Cal Moore Season 3 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California​
   “Hannah please!” I cried 

   “Let her go Cal”

   “No!” I shouted, “we should be staying together, it shouldn’t be like this!”

She was getting further and further away. I needed to make a choice. I made it quick and tried once again to stop her. I was probably going to regret it.

I knew it

But I had to try

I ran to catch her and got straight in front of her. I breathed heavily. Put my hands to my knees and put my hand up to halt her. 

   “Cal, I’m fucking warning you, get out of my way, or I will hurt you”

   “No you won’t,” I told

    “I wouldn’t test me”

   “And I’m going to keep testing you, Hannah!”

   She grabbed me by the neck and I through her hands off of me and I got in her face, “you really think I’m just going to let you go after all we’ve been through?!”

   “You have no choice and neither do I,” she told, “I’m not going to stay and risk everything for somebody that’s a sitting duck, it’s not what I want my little brothers life to be like… and mine,” she explained, “I don’t know about you, but I wish to stay alive a little longer”

   I took a step back, “It doesn’t have to be, like this” I told

   “Your mum is set on staying here and I’m not going to die with you”

   “Nobodies dying,” I told, “we are not staying here, you’re right,” a tear shed, “my dad might be dead, he might not be, but staying here is suicidal and I get that now, so… I will try and get her to leave this place, so we can move on… will you stay with us?”

I held on to all hope that I had.

To everything that was inside of me. We needed her and she needed us. She was a fucking bad ass and she was like a big sister now. 

We had grown in this world together.

   “I’m sorry,” she spoke, her voice shuddering, “I don’t believe that your mum will listen… I can’t risk it”

    “Hannah, no,” I said, “please, we need you and I know you need us to”

   “You don’t know that,” she told, “I can cope, go to your family”

   “You’re my family!”

   I looked at Zach, “have you ever asked what he wants?” I asked

   She stepped in front of him, “leave him”

   “Zach,” I tried to get round her to get to him, “what do you want?”

I saw his look

He didn’t look at me, but I knew he could hear me.

And again 

She blocked me

   “I said…” her face was more serious now, “leave him”

   “Why don’t you let him answer?!”

   “Because I’m his big sister and I protect him!”

   “He was right before… to stay with us”

   “And look where it got us,” she said

   “No! I said, “he made the right choice for the both of you, because of him, you have a family and made it a little longer in this world, who knows what would’ve happened if you would’ve gone out there alone”

   “We survived without you before,” she told, “we can do it again”

   “Just listen to your brother, let me ask him to see what he wants to do,” I said, “ain’t it fair… fair for him?!”

   “I just cant stay here, its too dangerous!”

We heard noises and looked in the distance at a large number of them coming our way. 

   “Cal, let me go,” she said

   “You’re gonna get killed, both of you, please stay with us…” I touced her arm, “please”

   “Cal!” Mom shouted, “get here now!”

   “I dont want you to go,” I said, “I’ve never had a sister…” I looked at Zach, “or a brother”

It was crazy

I could feel their blood thirsty stares violently gazing our way.

   Mom and Mason then ran to us, “Cal!” She shouted, she reached the side of me, “we need to go, now, if she wants to leave then let her!” She grabbed me by the arm and tried to pull me away, “its too dangerous out here!”

   “Let go of me!” I told

   She looked on shocked, “Cal!”

   “No mom!” I said, “Hannah is right,” I told, “its too dangerous to stay here, whether dad is alive or not, we’re going to die waiting for him!”

   “Guys,” Mason said, “guys!” We looked over, “they’re getting closer!”

   “Zach!” I said, “what do you wanna do Zach, do you wanna stay with us or go?”

   “Leave him out of this!” Hannah told

   I bent down to his level, “Zach, I know you can hear me, what do you want to do?”

They were getting closer and it wasn’t long now until the hoarde were at our front door.

   “Go,” he said

   I looked on shocked, “you wanna go?”

   “Yes,” he said

   “Wait a minute, no, Hannah please,” I said

   “I’m sorry, Cal,” she said, “stay strong”

She then began to run away with Zach by her side.

I watched with tears running down.

   “Mum say something!” I said, “we can’t stay here!”

   “He will find us,” she said, “we can’t leave”

   I heard her gun go off but i couldn’t see her no longer, “Hannah,” I said

   “Lets get back to the house,” mom said

I had no choice now

I couldn’t leave my mom behind.

Zach had made his decision and that was that. There was nothing more that could’ve been done. We hurried back away from the hoarde and hoped we would be out of sight before they got there. 

If not

I knew deep down inside that our chances of surviving were minus a billion.




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