Rhonda Gedling Season 3 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Red Rose, Colorado

I had blood on my hands.

Blood from the infected children.

I hated doing it

I hated hitting them again and again and… again

Now there heads were nothing, but mush on the floor.

Eyes around somewhere

I went crazy with the hammer and I didnt stop until I realised

It was done

   “Fuck,” I breathed, looking at them, “sleep tight, your nightmare is over”

I looked down at the blood on the hammer and the splats on my shirt. 

Rose to my feet 


And walked out of the class room.

I walked the opposite way to look around a little longer.

Look for anything else that could aid me.

I had found the hammer 

Surely something else would’ve been hanging around somewhere.

I had to prey

I had to hope that the surroundings gave me a little luck like the draw did.

I wandered around and turned left and there I noticed

A message on the floor in blood




Then I noticed an arrow 

Then another

And then…


Three arrows drew in blood pointed downward at three different doors. 

Not so far from the other

   “Ok,” I said, “lets play”

I listened in and heard grunting behind one. I went closer and heard a slam behind the door.

I jumped

And breathed and calmed myself down.

    “Control yourself, Rhonda,” I told

I learned quickly.

That maybe that the game involved me seeking out the room without any infected in it. 

I just had to listen in

In every door that had the arrows.

But what was behind that one door that I had to choose correctly?

Was it the thing I needed to finish them off? 

To get out of there…


I walked to the next one and again, I heard something, but this time it were screams.

I inhaled deeply and went to the next one and begged the skies that I had the sick game sussed out. 

Once again

I put my ear to the door and focused, but this time… there was nothing.

No grunting

No screams

No bangs at the door…


I tried the handle and it began to open.

   “Ok,” I breathed


I moved in and another large class was revealed, however, my world suddenly slipped deeper into darkness in the moment I entered. The class had people inside of it.




A teenage daughter

A teenage son

All tied to chairs, gagged and blindfolded.

Their voices started to shout through their gags the moment I had opened the opened.

My mouth dropped and my eyes widened slightly the instant I walked in.

   “What the?” I murmered

Their voices were muffled.

I then saw a note on the teachers desk written in blood in capitals and a large sharp knife next to it.

                TO THE LEFT



                  YOU NEED

            BUT IT IS LOCKED


                HAS THE KEY


                   TO FIND IT

           LOOK FOR THE HAND       


   “Dig deep to find it?” I questioned, I thought, i

I looked at the knife and it came to me, “no”

I thought of the worst.

What the message 


Actually meant 


I knew

I was having to go further than ever before. 

This one FUCKED UP thing would end this whole charade.

It was the lead up to me walking out of here knowing mom would still have a beating heart.


I found myself thinking


Was she worth it?

Was she worth another life?

I mean…

What if I had to kill one of the kids?

Was she worth that?

    “Do this for Elaine,” I told myself, “do this for family”

I grabbed the knife

And walked towards them and their muffled voices grew larger. 

I reached them

Stood over the first one who was a grown man. 

His legs shook

His muffled voice still talking 

   I took off his gag, “hello?” He spoke, his voice shaking, “please, don’t hurt us, don’t hurt my family, we did what you asked”

I looked around his body

No sign

I walked around to the back

No sign

   “Please, if you’re going to hurt anyone, hurt me and only me, not anybody else”

I looked at the others and listened to thier panicking voices behind their gags.

I moved to the next one

A grown woman

Who I assumed was his wife.

She felt my presense and she shook with fear. She tried talking to me through her gag.

   “Who are you?” The man asked, “please, if you were one of them, you would’ve killed us already, so who are you?”

   “Just a woman trying to survive,” I told

   “What’s your name?” He asked

   “I’m the one who’ll do the talking,” I told

   “Ok ok,” he said

I checked the back of the woman.  


No sign

To the next one

A teenage boy

He shook also as I arrived in front of him.

I checked him over and controlled my emotiones. I felt the tears building up inside of me. 


There was no sign

On to the next one 

A man

Everyone so far had rattled with fear when I stood in front of them.

But not this one

He had calmed

He muttered something behind his gag.

I looked around him and saw the black hand print on his white shirt.

It was time

Time to unleash something else inside of me.

   “I just want you to know…” I said, tears now sheding as I gripped the knife, “I am sorry for this”

I then prepared myself…


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