for sure and this’ll be the one thing that’ll forever stand,” I touched her shoulder and we both looked into to each other’s eyes, “you’re my mother, you’re my family and we’re all we have now, so… lets make it count…” I looked up to the sky, “for them”

We hugged and I heard her cry into my ears. 

I held tight…



Cal Moore Season 3 Episode Nine

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California


It was thanksgiving

And the whole family were round.

The table was piled up with food and the flavours caused your senses to twitch. It was heaven as I looked around at my uncles and aunties and cousins. 

All happy



The jokes pouring in from different people. 

Some crap

Some great

Some not so great

But they were still funny

It was a night that was a permanent stamp in your memory as relatives from far and wide visited. 

I sat next to my cousin David. He was a little older than me. I was twelve at the time and he was fifteen. I looked up to him. He was the cool one. The one I wanted to be like. Because I didn’t have any siblings of my own. He just fit the description of an older brother. 

We were hosting it that year and my parents had gone through hell to get everything sorted

And in the end

It was all worth it

Because when the day came and all of our relatives came piling in from far and wide. Some from Iowa. Some from New York. Some from Oregon and some from Florida. 

The time we had spent on setting things up was well spent.

David was from Florida so it was very rare that I saw him and when I did. He looked cooler everytime. 

   “How’s baseball, David?” I asked

   “Great,” he told, “we’re unbeaten so far, coach said I’ve gotten better in my pitching”

   “Thats awesome,” I said, “so, do you think you’ll ever be professional?”

   “I hope so,” he told, “its what I wanna do, I don’t wanna do anything else”

   “Wish I was good at baseball,” I said

   “I could teach you how to pitch?” He said, “see how good you can get”

   “That would be awesome!” I said, “lets do it”

   “Great, I’m pretty good at teaching this stuff”

   “Thanks David!” I said

   “No probz Cal”

My dad suddenly stood up and he tapped his glass with a spoon. All went silent.

   “Its time for the annual daddy joke off, remember, it’s gotta be about Thanksgiving, nothing else,” he explained, “I will go first and if nobody laughs, I will not be happy,” he stared seriously and smiled after, “only messing, if its shit you can throw something at me”

   “I don’t like this chair its a little wabbly, can I throw this at you?” My auntie asked at the other end.

   We all laughed and so did my dad, “If its that, crap” my mom said, “we will all do it”

   Dad put his hands up, “all the dads will have their turns to tell a joke, this year, as I am hosting, I’ve decided there’ll be a forfit”

   “Oh crap,” Uncle Frank said, he was my mother’s older brother, “leave the TV out of it”

   “What, because you’d rather watch your sports than spend time with me?” Auntie Karen said

   “You bet,” Frank winked

   “TV it is!” Dad shouted

   “What, no!” Frank begged

   “Should’ve kept your mouth shut, Frank,” Dad said

   “Damn it ” said Frank, “no wonder why I’m so good at my job, I have the biggest mouth”

   “Lets hear it then Uncle Jeffery!” David said

   “Ok,” Dad started, “What happened when the ermmm, one second…” 

 He focused  

   “Well that was terrible,” an auntie said

   “Ah, here we go, I remember now,” he said, “What happened when the turkey got into a fight?” 

   “What happened?” A few asked

   “He got the stuffing knocked out of him!”

Some of us rolled our eyes

Some played with their food

And some giggle at how shitty the joke was.

   Dad stood there and listened, but nobody laughed, “come on, nobody thought that was funny?” He asked

   “Ok, judges?” uncle Frank said

   “Terrible,” an auntie said, “I thought the performance lact confidence”

   “Wow, you are all taking this a lot more seriously this year,” Dad said

   “It would’ve been better if he didn’t forget the joke,” I said

   He looked at me, “thanks son”

   “Yeah,” David said, “that kinda sucked Uncle Jeffery”

   “Wow, thanks you little shit,” he said to David, “don’t expect anything for your birthday next year,” he pointed at me

He winked at us both and smiled. Next to tell a joke was Uncle Calvin. He was Dad’s older brother. The two always joked and messed around when they were together. They never stopped. They also argued a lot as well. Looking at them made me wish


That I had an older or younger brother or sister of my my own.

   “Watch, listen and learn little brother,” Uncle Calvin told , “Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?” He asked

   “Yes,” Dad said

   “Why can it?” Uncle Calvin asked

   “Well brother,” he said, “because, maybe a building cannot jump”

   “Is that the joke, Calv?” Frank asked

   “Yeah,” he answered

   “Well that was dissapointing,” Frank said, “judges?”

   “That was awful, no way near as good as last year,” Calvin’s wife, Maya said.

Everybody gave their verdicts and he sat down.

   “You’re right little brother,” he said, “tough crowd”

   “Told you,” Dad said

The other five uncles had gotten their turns and the one that won was Uncle Frank. 

   “Thank you, thank you everybody,” he said, he looked at the others and my Dad, “we will let the women decide”

   “Shall we say,” mom said, “no TV for a week, girls?”

   “Yeaaaah,” the aunties agreed

   “The big games on tomorrow,” Uncle Calvin said

   “You can’t do this to us,” dad said

The other Uncles couldn’t believe it either.

   “Yes we can,” Mom said, “you can spend time with me”

   “Well boys,” Uncle Frank said, “I’ll be thinking of ya when I’m watching the game”

All the uncles looked dissapointed. Accept for Frank of course. Then the laughs began to  flow once more. All my cousins, aunties and uncles, shared stories of what had happened in the past year since we last saw them. What did they have planned for next year? My cousins spoke of what they hoped to do when they were older.

One hoped to be a singer

One hoped to be an actress

One hoped to be a baseball player

One hoped to be a police officer

And one hoped to take over his mother’s business

One by one they shared their hopes for their futures.

Then their was me

I didn’t really know what i wanted to do. I guess I was still finding myself. 
It was time for everybody to leave and David and I spoke before he left.

   “Next time you come to visit, I’ll teach you how to pitch,” he said

   “Thanks David,” I said

All the goodbyes were said

All the kisses and hugs were given from everyone and now the house was quiet once more.

We all walked into the living room and crashed on to the sofa. 

   “I am exhausted,” Dad said

   “Me to,” Mom said

   “Me three,” I spoke

   “Was great seeing everybody again though,” Dad mentioned

   “Yeah, till next year,” Mom said



Graham Jackson Season 3 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

I saw the knife in his hand and watched him step closer towards me. I took a step back and felt my body tense up.

Ready for a fight

   “Who are you?” He asked, his voice full of anger

   “A man that is going to knock your fucking head off if you come any closer,” I told

   “You one of them?” He asked

   “No… I’m not”

   “Then why are you here?”

   “The same reason why you’re, who did they take from you?” I asked

I hit a nerve

I knew I was on to something. 

He was in the same situation as me. They had taken someone. Someone he loved. Someone he cared about. I saw it written all over his face. I felt it as his face changed slightly


His knife was still in his hand

   “My sister,” he told, “my fucking sister!”

   “I understand where you’re coming from,” I told, “I’m here because they have taken somebody from me to”

I quickly looked around at Bruno to see if he was ok.

   “Who?” He asked

   “My son,” I answered

His face changed from anger to sadness. His knife finally lowered and went to his side and I breathed in relief.

There I stood now with this man in front of me. I now hoped he was now an ally and not an enemy.

   “What’s your name?” He asked

   “Graham,” I answered, “yours?”

   “Adam,” he replied

   He looked at the scared man who still stood at the wall, “you need to talk,” he demanded, “now!”

   “Please, I told you, I don’t know!” He cried

   “I don’t believe you!” He shouted

Adam walked over to him. Towering over him. He stood in front of him and his broard shoulders spanned so I couldn’t see the scared man in front of him. I looked down and kneeled next to Bruno and stroked him gently. 

   “You ok, lad?” I asked

Bruno opened his eye and groaned. I was angry, but I had to understand why the man did it. Anyone would’ve acted the way he did. 


Bruno was still alive

And plus

I now had an ally to help me find Preston and I couldn’t Jeopardise that. 

   I hugged and kissed him, “good boy, good boy”

I stood back up and walked over to where they stood. I stared a whole through the man who I knew, knew where Preston was. He shook with fear. 

His hands




All shook as well

And I knew his heart was in a sprint. 

   “If you don’t tell us,” I said, “I’m going to punch your teeth in and make you eat them”

   “I told you, I don’t know, please, let me go”

   “That aint gonna happen,” Adam told

   “Then what ever you want, you’re not gonna have, you’re just wasting your time with me!”

It was my turn now

I raised my arm and grabbed him by the neck. The little guys eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his skull. 

I chocked him 

Choked him hard as he began to pound my arm and talk, but nothing was heard.

   “Graham,” I heard, “Graham!”

I gave the lad a right hook and he fell in a heap.

I looked to see what he wanted.

He was beant down in the corner of the wall at the other end of the room stroking his beard.

   “What is it?” I asked

   “Looks like a kid drew this,” he told, “its a castle”

   “A castle,” I said, “hmmm…”

I thought long and hard about the drawing and so did he. It went quiet for a short time until Adam piped up.

   “I know why its there,” he told, “my sister drew it, its a clue… Nottingham castle”

   “Then we head there,” I told

   “You guys are insane, do you really think you’re gonna get them back?” the man asked

   I walked over to him, he struggled to get up, “you don’t know who you’re talking to, don’t underestimate people you don’t know”

   “I know you alright,” he said, “you’re fucking crazy, you don’t know who these people are… who he is!”

   “One more word,” I grabbed him, “and I’ll snap your fucking neck, understand?”

   He looked on frightened, “ok, ok”

Bruno had gotten to his feet. I walked over to him and gave him a hug. He licked my face. He still moved a little gingerly.

   “Good boy,” I said

   “You,” Adam spoke, “you’re coming with us”

   “No, no,” he told, “he will think I’ve led you there”

   “Why didn’t you go with them anyway?” I asked

   “They left me here,” he told, “they said I wasn’t strong enough for the cause”

   “What cause?” Adam asked

   “To rid of the government forces, the army… everything”

   “And you were a part of that?” He asked

   “I was, but they didn’t see me as being useful anymore”

   “That’s why I’ve seen so many of them dead,” I said, “it was them”

   “They have the numbers,” he told, “they feel that getting rid of them, the world will be better off”

   “Either way,” Adam spoke, “you’re coming with us, you’ll know the place better”

   “It doesn’t matter!” He shouted, “you’ll get us all killed”

   Adam exploded, “So, that’s it, you’re not helping us!”

   “No, you can go yourselves, I’d rather be dead”

   Adam suddely rammed the large knife into his stomach and pressed him against the wall, looked into his eyes with an evil stare, “then die you worthless cunt!”

Blood poured out of the man’s mouth as he stood there gazing at the knife that had been put into him. He shuddered in shock and muttered words, but they weren’t understood. Only the word, why, was heard. 

   “He could’ve helped us,” I told

   “Fuck you,” he told, “the prick already told us he wasn’t going to, it was a dead end, we are wasting too much time, we need to get moving”

He walked away

I looked at Bruno and we both followed him. It was now in our hands…

Teddy Baker Season 3 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK 

The two brothers looked strong.

One tall and rugged

The other shorter but had a solid build.

He was the one with the metal bat.

   “You didn’t think we would leave what you did?” He asked

   I stood up with my hands raised, “come on guys,” I said, “theres always another way”

   “Shut the fuck up and sit down,” he told

Abbey then appeared from behind with a gun clenched in her hand with their younger brother,  Eric.

Eric’s eyes were sinister

Abbey’s eyes weren’t like before


Wasn’t going to end well.

   “Abbey?” I said, “whats happening?”

   “I’m sorry Teddy,” she said, “but we couldn’t let it stand”

She walked away and stopped Eric who tried to follow her so he would stay with his brothers.

   “Where are you going?” I asked

   “A love for a love, you can’t suffer if you’re dead”

   “No,” I moved toward her and Elijah shifted with anger, “take one more step”

   “I wouldn’t, they won’t kill you, but they can still shoot you”


She made her way to the stairs. My mind 

Like a volcano

Filled my body with fire

   “Abbey, this isn’t you and you know that,” I told

   “You don’t know me!” she cried

   “I know you well enough,” I said, “and i can tell by the look in your eyes you know that you’re making the wrong choice here”

   “No,” she began, “the wrong choice is on you, you made the decision to kill my brother and uncle… you did and now…” she raised her gun and looked at it, “I’m going to take away something from you”

I was at a cross roads 

Should I move and get shot?


They said they wouldn’t kill me becsuse they prefered for me to watch and suffer. 

So I had to make decision.

I had to come up with a plan and to find the last peices to the puzzle.

I watched as she moved up the stairs as my heart raced like a Lamborghini and stomped like a bear. She was getting closer to my children.

My blood

   “Listen,” I stared a whole through her brothers in front of me, “if you do this, I will kill  every, single, one of you believe me, you do not wanna do this”

They looked at each other and smiled. Arrogance filled them and who could blame them.

I wouldn’t

They were in the driving seat with mine and Elijah’s hands tied behind our backs.


A man would do anything to protect and I mean…


To protect what is theirs.

They weren’t backing down and their plan carried on moving foward. I looked at Elijah and saw his foot suddenly move.

   “We don’t mind killing you big guy,” one brother said, “so… I wouldn’t”

I put my arm in front of his chest and shuck my head. 

I needed him

For the future

For everything

   “No…” I told him, “no”

The gun went off

   “Aaaaahhhhh!” I heard



   “Hurts doesn’t it?” One brother said sinistly   

   I went to move forward and in a hasty change, Elijah stopped me, “go get your kids,” he told

Elijah ran forward and I looked on with wide eyes. 

The brothers looked on in satisfaction.

They wanted this to happen. 


I gazed

I stared at the sudden swift change of the story and like they mentioned before. They didn’t mind killing him. They messed with the possibilities.

They messed with their positition. 

They let him get close and let him think.

Made me think.

Maybe we had a chance.

Maybe everything would be fine at sun rise.

But that was all that could be reached.

Elijah got as close as he could. Then

The one with the metal bat swung hard. Hitting him in the leg, but Elijah still stood. 

I ran upstairs leaving Elijah to juggle with his fate, but I had a sickening feeling that the balls he juggled…

Would be dropped

I heard him scream in pain.

   “Teddy watch out!” I heard 

I looked around and saw one of the brothers. 

The one with the bat

Chasing me

I turned and hurried towards my children’s bedroom.


I reached the room and Abbey came out and struck me in the face with the gun. I landed on my back. Now in a smog. I couldn’t think straight at all. I tried getting up, but her brother’s foot came down on me like a tank. After that

He forced me up on to my knees.

And I saw my children come into view.

Abbey had both of them in front of her whilst my kids looked at me. 

   “Daddy,” Lianne cried

Jack though

Didn’t say anything

His eyes said it all

A blast came from downstairs and I knew who it was. 

I closed my eyes and a tear rolled down my cheek.

   My breath shuddered, “I’m sorry,” I said, “I do what I think is right, especially, when there’s nobody else to do it for me now”

   She shook her head, “you’re not getting it… are you?” She spoke, “you could’ve just let it be, let us just live our lives, you did your bit, you did, you gave us a safe place,  a place to live, but you had to come back… we were on your side, maybe one day, we could’ve helped each other, but you ruined that, you ruined it all…” I felt her gaze, it was coming, “everything”

Another gun shot

Another moment

I saw the brother that stood beside me crumble in blood.

I looked and saw Elijah crawling toward me in pain.

I nodded to him thank you.

   “Ahhhh!” She screamed

Jack then turned to try and get the gun off of her and I quickly rose to my feet and ran to them. I scurried across, moved Jack out of the way and speared her to the ground. 

The gun was taken

I held it to her

Tears ran down her exhausted face.

   “You’re a monster,” she said, “you took my brother away”

    “He tried to kill me, ” I told, “what would you have done?”

Another gun shot

I frowned

   “Dad,” Jack said

I looked around and saw Eric standing over Elijah with blood pouring from his head. 

He held a gun

   “Move away from my sister,” his voice shuck, “move away from her!”

I moved away

   “Drop the gun,” he told

I dropped the gun

   “Now you can die,” he said

   “Please!” I cried

The gun was suddenly pulled and a loud bang erupted in the room…

Rhonda Gedling Season 3 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Red Rose, Colorado

I had blood on my hands.

Blood from the infected children.

I hated doing it

I hated hitting them again and again and… again

Now there heads were nothing, but mush on the floor.

Eyes around somewhere

I went crazy with the hammer and I didnt stop until I realised

It was done

   “Fuck,” I breathed, looking at them, “sleep tight, your nightmare is over”

I looked down at the blood on the hammer and the splats on my shirt. 

Rose to my feet 


And walked out of the class room.

I walked the opposite way to look around a little longer.

Look for anything else that could aid me.

I had found the hammer 

Surely something else would’ve been hanging around somewhere.

I had to prey

I had to hope that the surroundings gave me a little luck like the draw did.

I wandered around and turned left and there I noticed

A message on the floor in blood




Then I noticed an arrow 

Then another

And then…


Three arrows drew in blood pointed downward at three different doors. 

Not so far from the other

   “Ok,” I said, “lets play”

I listened in and heard grunting behind one. I went closer and heard a slam behind the door.

I jumped

And breathed and calmed myself down.

    “Control yourself, Rhonda,” I told

I learned quickly.

That maybe that the game involved me seeking out the room without any infected in it. 

I just had to listen in

In every door that had the arrows.

But what was behind that one door that I had to choose correctly?

Was it the thing I needed to finish them off? 

To get out of there…


I walked to the next one and again, I heard something, but this time it were screams.

I inhaled deeply and went to the next one and begged the skies that I had the sick game sussed out. 

Once again

I put my ear to the door and focused, but this time… there was nothing.

No grunting

No screams

No bangs at the door…


I tried the handle and it began to open.

   “Ok,” I breathed


I moved in and another large class was revealed, however, my world suddenly slipped deeper into darkness in the moment I entered. The class had people inside of it.




A teenage daughter

A teenage son

All tied to chairs, gagged and blindfolded.

Their voices started to shout through their gags the moment I had opened the opened.

My mouth dropped and my eyes widened slightly the instant I walked in.

   “What the?” I murmered

Their voices were muffled.

I then saw a note on the teachers desk written in blood in capitals and a large sharp knife next to it.

                TO THE LEFT



                  YOU NEED

            BUT IT IS LOCKED


                HAS THE KEY


                   TO FIND IT

           LOOK FOR THE HAND       


   “Dig deep to find it?” I questioned, I thought, i

I looked at the knife and it came to me, “no”

I thought of the worst.

What the message 


Actually meant 


I knew

I was having to go further than ever before. 

This one FUCKED UP thing would end this whole charade.

It was the lead up to me walking out of here knowing mom would still have a beating heart.


I found myself thinking


Was she worth it?

Was she worth another life?

I mean…

What if I had to kill one of the kids?

Was she worth that?

    “Do this for Elaine,” I told myself, “do this for family”

I grabbed the knife

And walked towards them and their muffled voices grew larger. 

I reached them

Stood over the first one who was a grown man. 

His legs shook

His muffled voice still talking 

   I took off his gag, “hello?” He spoke, his voice shaking, “please, don’t hurt us, don’t hurt my family, we did what you asked”

I looked around his body

No sign

I walked around to the back

No sign

   “Please, if you’re going to hurt anyone, hurt me and only me, not anybody else”

I looked at the others and listened to thier panicking voices behind their gags.

I moved to the next one

A grown woman

Who I assumed was his wife.

She felt my presense and she shook with fear. She tried talking to me through her gag.

   “Who are you?” The man asked, “please, if you were one of them, you would’ve killed us already, so who are you?”

   “Just a woman trying to survive,” I told

   “What’s your name?” He asked

   “I’m the one who’ll do the talking,” I told

   “Ok ok,” he said

I checked the back of the woman.  


No sign

To the next one

A teenage boy

He shook also as I arrived in front of him.

I checked him over and controlled my emotiones. I felt the tears building up inside of me. 


There was no sign

On to the next one 

A man

Everyone so far had rattled with fear when I stood in front of them.

But not this one

He had calmed

He muttered something behind his gag.

I looked around him and saw the black hand print on his white shirt.

It was time

Time to unleash something else inside of me.

   “I just want you to know…” I said, tears now sheding as I gripped the knife, “I am sorry for this”

I then prepared myself…


Cal Moore Season 3 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California​
   “Hannah please!” I cried 

   “Let her go Cal”

   “No!” I shouted, “we should be staying together, it shouldn’t be like this!”

She was getting further and further away. I needed to make a choice. I made it quick and tried once again to stop her. I was probably going to regret it.

I knew it

But I had to try

I ran to catch her and got straight in front of her. I breathed heavily. Put my hands to my knees and put my hand up to halt her. 

   “Cal, I’m fucking warning you, get out of my way, or I will hurt you”

   “No you won’t,” I told

    “I wouldn’t test me”

   “And I’m going to keep testing you, Hannah!”

   She grabbed me by the neck and I through her hands off of me and I got in her face, “you really think I’m just going to let you go after all we’ve been through?!”

   “You have no choice and neither do I,” she told, “I’m not going to stay and risk everything for somebody that’s a sitting duck, it’s not what I want my little brothers life to be like… and mine,” she explained, “I don’t know about you, but I wish to stay alive a little longer”

   I took a step back, “It doesn’t have to be, like this” I told

   “Your mum is set on staying here and I’m not going to die with you”

   “Nobodies dying,” I told, “we are not staying here, you’re right,” a tear shed, “my dad might be dead, he might not be, but staying here is suicidal and I get that now, so… I will try and get her to leave this place, so we can move on… will you stay with us?”

I held on to all hope that I had.

To everything that was inside of me. We needed her and she needed us. She was a fucking bad ass and she was like a big sister now. 

We had grown in this world together.

   “I’m sorry,” she spoke, her voice shuddering, “I don’t believe that your mum will listen… I can’t risk it”

    “Hannah, no,” I said, “please, we need you and I know you need us to”

   “You don’t know that,” she told, “I can cope, go to your family”

   “You’re my family!”

   I looked at Zach, “have you ever asked what he wants?” I asked

   She stepped in front of him, “leave him”

   “Zach,” I tried to get round her to get to him, “what do you want?”

I saw his look

He didn’t look at me, but I knew he could hear me.

And again 

She blocked me

   “I said…” her face was more serious now, “leave him”

   “Why don’t you let him answer?!”

   “Because I’m his big sister and I protect him!”

   “He was right before… to stay with us”

   “And look where it got us,” she said

   “No! I said, “he made the right choice for the both of you, because of him, you have a family and made it a little longer in this world, who knows what would’ve happened if you would’ve gone out there alone”

   “We survived without you before,” she told, “we can do it again”

   “Just listen to your brother, let me ask him to see what he wants to do,” I said, “ain’t it fair… fair for him?!”

   “I just cant stay here, its too dangerous!”

We heard noises and looked in the distance at a large number of them coming our way. 

   “Cal, let me go,” she said

   “You’re gonna get killed, both of you, please stay with us…” I touced her arm, “please”

   “Cal!” Mom shouted, “get here now!”

   “I dont want you to go,” I said, “I’ve never had a sister…” I looked at Zach, “or a brother”

It was crazy

I could feel their blood thirsty stares violently gazing our way.

   Mom and Mason then ran to us, “Cal!” She shouted, she reached the side of me, “we need to go, now, if she wants to leave then let her!” She grabbed me by the arm and tried to pull me away, “its too dangerous out here!”

   “Let go of me!” I told

   She looked on shocked, “Cal!”

   “No mom!” I said, “Hannah is right,” I told, “its too dangerous to stay here, whether dad is alive or not, we’re going to die waiting for him!”

   “Guys,” Mason said, “guys!” We looked over, “they’re getting closer!”

   “Zach!” I said, “what do you wanna do Zach, do you wanna stay with us or go?”

   “Leave him out of this!” Hannah told

   I bent down to his level, “Zach, I know you can hear me, what do you want to do?”

They were getting closer and it wasn’t long now until the hoarde were at our front door.

   “Go,” he said

   I looked on shocked, “you wanna go?”

   “Yes,” he said

   “Wait a minute, no, Hannah please,” I said

   “I’m sorry, Cal,” she said, “stay strong”

She then began to run away with Zach by her side.

I watched with tears running down.

   “Mum say something!” I said, “we can’t stay here!”

   “He will find us,” she said, “we can’t leave”

   I heard her gun go off but i couldn’t see her no longer, “Hannah,” I said

   “Lets get back to the house,” mom said

I had no choice now

I couldn’t leave my mom behind.

Zach had made his decision and that was that. There was nothing more that could’ve been done. We hurried back away from the hoarde and hoped we would be out of sight before they got there. 

If not

I knew deep down inside that our chances of surviving were minus a billion.