Graham Jackson Season 3 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

I saw the knife in his hand and watched him step closer towards me. I took a step back and felt my body tense up.

Ready for a fight

   “Who are you?” He asked, his voice full of anger

   “A man that is going to knock your fucking head off if you come any closer,” I told

   “You one of them?” He asked

   “No… I’m not”

   “Then why are you here?”

   “The same reason why you’re, who did they take from you?” I asked

I hit a nerve

I knew I was on to something. 

He was in the same situation as me. They had taken someone. Someone he loved. Someone he cared about. I saw it written all over his face. I felt it as his face changed slightly


His knife was still in his hand

   “My sister,” he told, “my fucking sister!”

   “I understand where you’re coming from,” I told, “I’m here because they have taken somebody from me to”

I quickly looked around at Bruno to see if he was ok.

   “Who?” He asked

   “My son,” I answered

His face changed from anger to sadness. His knife finally lowered and went to his side and I breathed in relief.

There I stood now with this man in front of me. I now hoped he was now an ally and not an enemy.

   “What’s your name?” He asked

   “Graham,” I answered, “yours?”

   “Adam,” he replied

   He looked at the scared man who still stood at the wall, “you need to talk,” he demanded, “now!”

   “Please, I told you, I don’t know!” He cried

   “I don’t believe you!” He shouted

Adam walked over to him. Towering over him. He stood in front of him and his broard shoulders spanned so I couldn’t see the scared man in front of him. I looked down and kneeled next to Bruno and stroked him gently. 

   “You ok, lad?” I asked

Bruno opened his eye and groaned. I was angry, but I had to understand why the man did it. Anyone would’ve acted the way he did. 


Bruno was still alive

And plus

I now had an ally to help me find Preston and I couldn’t Jeopardise that. 

   I hugged and kissed him, “good boy, good boy”

I stood back up and walked over to where they stood. I stared a whole through the man who I knew, knew where Preston was. He shook with fear. 

His hands




All shook as well

And I knew his heart was in a sprint. 

   “If you don’t tell us,” I said, “I’m going to punch your teeth in and make you eat them”

   “I told you, I don’t know, please, let me go”

   “That aint gonna happen,” Adam told

   “Then what ever you want, you’re not gonna have, you’re just wasting your time with me!”

It was my turn now

I raised my arm and grabbed him by the neck. The little guys eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his skull. 

I chocked him 

Choked him hard as he began to pound my arm and talk, but nothing was heard.

   “Graham,” I heard, “Graham!”

I gave the lad a right hook and he fell in a heap.

I looked to see what he wanted.

He was beant down in the corner of the wall at the other end of the room stroking his beard.

   “What is it?” I asked

   “Looks like a kid drew this,” he told, “its a castle”

   “A castle,” I said, “hmmm…”

I thought long and hard about the drawing and so did he. It went quiet for a short time until Adam piped up.

   “I know why its there,” he told, “my sister drew it, its a clue… Nottingham castle”

   “Then we head there,” I told

   “You guys are insane, do you really think you’re gonna get them back?” the man asked

   I walked over to him, he struggled to get up, “you don’t know who you’re talking to, don’t underestimate people you don’t know”

   “I know you alright,” he said, “you’re fucking crazy, you don’t know who these people are… who he is!”

   “One more word,” I grabbed him, “and I’ll snap your fucking neck, understand?”

   He looked on frightened, “ok, ok”

Bruno had gotten to his feet. I walked over to him and gave him a hug. He licked my face. He still moved a little gingerly.

   “Good boy,” I said

   “You,” Adam spoke, “you’re coming with us”

   “No, no,” he told, “he will think I’ve led you there”

   “Why didn’t you go with them anyway?” I asked

   “They left me here,” he told, “they said I wasn’t strong enough for the cause”

   “What cause?” Adam asked

   “To rid of the government forces, the army… everything”

   “And you were a part of that?” He asked

   “I was, but they didn’t see me as being useful anymore”

   “That’s why I’ve seen so many of them dead,” I said, “it was them”

   “They have the numbers,” he told, “they feel that getting rid of them, the world will be better off”

   “Either way,” Adam spoke, “you’re coming with us, you’ll know the place better”

   “It doesn’t matter!” He shouted, “you’ll get us all killed”

   Adam exploded, “So, that’s it, you’re not helping us!”

   “No, you can go yourselves, I’d rather be dead”

   Adam suddely rammed the large knife into his stomach and pressed him against the wall, looked into his eyes with an evil stare, “then die you worthless cunt!”

Blood poured out of the man’s mouth as he stood there gazing at the knife that had been put into him. He shuddered in shock and muttered words, but they weren’t understood. Only the word, why, was heard. 

   “He could’ve helped us,” I told

   “Fuck you,” he told, “the prick already told us he wasn’t going to, it was a dead end, we are wasting too much time, we need to get moving”

He walked away

I looked at Bruno and we both followed him. It was now in our hands…

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