Teddy Baker Season 3 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK 

The two brothers looked strong.

One tall and rugged

The other shorter but had a solid build.

He was the one with the metal bat.

   “You didn’t think we would leave what you did?” He asked

   I stood up with my hands raised, “come on guys,” I said, “theres always another way”

   “Shut the fuck up and sit down,” he told

Abbey then appeared from behind with a gun clenched in her hand with their younger brother,  Eric.

Eric’s eyes were sinister

Abbey’s eyes weren’t like before


Wasn’t going to end well.

   “Abbey?” I said, “whats happening?”

   “I’m sorry Teddy,” she said, “but we couldn’t let it stand”

She walked away and stopped Eric who tried to follow her so he would stay with his brothers.

   “Where are you going?” I asked

   “A love for a love, you can’t suffer if you’re dead”

   “No,” I moved toward her and Elijah shifted with anger, “take one more step”

   “I wouldn’t, they won’t kill you, but they can still shoot you”


She made her way to the stairs. My mind 

Like a volcano

Filled my body with fire

   “Abbey, this isn’t you and you know that,” I told

   “You don’t know me!” she cried

   “I know you well enough,” I said, “and i can tell by the look in your eyes you know that you’re making the wrong choice here”

   “No,” she began, “the wrong choice is on you, you made the decision to kill my brother and uncle… you did and now…” she raised her gun and looked at it, “I’m going to take away something from you”

I was at a cross roads 

Should I move and get shot?


They said they wouldn’t kill me becsuse they prefered for me to watch and suffer. 

So I had to make decision.

I had to come up with a plan and to find the last peices to the puzzle.

I watched as she moved up the stairs as my heart raced like a Lamborghini and stomped like a bear. She was getting closer to my children.

My blood

   “Listen,” I stared a whole through her brothers in front of me, “if you do this, I will kill  every, single, one of you believe me, you do not wanna do this”

They looked at each other and smiled. Arrogance filled them and who could blame them.

I wouldn’t

They were in the driving seat with mine and Elijah’s hands tied behind our backs.


A man would do anything to protect and I mean…


To protect what is theirs.

They weren’t backing down and their plan carried on moving foward. I looked at Elijah and saw his foot suddenly move.

   “We don’t mind killing you big guy,” one brother said, “so… I wouldn’t”

I put my arm in front of his chest and shuck my head. 

I needed him

For the future

For everything

   “No…” I told him, “no”

The gun went off

   “Aaaaahhhhh!” I heard



   “Hurts doesn’t it?” One brother said sinistly   

   I went to move forward and in a hasty change, Elijah stopped me, “go get your kids,” he told

Elijah ran forward and I looked on with wide eyes. 

The brothers looked on in satisfaction.

They wanted this to happen. 


I gazed

I stared at the sudden swift change of the story and like they mentioned before. They didn’t mind killing him. They messed with the possibilities.

They messed with their positition. 

They let him get close and let him think.

Made me think.

Maybe we had a chance.

Maybe everything would be fine at sun rise.

But that was all that could be reached.

Elijah got as close as he could. Then

The one with the metal bat swung hard. Hitting him in the leg, but Elijah still stood. 

I ran upstairs leaving Elijah to juggle with his fate, but I had a sickening feeling that the balls he juggled…

Would be dropped

I heard him scream in pain.

   “Teddy watch out!” I heard 

I looked around and saw one of the brothers. 

The one with the bat

Chasing me

I turned and hurried towards my children’s bedroom.


I reached the room and Abbey came out and struck me in the face with the gun. I landed on my back. Now in a smog. I couldn’t think straight at all. I tried getting up, but her brother’s foot came down on me like a tank. After that

He forced me up on to my knees.

And I saw my children come into view.

Abbey had both of them in front of her whilst my kids looked at me. 

   “Daddy,” Lianne cried

Jack though

Didn’t say anything

His eyes said it all

A blast came from downstairs and I knew who it was. 

I closed my eyes and a tear rolled down my cheek.

   My breath shuddered, “I’m sorry,” I said, “I do what I think is right, especially, when there’s nobody else to do it for me now”

   She shook her head, “you’re not getting it… are you?” She spoke, “you could’ve just let it be, let us just live our lives, you did your bit, you did, you gave us a safe place,  a place to live, but you had to come back… we were on your side, maybe one day, we could’ve helped each other, but you ruined that, you ruined it all…” I felt her gaze, it was coming, “everything”

Another gun shot

Another moment

I saw the brother that stood beside me crumble in blood.

I looked and saw Elijah crawling toward me in pain.

I nodded to him thank you.

   “Ahhhh!” She screamed

Jack then turned to try and get the gun off of her and I quickly rose to my feet and ran to them. I scurried across, moved Jack out of the way and speared her to the ground. 

The gun was taken

I held it to her

Tears ran down her exhausted face.

   “You’re a monster,” she said, “you took my brother away”

    “He tried to kill me, ” I told, “what would you have done?”

Another gun shot

I frowned

   “Dad,” Jack said

I looked around and saw Eric standing over Elijah with blood pouring from his head. 

He held a gun

   “Move away from my sister,” his voice shuck, “move away from her!”

I moved away

   “Drop the gun,” he told

I dropped the gun

   “Now you can die,” he said

   “Please!” I cried

The gun was suddenly pulled and a loud bang erupted in the room…

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