Teddy Baker Season 3 MID SEASON PREMIERE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK 



That’s what it stated in the early morning

We pulled up and looked upon our findings. 

It was wrecked


I had second thoughts about going in because of who I had with me, but I knew sooner


He would’ve had to learn at some point

Anything could’ve happened to me at any given moment


It was best to be prepared for the future. I then realised it wouldn’t have been a good idea to leave the car in plane sight, so I made sure I hid the car before entering.  

   “Don’t we need the car?” He asked

   “Don’t worry?” I told, “they’ll be something in there to help us, we can’t take the car, because it’ll make it too obvious that we’re there, we need to sneak around quietly”

   “But what if we get shot at, we won’t have the car to protect us?”

   I smiled, “sometimes I forget how smart you’re,” I said, “just trust your old man”

   “Alright, but I think you’re making the wrong choice”

We got out of the car and I looked around. He walked to my side as we walked to the front of the car. 

   “You have your gun?” I asked


   “Remember what I taught you,” I said

The one- time- safezone was now a forever blood bath. Tanks and other army vehicles were still there. We walked closer and got a better angle of the place 


The infected appeared

Mostly soldiers and a few that weren’t

There weren’t a lot


I was happy about

I was expecting there to be a high number of them, but luckily, there weren’t. Some infected soldiers were on the ground sitting against the vehicles. 

No legs 

Arms hanging off

Necks with gaping holes in them

And mouths and jaws torn

I looked at Jack and he looked at me 

   “You have to learn, ok, stay sharp”

The place looked ideal for a large scavenge. A place where if we were lucky. I wouldn’t have had to put myself or my family in danger for long long time.

That’s what I wanted

That’s what I hoped for

It was an industrial estate

Large units towered above us in the not so far distance

We just needed to find the right ones for the merchandise.

   “Couldn’t we have picked a smaller place?” He asked

   “Sometimes the deep end is the best place to learn how to swim”

   “What if I drown?”

   “You won’t,” I bent down in front of him, “because I’m here”

We stayed away from them

The ones on the floor weren’t a problem and the ones standing up just hobbled. Non of them were a threat to us.

   “We’ll start over here,” I told

We wandered down and turned left. There were many buildings.

A few units were open and some weren’t.

   “Come on, stay with me”

We kept looking around as we quickly walked to the unit with our guns grasped in our hands.

I stopped at the corner with Jack behind me.

   “We’ll go through the door, not the front”

I reached the door and listened in to try and detect anything. With nothing there

So it sounded

I opened the door as silent as I could

Peeped in 

And walked inside

   “Come on,” I whispered 

I relaxed my arm as soon as I knew there wasn’t a threat in sight

   “Check the boxes,” I told

We walked around and began to check every box. 

I opened one

He opened one

   “We could be doing with some of this stuff,” he said

   “If we need it, we’ll take it, we just need enough to last us for awhile”

Moments went by. The only things that were there were clothes.

   “Shall we take some?” he asked 

    “We’ll just focus on food”

   “But I want some new clothes,” he said

   “Wanting and needing are different, especially in this world son, you’ll learn that”

We checked a few more and decided to move on. I walked away to the exit and looked behind me and noticed he wasn’t following. He was reading something. 

   “Jack, there’s no time for that, come on”

   “Look at this,” he said 

I walked over and stood beside him to have a glance. I began to read it and realised…

   “It’s a diary,” he told, “look at the dates”

   “It’s today’s date,” I mentioned

The words read
       I lost you and I am sorry

       But I know you’ll all        

       Be looking down at me

       And I’ll always be looking 

       Up to you for guidance 


      Today I am heading out

      I know you want me to stay

      Inside, but I need to find 

      People to help build this 

      Place towards its potential.

      What you told me made   


      I KNOW

      But I can’t be alone anymore

      There is much evil out

      There, but where there is evil

      There is good

      And I will find it

      And embrace it


           Love you forever
   “Do you think he’s still alive?” He asked

   “It’s not our problem, put it back where you found it and let’s go”

He put it back on the shelf and we went and walked on to the next one. 


Jack stayed beside me

We directed our stare in every direction without fail 

   “Lets try this one,” Jack said

   “The shutters are closed, so it might be locked,” I told

   “I just have a good feeling about this one, also, the important stuff will be locked away”

   “Now why didn’t I think of that?” I mumbled 

I loved my son, but sometimes

I wondered 

Was he smarter than his old man?

He waited for me at the door.

   “You try it, see if you’re right?” 

And so he did

And so…

He was right

The door slowly opened and his face filled up with pride

   “Well done son, come on”

We walked in slowly and quietly

Looked around 

Nobody there

And we began to rummage through the boxes

   “Food!” He cried

   “Shhh,” I told


I walked over and I was relieved.

   “Good job,” I said

The box was full of tins. I checked the others and they were the same. 

   “Right, let’s get this to the car”

   “How?” He asked

   “Forklift, there’s one close by”
We unloaded the boxes into the car. 

There were plenty

Many of them were going to last us for a long long time.

I was pleased


   “Did you have fun?” I asked him

   “Yeah,” he answered

   “Good, this stuff will last us for awhile, so we won’t need to go back there”

   I looked forward, “but if we ever need to, least we know”

I Started the car

And we drove away

I looked in the mirror and frowned. I had noticed something

And that something was a figure watching us from a far

I grinned 

And carried on…





Rhonda Gedling Season 3 MID SEASON PREMIERE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Healing, Colorado


We were on the move in our RV

Every day

Was a gruelling trip 

Stopping off at a run down shop with run down surroundings.

That was the norm for us now.      

   We turned on to a road hoping to find a shop that had supplies. We were tired


Growing weak

We had been searching for quite some time for food because most of the stores had been emptied in the town we were now in.

   “Over there,” she pointed

A few infected could be seen as we stopped at another abandoned store and when they sensed us. They began to come our way. 

Some ran

Some walked

   “We got sprinters,” she told

   “I see them”

   “You doing it or shall I?”

   I looked at her and smiled, “I’ll let you do the honours”

   “Gee, thanks,” she said, “I was bored anyway”

   “No problem,” I said

She gripped the gun in her hands as I turned to walk away and let her deal with it. I checked out the store. It was larger than the others so the chances

I felt

Were a lot larger in striking gold. A giant sign hung at the top in yellow with the name, LowCost and on the floor.

Trolleys were scattered around in large numbers. 

The gun then went off

I looked around and saw the grotesque bodies on the floor. 

   “Done?” I asked

   “Done,” she told

   “Let’s get inside,” I said

   “Hope we find something this time,” she said

   “I have a good feeling about this place,” I assured

I rolled my eyes and huffed

The shutters were down


Nothing like working yourself to the ground. I breathed deep and thought long and hard. 

Don’t panic

There’s always a way in


   “Fire exits,” I said, “keep your eyes open”

   “You do the same,” she told

We kept low

Knowing that it wasn’t just the diseased to look out for

But people also

Waiting to do anything at any moment

We wandered down the side of the large building down a narrow way. A few doors were spotted. 

   “There,” she said, “you try the other”

   “Don’t be too hasty, you don’t know what’s behind there”

    I saw a diseased crawling towards us, “Hey, look out,” I told

I gripped the knife and gun and wandered over to it. It’s jaw was half missing and skin hung from its cheek revealing it’s teeth. It reached for me


And reached for me again 

   “Karrglf,” it moaned

I looked on disgusted at the sight. It’s side was leaking blood on to the floor and it’s organs were showing.

   “That’s fucking gross,” she said

   “It’s got no foot either,” I said

   “Just do it already and finish this”

   “What… you scared or something?”

   “Damn right I’m fucking scared,” she told, “happy now? Now get rid of it”

It suddenly grabbed my arm. I quickly turned and buried the knife into its forehead.

   “Don’t do that again,” she told

   “I was joking around,” I said, “we need a joke from time to time”

   “Let’s just get in there and go”

We tried the doors

Of course

They were locked

   “How’d I guess that was going to happen?” She said

I tried the other one and yup

You guessed it

It was also locked

   “There’s gotta be another way,” I said, “Let’s keep searching”

We carried on around 

As always

We were cautious

   “You hear that?” she asked 

   “It’s far away, just keep moving”

I looked up and noticed a ladder 

   “There,” I said

   “How can we reach it?” 

It was high up

Too high for us

   “That’ll do,” she told, “help me”

I followed her 

We reached a large dumpster and helped it along to the ladder. 

   “Right there,” I said

I got up and she grabbed my leg

   “Let me, if something goes wrong you get out of here”

   “Trying to play the mother?” I asked

   “Please, just let me”

   “Alright,” I said

I got down and she got up.

I watched her climb then looked back down to see if there was anything around 

I looked back up

She reached the top and I waited

   “Anything?” I asked

   “Another door, let’s see if this one opens”

I breathed in and hoped for the best

   “It’s open,” she told

I went to climb up and my leg was suddenly grabbed by an infected

It’s fingers were missing and dried blood ran down its hand

   “Shit,” I jumped

It went to clamp at my foot

I had to be quick

I launched my boot into its chest and knocked it back 

   “You alright?” She asked

   “One second!” I told

I grabbed my knife and forced it into the side of its head and watched it crumble

   “Can’t catch a break from you guys”


   “Yeah, I’m coming,” I told

I got up once again

But this time

With no trouble at all

I climbed up and heard a bellow

I looked down and saw a sprinter coming from a distance 

   “Looks like we’ve attracted attention”

   “Probably from the gun shots,” she said

I didn’t look back this time

I just kept climbing until I reached the top

She waited for me and we both headed toward the door together 

   “I hope all this trouble was worth it,” she said 

Behind the door were stairs

It was dark and dreary 

We couldn’t see much 


We couldn’t see anything 

The door slammed shut behind us

   “It’s never easy is it,” she groaned 

   “Come on, let’s just take it slow”

We slowly walked down

One step at a time 

   “You alright?” I asked

   “Yup, I’m super”

   “Loving the sarcasm”

   “How did you think I was going to be?”

   “True, I should’ve known better”

We reached the bottom and the light shined through the windows now

   “Thank god,” she said

   I looked at her, “better now?”


We were on the shop floor 

It was large and quiet 

No sign of the dead lurking

   “This place is pretty full of stuff,” she said

   I looked on, suspicious, “I know, which is why we need to be cautious”

   “Hey, Rhonda,” she said, “look” 

   I looked round, “what?”

   “Do you remember this?” She asked

I walked over and saw an old film which she held up with a smile.

   “Wow, dirty frigging dancing, I haven’t seen that since, well… forever”

   “You and Elaine loved this film right?” 

   I thought back and felt it all come back to me, “yeah, before it all fell a part”

Her smile left and she put it back down

   “Sorry,” she said

   “It’s fine, come on, let’s do what we’re here for”

We moved away from the shelves and passed many aisles. We quietly looked for the things we needed and finally discovered them.

   “Mom, over here,” I whispered

Finally the food aisle

It was all tinned food

   “I’ll go grab a basket,” she told

   “Ok, be careful”

She walked away and a noise was then heard

A song

A guitar in the distance with a man’s voice just barely listenable 


I walked towards it silently

Looking around every angle 

Trusting this place would’ve been naive

So I kept the trust out

I got closer and came across the warehouse with high ceilings and high shelves. Boxes upon boxes were stacked on the shelves like nothing had been touched

   “Strange,” I said

The music was louder this time. I carried on walking toward it with a careful mind and then

I spotted him 

Hidden behind a line of dead bodies 

I hid myself and listened to his lyrics

   His voice was low and mellow and the guitar played slowly, the song was deep,

   “Oh can’t you see

When you look at me

The blood that you see 

That’s behind me

It trickles from my hands when I breathe

oh Rosie…

   I am sorry”

He suddenly stopped and I heard the guitar being put down

   “I know you’re there,” he said, calmly, “come on out, I don’t bite”

I thought about it

Then I came out 

   “Come on over,” he said

I slowly walked over and stayed on guard with my gun clinched

at the ready

   “You won’t need that,” he told

He stayed seated with the guitar by his side. A black hoodie was laid down beside him. He wore a white shirt with jeans. He was slim and oldish looking. Probably In his mid or late forties. His hair was short and his beard was long and grey. 

His eyes


Numbers were etched into his wrist





   “Did you like the song?” He asked

I nodded

Still unsure about the man

   “I haven’t got a weapon, as you can see,” he told, “if I wanted to kill you, trust me, I would’ve”

   “I liked the song, what I heard of it,” I spoke

   “That’s what I like to hear, thank you for your honesty”

   “No problem”

   “May I ask for your name?” He asked


   “Hello Rhonda, I’m Wesley”

I carried on looking at the numbers on his wrist

   “You’re looking at my tattoo?” He asked

   “What does it mean?”

   “Destiny…” he answered, “do you have a destiny, Rhonda?”

His eyes were only focused on me

   “To fight, to survive”

   He nodded, “I like you, I feel like we share a connection and for that, you don’t have to sneak around anymore, just take what you need, just not too much, or I’ll come looking”

   “Thanks Wesley, means a lot”

   “No…” he put his hand out and I went to shake it, he then softly kissed it as he looked up at me, “thank you”

I smiled

Walked away 

And refocused


Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California

We ran away from the flames. We just kept moving. I looked around. Mason was to my right and Hannah and Zach were to my left. I looked back and saw my parents side by side.

   “Keep going Cal!” Dad told, “just keep going!”

I looked forward

The fire felt close

Everywhere was threatened now

The smell was strong 

I looked around and noticed the surrounding areas get set alight as well.

Hannah fired her gun

I looked her way and saw the diseased.

There were many

And they were coming our way

   I looked on concerned, “oh no”

   “This way!” Mom told

We ran toward the road and carried on down it. I looked back again to see if they were close.


They weren’t 
We had lengthened the gap

But we couldn’t stop

We had to keep going

   “Down here!” Hannah bellowed, “quickly… Zach, go!”

We turned down an alley

   She turned, “move!” She told

She fired again 

The diseased had closed the gap

They were coming in quick

Most of them were sprinters

We could hear there screams 

Screaming for our blood

There were many houses. We tried many doors, but we couldn’t  get in

   “There’s somebody in there,” Mom told, “Hey!” She cried, “let us in, please!”

I looked and I caught a glimpse of the figure behind the unclear glass. It was just standing there. 

And then

It slowly came towards us

   “Wait,” I said

It reached the glass and it’s hand pressed up against it. We could hear it’s groans

   “It’s one of them,” she said

I looked at Mason

The fright on his face said it all

Hannah’s, mom’s, dad’s

We all looked like we were readying for the end

   Hannah grabbed her gun and began firing, “fuck you!” 

She cried out loud

She fired and some fell, but she weren’t going to kill them all.

   “We need to move, come on!” Dad told 

Once again we ran, but I felt my legs tiring.

How long could we go on for?

I looked around once more at everybody and I could tell.

They all felt the same way.

We were slowing down

And they were quickening

We turned another corner

down another street and like the majority of the streets we had passed. It was nearly empty.

What would’ve been a typical city street. Was now only inhabited by a few cars and one or two bodies that were torn apart

We ran down a back alley now

   “Ahhh!” I heard

I looked around and saw my mom on the ground fighting an infected man that was holding her by the leg.

   “Mother fucker!” Dad bellowed, “get off her!”

He kicked the side of its head 


And it fell

We all ran to my mom’s aid and we all kicked repeatedly. Kicked it until there was nothing left.

   “Zach, come here,” Hannah told 

Dad reached down and took a gun from the bodies back pocket. We then heard their screams. 

They were close

The ground we had gained was shortening once more

   “Is there anything over that fence,” Dad breathed heavily

   Mason jumped up and clinged at the top for a second, “no, there’s nothing there”

   “Ok, climb over now, all of you, go!” Dad told

One by one we climbed over

Zach first

Then Hannah

Then Mason

   I stayed, “you coming right?” I asked 

   “Yeah, we’re behind you,” Dad told

Dad helped me over and I landed in a small back yard with a swing close by and a dog kennel down at the bottom. 

Mom came seconds after


Dad stayed over 

   “Jeffrey!” Mom shouted, “What’re you doing?!”

   “I’ve gotta do this honey, I have to lead them away, they’ll keep following us no matter what, now go!”

   “You’re not leaving us!”

I listened and a tear fell from my eye.

   “Go, now!”

   “Jeffrey!” She cried

I ran to the fence and tried climbing over, but mom stopped me.

   “Leave it, Cal,” she told 

   “Let go of me!”

   “He’s gone, he’s led them away, I’m sorry”

   “Dad!” I screamed

I heard the gun from a far and as we hid behind the fence. The sounds of their running footsteps passed us.

   “Over here!” Dad called

He fired the gun once more

   “Come get me!”

Mom and I sat down beside the fense.

   “Come here,” she told

   I fell into her arms, “he can’t leave us mom,” I cried, “he can’t”

My vision went dark as I lent into the warmth of my mother. 

I felt protected

Like a shield had suddenly appeared around me

   “He did it for us,” she tried to stay strong, “I would’ve done the exact same thing, he just got there first, Cal”

   “We need to go,” Hannah spoke 

I looked up and saw one making its way out of the back door of the house. 

It walked gingerly 

A small woman around my  mom’s age

Hannah wandered up to the kennel and picked up the chain next to it. She wrapped it around her knuckles and hit it hard in the head. 

It wobbled 

She hit again until it fell 

She then got on top of it and repeatedly bashed the hell out of it

Mason and I looked at each other in shock as she just kept going.

   “Hannah,” Mason said, “Hannah, I think it’s dead,” he walked up to her and caressed her shoulder, “Hannah, stop it… stop it”

He pulled on her and she pushed him away.

   “Don’t touch me!” She cried

We all were standing at the edge.

Another safe house gone 

Another way of life destroyed


The only question that stared into our anxious eyes was…

Safety, was it dead to us? 

Graham Jackson Season 3 MID SEASON FINALE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK 

A few days had passed and nothing but a dreadful nightmare about that day was my alarm clock. I woke up in a sweat and a deep breath. All I could do was think about it all. Everything that had happened that day. 

My victims bloody face

The threats 

Being followed

And the dead body

It was all just… horrific

I went to get out of my bed but stayed there a little longer to think. Every picture right in front of me.

Every word

He’s not going to be happy

That’s what the girl said right? Who wasn’t going to be happy? Was that a threat that was going to follow me until it actually happened?

Was it a threat that was just a threat and wasn’t going culminate into anything?

What ever it was my sleeping pattern was fucked. Here was me.

A man

With a daughter, granddaughters and young lad who I now looked at as a son and I was worried about 


   “Dad,” I heard, “you up?”


My angel came in and Jessie and Elvis walked in with her. Bruno laid on the floor beside me. He stood up, walked over to Evelyn and she stroked him.

   “Hey Bruno,” she greeted tiredly

It looked like she had been up for awhile. She was already dressed, but her eyes looked tired. 

   “Hey,” I said

She sat down on my bed


And yawned

Jessie and Elvis jumped up along with Bruno. Everyone was now sprawled on the bed.

One big happy family

   “This feels great,” she said

   “Not for my old legs, you’ll  crushing the hell out of them”

I moved Bruno and Elvis out of the way.

   “That’s better,” I said, “you ok? 

   “I had a strange dream,” she told

   “Not about the monster in the closet again, I told you many times it doesn’t exist”

   “Very funny dad”

I turned my head sideways and noticed the look change on her face. Soon she wasn’t smiling as much. Like the smile was dying. Like she was in the dream once more. 

   “What was it about?” 

   “It was Michelle’s birthday and everyone was there and I mean everyone, Uncle Thomas, Uncle Alistair, Auntie Gail, all my cousins, Joe, Cameron, Karl, Tammy, Lydia, Darah, you and…”



   “Carrie,” I muttered

A sudden flashback hit me and I was found staring at her, but it wasn’t her, it was her mum. Everything just came back at me.


From the happy times

To the emotionally fucked up times

Then I began to wonder if she ever survived? 

If her child ever made it? 

Then I wondered, do I actually give a damn or not?

I didn’t want to think a bad thing about her with her being the mother of my child and all.

Oh Carrie

Where did it all go wrong?

What did I do to ever deserve what you did to me?

Was I that bad of a husband…?

was I? 

   “Dad,” I heard, “Dad, are you alright?” 


   “Are you ok? You just zoned out”

   “Oh, sorry, just thinking about stuff”

   “What was you thinking about?”

   “I dunno, just… your mum I guess, how we all just used to laugh and have dinner in front of the TV, we… we had each other”

   “Do you miss her?”

She looked at me

Into my eyes and deep into my soul

It was like she was reading me like a book

   “I miss what we had, what we all had, I don’t miss her”

   “It hurt to have that dream, instead of feeling love I felt confused, I didn’t know what to think”

   “Nobody would,” I said
I headed out later in the early morning with Bruno and  

left the other two with them.

I was still slightly worried about my new friends threats from before, so it was for peice of mind.

I felt the sharp air cut deep into my lungs as I breathed in with closed eyes.

Every day being a challenge

Every day I said


   I whistled, “Bruno”

I waved bye to Eveyln and watched Elvis and Jesse dissappear behind the door with envious looks toward Bruno

   “Just you and me boy,” I said, “I had to leave those two behind, you understand right?” 

He quickly looked at me and looked away

   “Of course you do, you’re probably loving it lad”

Bruno did what he did best and began to wander. 

I let him walk as far as the eyes could see

As long as he didn’t dissappear then I was fine with it

It wasn’t like the roads were busy anyway. 

   We walked down a long road that had houses in ruins on both sides with tattered cars on the roads and driveways, it brought back memories of the riots when the disease hit the city, all the running and everything else that came with it.

I passed a house that had something familiar written on it on the side


                   THE WORLD

                       IS FREE
And another familiar sighting came after. Another soldiers body was laid out on the ground, but this time. Their head was by its side. 

Bruno suddenly growled 

His ears were up

And his body showed signs of concern 

   “Bruno, come on”

He walked into the garden where the body and graffiti was. 

   “Bruno, come here now you little shite”

He started to bark

A woman then appeared from the house. She was tall. Very slim and had short blonde hair. Her clothes were baggy and slightly dirty.

   “Nice doggy you have there,” she spoke, her voice quite low and strong

   “Thanks,” I was by Bruno’s side now, “Bruno, come on”

I saw a knife appear by her side.

   “Hey, I don’t want any trouble”

   She looked at it, “what, this?” She said, “don’t worry, this is meant for someone else”

   “I feel sorry for them,” I said, “I’ll leave you to it then, nice meeting you”

   “Oh, we’ve already met”

   “I don’t think we have”

   “We have, in the distance”

I tried to think and then it came to me

The figure 

Shouting from a far

It was her…

The figure that was following Preston and I

   I grew angry, “Hey, listen to me and you listen good”

   She put her hand up, “I suggest you listen to me mister and listen good, what you did to our friend was fucked up, you didn’t have to do what you did, the man was hungry that’s all like the rest of us, when I saw his face and how brutal the damage was, then I knew… you were gonna suffer for it”

   “All I see is you, I don’t like hitting women, but if you’re threatening my family then I’ll enjoy every fucking second”

   “It’s not me you have to worry about,” she explained with a twisted smile, “but the worry seems to be a long looong way from here”

   “What the fuck do you mean?”

She rolled her eyes

Dropped the bloody knife and came in closer. Bruno walked closer. I motioned to him to back off. I clenched my fists and breathed deep. Getting ready for something that I always tried to avoid. 

   “I’m just going to give you a clue,” she told, “home,” she whispered

I then realised

My feelings then quickly switched from anger to anxious. My heart raced as my legs burned as I sped away.

Ran hard with Bruno by my side.

   “You better hurry, he might already be there!”   

   “Come on boy!” I shouted

A tear appeared and I wiped it off

   “Please no,” I begged

Everything that could go wrong was in my head, circulating. It all felt like a blur

The running

The panting

The thoughts of blood

Everything just passing me by 
Night had come and the candles were lit. Preston sat next to a face who he truly cared about. Somebody who he thought was dead. 

His brother

Who I now knew as, Nicholas. 

Preston was happier than ever as he asked him many questions

Where have you been?

What have you been doing?


All I could think about was the threat…


   “Looks like your new dad has been looking after you, bro”

He was tall, slim and pale. Just like his brother described. I kept looking over at him and every time I did.

My blood pressure risen

   He looked my way and smiled, “time for bed bro, me and your dad need to talk, I’ll see you tomorrow”

   “Just don’t leave please”

   Preston hugged him tight, “never again,” he assured 

Preston got up

Smiled at me 

And dissapeared 

   He crossed his legs, spread his arms out on the couch and looked my way, “once again, thanks for letting me use your shower, wow, I haven’t felt like this for years ever since I got kicked out of the home”

I stroked Bruno who was by my side. Elvis and Jesse were upstairs with the others.

   “I feel bad for you,” I said

   “No you don’t”

   “You’re right…” I gazed an angry stare his way, “I don’t”

   “I’m sad you feel that way, Graham,” he said, “I just want to be your friend”

   “Fuck you, you prick”

   “I’m not the prick here, you’re, if you didn’t do what you did to, Marcus, we wouldn’t be having this conversation”

   “Just what do you want?” I asked

   “Just tell me something,” he said


   “Did it feel good, beating some homeless guy up?”

    “No, but if I had to do it again, I would”

   “Because of your dogs?” He asked

   “Aye,” I said, deeply

   “Well,” he walked over and sat next to me, crossed his legs and spread his arms on the couch like before, “I have a proposition for you Graham, do you wanna hear it?”

   “Just tell me, then fuck off”

   “I won’t be going alone, I’ll be taking my brother with me”

   I stood up, “You’re going to have to get through me first”

   He rose to his feet too, Bruno was on guard, I motioned to him to sit and he did, “if you don’t,” he said, “I will kill everybody you love… your choice”

His eyes were sharply focused on mine. I wanted to fight it, but I couldn’t. He looked over my shoulder and winked. I turned and saw the same woman from before.

She smiled and waved

   “She’s great, trust me, she’ll do anything for me”

I saw a few others out there also.  I felt my heart sink. I was out numbered. I had to make a decision.

The right decision

   “So… what’s it going to be Graham…?”

I breathed

And then…







Teddy Baker Season 3 MID SEASON FINALE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK 

I drove down a long road. I had collected everything that I could’ve from the house where a dead girl now layed. I didn’t think of her. 

I couldn’t

I couldn’t take my focus off what was in front of me and that was getting back to my family in one peice. Mainly tins of food were stashed in the back seat. I was quite happy with it but the amount that was there wouldn’t have lasted long enough.

Maybe a week or to

Maybe three

But I had to search for more

I carried on down the long winding roads and noticed in the distance figures walking aimlessly. Like they were struggling to balance. It was obvious what they were. They were one of them. A few were out in the open field just wandering around and one was close to the road. It sensed me and turned around and walked on to the road. I didn’t stop. I just carried on and then


What used to be a figure of a woman was now nothing but death’s meat. The car crushed her as it hit

Bounced off

And fell underneath the car

   “One down, billions more to go”

I stopped at a roundabout

Left or right


I heard a noise that only meant one thing. 

A sprinter 

It’s cry was loud. It exploded out of a window from a house.

I jumped but fear didn’t grab me for long. 

I watched as the infected skinny- tall- man with ripped bloody clothes and shredded skin dash toward me. 

   I looked to my left and smiled, “hello there, this is becoming one hell of a fun day”

I had

From time to time

Been able to flip a switch 

From normal

To fucking crazy

And slaughtering these things made the switch being there more acceptable

I was

Let me think…

Turned on

Sounds grotesque I know, but that’s me. 


That was the other side

The darker… side

   “I’ll come out and play,” I joked

I grabbed my knife and left the gun in the car. I wanted to slice shit up. I wanted to hear the skin splitting. I hadn’t cleaned the blood off the knife from the many occasions before, so the memories were still there.


   I smiled at it, “just how I like you”

I looked at the sprinter again. I watched it’s face and disgusting body shaking in rage. It’s eyes bled and it’s teeth were rotting. 

   “Let’s get to it”

I got out and watched it come my way. It’s blood still fell from its eyes and it was now spitting blood. It wildly came toward me and I waited with my hand gently pressed against the knife. 

I waited

And then 

I sliced it’s neck wide open and stuck the blade deep into the side of its head after it fell.

  The blade dripped with blood, “That was boring, I was expected more of a fight”

After saying that

More screams from the diseased sounded. I rapidly directed my gaze toward the screams. 

There were plenty

Plenty to bring excitement 

   “Thats more fucking like it!” 

I motioned them to bring it and got in my car. 

Grabbed my gun 

And started firing 

I watched some tumble

And others stay on their feet

Shot after shot after shot

It was an adrenaline rush 

My smile wide


Loving every minute of it until they got a little too close

   “I’d love to stay folks, but I’ve gotta go”

I got into the car and waited until they were close enough. 

Close enough to see

To be banging at the window

Then I drove away and left them chasing the fumes

   “Back to business”

I sped down the road as fast I as could and I felt the world passing me by.

No rules

No law

No job

It felt spactactular


And deep down in my twisted fucking soul I felt my duty as a father mixed in with the craziness. The true colours of man could now come out and be seen in the new world.

I was a tiny tiny tiny bit scared of that I guess

But I was more scared for them. 

For the other residents of this fucked up world.

Because sooner or later.

Somebody was going to try and mess with me and I couldn’t wait. 

I couldn’t wait for the challenge.

For the blood

The new world felt like a playground to me. Of course I had to be careful, but the possibilities were endless now. I didn’t just work at a shitty store anymore. Grades from school didn’t matter anymore. No worrying about having an endless job. 


The ladder was reset and I was going to reach for the fucking top.

   “Any music?” 

I looked in the dashboard and clocked another CD. 

   “Ed Sheeran, hmm… that’ll do”

I took out the other CD and replaced it with the album. 

   “Pick a number, any number… three,” it began to play, “when your legs don’t work like they used to before”

An infected was then seen crawling onto the road.

   I grinned then giggled, “hooow convenient”

I carried on staring and then


I had to slam on the breaks

   A young woman stood in the middle of the road with her hands on the car bonnet, “you fucking stupid?!”

I grabbed my gun and knife and got out of the car to confront her

   “Please, we need help, can you help us please?” She gasped for air

I looked behind me and saw a young boy with three young looking men and an older man with him. The older man stood on one leg. He looked in pain as he was being held up by the two younger ones. They all held weapons.

A baseball bat

A sword


And a sledge hammer

They also had a few bags with them   

   I was on guard, “you look pretty capable”

   “We need shelter, my uncle’s been hurt bad, our camp got over run, we just need a safe place and that’ll be it,” I watched them and she watched me, “hey, you can trust us, please”

I began walking over to the guys and now they were on guard. Some were shorter than me and some were tall, but they all looked strong.

Capable of surviving in a world like this

It was the eyes

They told the story

   “No need to be frightened,” I told, “I only want one thing from you and that is your guarantee”

   “What do you want?” The uncle said, short with broard shoulders, his face looked spent

   “I have a place for you and it’s a nice place, but the problem is, it isn’t available until you hand over your weapons”

   “Fuck you,” one said

   I held up my hands, “ok fine,” 

I walked away

   “Wait, we’ll do it,” the girl said

   “Abbey, are you crazy?” 

   “Shut up Francis, we can’t stay out here”

   I smiled and nodded, “if you need safety, this is the only road”

   “If we wanted to kill you we would’ve done it already,” one said

   “Just do as he says,” Abbey told

   In the end they gave me their weapons and I nodded every time to show I respected their decision. 

   “Don’t worry, you’ll get them back when we get there,” Francis looked my way, his eyes wide with fury, “you can trust me,” they all got in, “It’s a good job I have a big car huh”


We stood in the house now. The others looked around whilst Abbey came toward me.


   “Thanks for this, really, we appreciate it,” Abbey told

   “It’s fine, really, do you have everything you need?” 

   “Yes we do, we have everything, all the supplies we need”

   “Good, well I’ll be seeing you”

   “Wait, do you wanna stay for dinner?” She asked

I thought about it

long and hard

But I had to get back 

   “I have to get home, but thank you, but first, I need to use the men’s room”

   “You don’t need to ask me,” she said

I walked upstairs and passed many doors. 

The place was huge

I couldn’t believe I didn’t grab it when I could

I heard a noise

A cry actually

   “What the?” 

   I listened in, the door was slightly open, I looked in and saw the uncle crying, looking up at the ceiling on a large bed, praying, “sorry for my sin’s, sorry for all my wrong doings, those children did not deserve it, but I am a changed man now and I will never do it again, I have changed, I have… changed”

My mood changed from a little calm to anger.

I had done a good deed


Anger had struck

He had to go

He had to…

What ever this guy did

It involved children

I had children of my own

I couldn’t have him around
Night came and I drove back to the house where they stayed. 

I parked at a distance

I was quiet 

Calm and collected

My other side had taken over as I walked closer to the house

Candles could be seen giving a little light in the house

And then I saw him

Standing there with a smoke

   “There you’re,” I said

I walked over

Clutched my blood stained knife in my hand. 


I was calm and collected

Fully focused

He didn’t see me coming and I didn’t stop walking


I was behind him 


He turned and his face quickly changed to shock. He saw my knife.

   “What’s that for?” He asked, “What’re you doing?”

   “Doing what the last world should’ve done,” I answered

   “Please, I never meant”-

He was frozen in fear and soon the blood that I lusted for began to rain into the darkness. 

The knife was driven into his stomach 

   “Shhh,” I told

And then his throat. I watched him fall.

Blood gushed

Job done

I looked around and walked back into the night. I looked behind me and saw a face that I knew had been standing there for awhile in the window.


   “He deserved it,” I muttered





Rhonda Gedling Season 3 MID SEASON FINALE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Red Rose, Colorado


I made my choice in the end and that choice was to stay. 

I had to 

Don’t think for one second that I did it because I thought there wasn’t another way. I knew there was. I knew there was a way where I could’ve walked down and got my self the fuck out of there, but I had to stay.


For my sister

For Elaine

The reason why I say that is because she loved Mom no matter what. She saw hope in her therefore I couldn’t just leave her there alone with them. 

I had to protect her

To stay with her

Because that’s what Elaine would’ve done and would’ve wanted me to do.

   “You made the right choice,” mom said, “thank you”

   “If thats what you think,” I said, “honestly, I just think you’re scared to fucking death”

   “It’s the right choice Rhonda, us out there, like they said, we have no chance at all”

   “Exactly…” I got up close, “what they said, they’re trying to push these thoughts into our heads, don’t you get it? They’ll do anything and say anything to get us to stay”

   “It’s safer in numbers”

She wasn’t understanding anything. I put my hands on to my pounding head and gripped my hair. I felt like tearing my hair out. I was close to exploding.  

   “We survived for weeks out there on our own!” I yelled, “if we can do then, we can do so much more!”

The door to the RV then swung open and in he came with his wife and two guys by his side. It was like a stare down at first. They were trying to pull us down to our knees. I could feel it. I could feel the tention heating up in the small area we stood in. 

What were they thinking?

What had they got planned for us?

And then…

   “Boo!” Murphy shouted

He laughed

He laughed with the others whilst I 

Just stood there 

Staring holes through them all. I looked at mom. I could tell the fear was in front of her. That’s what she could see. That’s what she only saw. 

Nothing else

Nothing more

Nothing less

Just a wall that she couldn’t pass or a bridge she couldn’t cross. 

   “It’s great to see that you beautiful women are still here,” Heidi spoke, “Let’s go take a walk, just us three, we’ll leave the men behind for awhile”

   “A walk?” I said, “you going to let us go?”

   She rolled her eyes, “no, like I said before, it’s your choice, I just wanna have a lil chat, you know… girl talk”

The men seperated for her as she stepped outside the RV. She waited and motioned to us to come with her. 

   “Come on girls, don’t keep Mrs H waiting,” she warned

I looked at the floor


And walked outside

The place where we were was  Red Rose High School. It was huge, but it looked like they had the numbers to keep the place safe. Not much time passed when we saw somebody with a gun walking tall. 

A mean face

Probably a stone heart

Mostly men were seen, but a woman turned up from time to time. They also looked strong. They also carried guns. 

   “I know you’re impressed, you should see the inside, so much room for improvement, it’s gonna  look fucking awesome… a new start,” she spoke, confidently, “and I know you wanna stay here, don’t let your stubbornness put you in danger, we both know that survival in small numbers is very very… low”

   “You have no idea who we’re, underestimating people can get you killed,” I told, “it disappoints me that a fellow woman hides behind a man so much where she loses that strength”

   Her smile was slow, but it came, the button was half pushed, “he’s more than just a man, he’s a machine and if I wanted to, I would break your little neck right here right now,” Mom then stepped forward, Heidi grinned, “but luckily for you, I like you, you… complete me, all women do, we’re firery species that will get what we want and when we want it, but when against each other,” she turned serious, “respect has to be given”

A small stare and then she turned on her heal and walked away.

   “Come on then my girls, follow me”

Once more we followed. I looked back at the entrance in the distance and noticed another vehicle coming through. 

   “Where’re you getting all these people?” I asked

    “Oh them… around,” she explained lazily, “don’t worry your little head, you should be thankful a group like us found you, all you need to know is that we have quite a few people willing to do anything to survive, like you have been, or you will be doing from now on in this glorious place, ” she stopped and stretched her arms out wide as if she was trying to hug the place, “living here is going to pay off, trust me, I’m a woman of my word and I will promise you nothing but safety, safety in numbers, safety… with me”

   “Somehow I don’t believe you,” I told, “somehow, all I think you’ve done so far is talk a load of dog shit”

  She tilted her head and frowned a little, “and why is that?” 

   “Do you have any idea what they did to us, any at all?” 

She looked on confused. She shook her head slowly, no.

   “The worse thing that could’ve happened to a woman,” Mom spoke

It took a second, then she clicked on

   “They raped you?”

   “Yes,” I said

  She came in close, “my husband do anything?”

   “No, bu”-

   “Well that’s fucking fine then!” she smiled, “you should be greatful anyway getting a stiff ass dick in your pussy these days, cheer up and follow me, I’ll show you around inside”

We followed the building round. I looked to my left at the tall buildings in the distance and the other surrounding areas. It was a dangerous place to be. All major cities had fallen and this was a huge town. 

The bigger the town

The bigger the threat

One question that floated round 

What made these people so confident surviving there?

   She stopped at the door, “do you love your mom,” she asked 

Why the question?

Why the fuck was she asking me that?

I felt something

A stone being thrown my way and hitting me multiple times 

The same stone 

A bad feeling 

   “Will you do anything to save her?” 

   “She’s my mom,” I told

I heard movement behind me and a gun clicked. I looked behind me and a rough faced woman stood there with the gun toward me

   “Take the gun,” Heidi told

   “What the hell is this?” I asked, looking her way

   “I have a job for you, it’s fun, all you need to do is clear out this little area of infected and then voila, welcome home”

   “Grab that gun and shove it,” I told

   “She doesn’t need to do this, you have the men to do it,” mom told

   “Or your mom dies,” she told 

Another gun was loaded. I looked round and the same woman had another gun pointing mom’s way. 

I was trapped now

Heart beating intensely

Mind had now stopped and saw only one option in front

I thought of her

   “You scared little one?” She asked

I looked her way. Grabbed the gun


And moved forward. She opened the door for me and politely motioned me in

   “Ladies,” she said

   “Rhonda, don’t do this please, let me do it,” mom said

   “Shut up please,” she demanded, “Rhonda, let’s get this over with”

I moved forward into the unknown. Time tended as I didn’t know how many were in there? There was no lighting

Just slight glimpses of the sun shining on the walls. The door then slammed shut. 

I jumped forward 

My pounding faster

   “Rhonda!” Mom cried 

   “Rhonda,” Heidi spoke, “listen to me, some run and some walk, just keep your eyes pealed, good luck little one and if I find one more that’s still standing in there,  the hag dies”

It was time

I breathed

And stepped forward with the gun clenched…




Cal Moore Season 3 MID SEASON  FINALE 

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, 


                     DEATH WILL COME 

                            IN FLAMES…

That’s what the note said

The threat

This note that had suddenly came out of nowhere had chucked us into a dark room. 

The problem was

We didn’t know if there were things

Or people

Waiting to strike

To kill us

All we could do was ponder on the moment

The note

And the blood that made it

   “What does it mean?” Dad asked

   “What ever it is and who ever sent it,” the Sargent said, he stood strong, unfazed, “ain’t scaring anybody… these fuckwits   will be the ones facing the flames”

   “Give me a gun, I know how to shoot,” Ray spoke 

   “If that time comes, but until then… no mistakes,” the Sargent said, “keep a look out, anything suspicious, don’t hesitate”

   “You can’t just shoot anyone,” mom said

   “We don’t know who these are, they could be anywhere”

   “I know,” a voice spoke

We all looked to the door and saw the tall figure of Israel standing there. 

   “You do?” A woman soldier asked

   “It’s them,” he told, “they’re coming”

   “The Committed?” The Sargent asked

   “Yes and we need to either leave or be ready for a fight”

   “We’re not leaving, not until we have to”

   “Is it a fight we can win?” Hannah asked 

   “They’re nightcrawlers, we’re already deemed to lose”

   “My team and I aren’t built to lose, we’ll beat any motherfucker that steps up”

Hannah rose to her feet and Zach followed her. I looked over at Mason who also followed. I tagged a long and watched Hannah zooming up the stairs.

   “We’re you going?” Mason asked

   “I’m getting my brother out of here”

   “You can’t, not now,” I said

   “Don’t try and stop me, not this time”

   “He’s right and you know it, leaving now is a bad idea,” Mason warned

   “Staying here is even worse,” she told

We reached her room and I watched her gathering her things. Zach just stood there


At nothing

   “Zach, grab what you need,” she told

He moved over and grabbed his books and put them neatly into his backpack.

   “You have no idea what’s coming?” I told

   “That’s exactly why I’m leaving,” she told, “I have a gun and my head, that’s all I need to survive, I’m not letting my brother stay somewhere that’s going to be destroyed”

I heard footsteps. I looked around and saw my mom walking towards us. Her face became more concerned as she watched Hannah preparing to leave. 

   “You’re leaving?” She asked

Hannah didn’t answer

   “Hannah, talk to me please”

Hannah still didn’t answer. She had packed everything she needed. Grabbed her backpack and went to walk out. 

   Mom got in the way, “you can’t leave, you won’t be safe”

   “And I’ll be safe here?” Hannah asked, staring her down

   “You can’t just walk out on us, I won’t let you, you’re like a daughter to me now”

   “I’m leaving,” she told, “Zach, let’s go”

She barged passed mom and began marching down the stairs. Mason and I dashed after her.

   “What’re you going to do out there?” Mom asked, “It’ll be just the two of you against the infected, is that what you want?!”

   “Hannah please, listen to us, you’ve come this far with us, why not go any further?” I asked

The front door was close and she stormed toward it. 

She wasn’t stopping


It looked like

Was ever going to

   “Hannah please!”

Dad walked out of the living room with Ray and Israel. She opened the door and walked out. Dad noticed something was wrong and went after her. 

   “Hannah!” He shouted 

   “Leave me the fuck alone!” She told

   “Where the hell are you going?” He asked

   “This place is done, didn’t you hear him, we’re deemed to lose!”

The soldiers outside watched on. The Sargent then walked out and made his way toward her.

   “If you think you’re leaving, you’re mistaken,” he told, “Nobody is leaving, ever, does everybody understand!”

   “Go fuck yourself,” she told

   “I am under orders to protect, you are not leaving”

She walked toward the gate and the soldiers outside got in her way. 

   “Please, let us go!”

She took out her gun and Mom went out to her. Dad was already there trying to calm her down.

   “Hannah, don’t!” Mom shouted

   “Drop the gun Hannah!” Dad begged 

The soldiers looked serious now.   

   “Don’t be stupid,” the Sargent, “if you pull the trigger we won’t hesitate!”

She was stuck in the middle. I looked to my left and right at Mason and Israel. Both looked on worried. Mom and dad were trying to get close to her to stop her. 


As usual

Stood and stared

Hannah stayed beside him. She was frustrated. I hoped and prayed she didn’t pull the trigger. 

If she did

Then everything would change.

   “Hannah, listen to us,” Dad told, “drop the gun”

   “Look over there!” Mason shouted

I looked and witnessed the trees and bushes that surrounded the house suddenly set fire. My breathing escalated and so did everything around me. 

   “The hells happening!” Mom cried

   “It’s them!” Israel told, “They’ve come!”   

He ran upstairs. I watched him and looked back outside. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. 


Within a breath of air

A shot was fired and a soldier fell to the ground in pain

Holding his arm

   “Get to the house!” I heard

I watched as two of the soldiers helped him up and take him toward the house.


Nothing seemed real

I was just standing there watching everybody

My mom was running toward me along with my dad, Hannah and Zach. Hannah tried to fight them but mom and dad didn’t let her. I saw Ray run outside and take a gun from a soldier. Israel came passed with two oozies. 

   “I suggest you get the hell out of here!” He told, his voice, like everything else, sounded strange

The fire grew fast

It spreaded quickly through everything and it made its way on to the dry grass from the broken branches of the tall trees

   The Sargent thought about it, “we ain’t leaving for nobody, I have orders to stay until otherwise!”

   “This place is burning to the ground, you have no idea who you’re fighting here!” Israel told

The front gate swiftly burst open and a car in flames came bursting toward us. It was heading in our direction. Toward the front of the house where we stood. 

“Move move move!” I heard

They all scattered and fired at the car, but…


   “Get out of there!”

We scampered upstairs and the car crashed heavily inside. We were trapped and the house was now in flames. 

   “Upstairs now!” Dad told

   “You guys ok in there?!” A voice behind the flames spoke

   “We’re fine!” Mom told

   “We’ll get you out of there!”

The voice became muffled as the noise of the fire became higher. We reached the next floor. The smell of the flames was strong.

   “The roof!” I told, “we need to get to the roof, there has to be a way out!”

I lead the way

We climbed the stairs once more and reached another room. I saw the ladder and ran to it. I climbed fast and breathed heavily. We reached the roof

All of us

And began looking round for a way down. I looked around and saw the fire spreading quick. 

We were going to be burned alive

I could feel it

I looked around at the large garden and the flames and watched the soldiers, Israel and Ray below. 

   “Hey!” Hannah shouted

   “You guys alright?!” Ray asked

   “We’re fine!” She told

   “Can you get down?!”

She wasn’t focused on him no longer and I knew why. She had noticed something in the background. A group of black hooded figures suddenly appeared and came walking in. I looked longer and behind them a huge number of infected came with them.

   “Oh my god”

Ray, Israel and the rest began firing, but there were too many. There was nowhere to go

   “Over here!” Dad bellowed

I looked over and ran toward him

   “We’ll climb down this pipe!” He told, “The fire hasn’t reached there yet, but we need to go now, kids, you first, go!”

I ran toward it

   Dad stopped me and held me close, “what ever happens, don’t stop,” he looked over at Mason, Hannah and Zach, “all of you, just keep moving!”

   Mom hugged me next, “I love you… now go!”

I got to the pipe. Lowered myself down and tried as quickly as possible to climb down. The others came after. I reached the ground


And turned

   “Go, we’re right behind you!” Dad told

I ran toward the fence and looked behind me and saw them all reach the ground



But I had to keep moving 

I reached the fence and looked round and saw the flames coming close

   “Dad, come on!”

He was nearly there. The infected suddenly came running from the side of the house. 


   “Go, get the hell out of here!” He demanded

I climbed the fence. Mason came after, then Zach, Hannah and mom. Dad was next. His hands grasped the fence and he pulled himself up.

   “Dad hurry!”

Mom grabbed him and quickly pulled him over. He landed heavily on his back. The infected then crashed into the fence screaming after us.

   “Are you ok?” Mom asked, kneeling down next to him, “I thought I was going to lose you”

   “I’m fine honey,” he told, “I’m fine”

He got up and looked at the large flames towering over the fence.

   “Ray,” he spoke

   “I’m sorry Jeffery,” she said

   I looked on at Mason “Are you ok bro?”

    He looked on, drained “I think”

I nodded at Hannah and Zach. She nodded back. Zach clinged to the side of her. 

   “Where do we go dad?” I asked

   “Keep moving I guess,” he told

We turned

Let the noise of the infected and the flames seep into our minds and we walked away

Leaving the chaos behind us and the darkness waiting in front…

Graham Jackson Season 3 Episode Four 

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK 

Each punch collided with a sickening blow and after each punch I felt breaking bones. I could hear nothing around me. All I could see was the man’s face getting bloodier and bloodier. 

I had lost it

Nothing but rage raining down

And then…

I breathed and looked upon what I had done.

   “Shit,” I said

Everything theb came back into focus

The surroundings

The sound


And it was all bloody

The man was still breathing but he was only an inch away from deaths door. It was slowly opening and I was the man that seemed to have answered it for him. I had dragged him into the other side. The only thing that needed to be done now was the door to be closed and locked behind him. 

His eyes were still open

His breathing was still there

He just looked shocked


And the only thing I could do was look at what my fists had created.

A bashed up face with blood for company

   “Arrrglllh,” I heard

I couldn’t make it out. He spat blood and blood came out of his nose.

   I got up and looked down at him, “I’m sorry”

   “Fuck that, don’t apologise, the dickhead deserved it,” Preston told

   “This isn’t right, he needs a doctor,” 

A voice then shouted. It sounded like it was coming from where he was before. 

A figure 

A young girl

Came out from around the corner and walked up towards us.

   “Marcus,” her young voice said, she looked straight at us, her face was innocent with dirt on it, she was skinny, she looked starved and her clothes hung off her, “Marcus!”

Her face changed to panic as she ran towards us and sat down beside him. 

   “Marcus, what happened?” She asked, “Marcus please”

   He pointed at us, “these”

She looked our way

Her face turning to anger with tears shedding. What once was a calm walk had now turned into a 

stormy one that I… 

Had created. 

There was no need for what I had done. I could’ve just walked away from him, but my dogs are my family. They’re me and I am them and nobody is going to get in the way of that


We stayed there with them. The dogs sat around Preston and I, looking around. 

   “Look what you did!” She cried

   “I’m sorry,” I told

   “You think you’ll get away with this, you won’t, not when I tell him, you’ll see!”

   “Tell who?” Preston asked 

   “Just you wait!”

Another voice then shouted from the same place. This time it was a man’s voice.


We had to go

My nerves were going crazy

I had to react and think on my toes and the first thing I thought was to walk away. I nudged Preston and motioned to him. 

   “Listen, we’re going to go, I’m sorry about what happened, please forgive me”

   “You’re a dead man,” Marcus spoke, a bloody mess 

   “These dogs here are my family, listen, I’m sorry for what I did, I was out of order, but you don’t threaten my family, ever”

The man came around the corner and jogged up towards us. He was taller, slim and pail. He wore a hood like the young girl. They all looked rough. 

   “Shit, Marcus,” he said

  Kara looked our way and pointed, “They did this, Corbin”

   He looked at us, sharply, “You wanna explain this?”

   I put my hands up, “listen, we’re going to go, again I’m sorry for what I’ve done, this didn’t need to happen”

   “Hell it didn’t, this guy is seriously fucked, you annihilated him, what’s your reason for doing this?”

  We walked backwards, “I’m not explaining myself again, I’m sure your friend will tell you what happened, we’re going now, again, I’m sorry”

We watched them for awhile until we felt like we could turn on our heals. 

   “Watch yourselves!” I heard 

   “I think we could take them?” He told

   I shook my head, “no, I’ve done enough, nothing more is going to happen”

I looked behind and watched them disappear in the distance. I felt their stare. Even though they were far away. I could still feel them looking our way. 


My dogs walked in front of us. Jesse wandered off and sniffed around in the field. Bruno ran around and Elvis stayed beside me. I looked down for him moments later and he had gone. I looked around and noticed something was up. He had stopped and he was looking at something, but I didn’t know what. It was like he had seen something, but all I saw was the field with the bushes and trees in the distance.

   “What’s wrong with him?” Preston asked

   “I don’t know”

The feeling of unease had risen a little more. Dogs don’t just stop for no reason. 

   “Do you think someones following us?” He asked

   “Let’s just get home” 

I looked behind again and this time I spotted something. A tall figure in the distance just standing there looking over. Elvis then growled and barked

   “Elvis, leave,” I told

   “That’s one of them isn’t it?” Preston asked

   “Let’s go,” I told, “keep moving”

   “Keep walking, woooooooh! Walk on home, walk on home old man, hahahaha, woooooooh!”

   “Keep going, don’t look, just go,” I told, I saw the dogs turn to go back and I whistled, “come here!” I ordered

They came back. We didn’t stop this time. We aimed for home and quickened the pace, but I felt trouble. I felt a gaze staring into the back of my neck like a target. They had their eyes fixed on us. 

   “What if they find us?” He questioned, “They’re following us”

   “Turn around friend!” I heard

   “They want a reaction and we aren’t going to give them one, we’re nearly home, we’ll be safe there”

We reached a path and walked down it. My heart was racing. I was ready for a fight that I didn’t want. This could’ve been avoided. 

  My eyes widened from what I had suddenly spotted, “Jesus”

A soldier

A man

Was laid out on the ground in a pool of blood. A message was on the fence in red.

   “The world is free,” I read
                          THE WORLD

                              IS FREE…

Teddy Baker Season 3 Episode Four 

Survivors of the Z’s- Teddy Baker, Outside Wales, UK 


We needed food 

We had run dry and it was now time to venture out. 

The world had changed and I knew that. Venturing out wasn’t going to be a heavenly drive round the country to a local village shop. 

It was going to be bumpy

The sky may have been clear at the moment


A storm wasn’t that far away.

I walked out of the house toward the car. They all followed me. I stopped and dropped to my children’s level.

   First Jack, I hugged him tight, “you look after your sister, don’t have Elijah doing anything that he doesn’t need to, he’s our family now, family love each other, understand?” 

   He nodded, “yes dad”

   My little star was next, I hugged her tight, “my lil girl, you have two strong men here to protect you, I won’t be gone long, I’ll be back before you know it, ok”

   She nodded and I heard a whimper, “come back to us daddy”

   “I will, now give me a kiss”

She kissed me on the cheek and I got up and walked toward Elijah. He was worried and it was written all over his face. He had done so much for me. To have a friend like him was a miracle in this world. I hugged him tight and looked into his eyes.

   “Stay strong,” I told, “You’ve been such a great friend, if I’m not”-

   “I can go, you don’t have to, I can do it”

   “No, I need to get used to this, we’re running low on food and I wanna provide for my family, you… my children… are my family”

   “I’m gonna have to pull my weight sooner or later,” he said

   I opened the car and turned to face him, “you will, in time, I trust you”

I put the gun, map and knife on the passenger seat and got in the car. I looked back 

At my children

At my close friend

Jack stood there with Lianne with his arm around her. Condoling her like a big brother should. Both watching me. All of them with concerned looks on their faces.

   I lowered the window, “Elijah”

   He came over, “yeah”

   I took a deep breath, “watch Jack for me”

   “You got it… and Teddy,” he caressed my shoulder, “are you sure about this?” 

   “I have to do this,” I told, “I’ll see you soon”

I drove away and looked in the mirror as my family disappeared into the distance. I drove and thought about plenty of things as the vast fields around me came visible as the drive expanded. The country side was beautiful. The place held many positives in the time I had now found myself in. I looked at the dashboard and found a CD. 

   “Hmm, what have you got for me,” I said 

I put it in and a man’s voice began to speak. The voice sounded emotional. All I could hear were breaths and then…

The words came

   “My sweet Carrie, saying your name at a time like this will always make the sky bright even when it’s dark, like it is now. I tried to see reason, I tried see things differently but I couldn’t, I don’t love her anymore, I love you, first time I saw you in that bar in London I couldn’t take my eyes off you, even when I was with her all I could see was you. I knew you were married because you were with your husband at the time. That black sparkly dress, that long hair that fell down your back. He was such a lucky guy and I wanted that, it’s just so unfortunate how things planned out for us, I know you were married and I am and it wouldn’t have been the best of things for our families, but just imagine if we met before hand, just… imagine, imagine how happy we both would’ve been. Anyway, if this ever gets to you, that’s if I ever get bigger balls, I hope we can see each other again because I can’t keep thinking about you, anyway, I hope you’re well, take care”

I looked to the left and noticed a large house. I stopped and focused on it. 

Was there anything in there? 

Was it empty?

I got out and walked over.

Opened the big gate 

Walked down the vast garden whilst looking around cautiously.

My back was straight

My focus was hard

This house could hold something that we really needed… so I hoped. I got close and listened for any movement. Any noises that sounded unusual. 



So I hoped

I opened the door quietly and slowly made my way in. It was a pretty big house. The corridor was vast


With rooms on either side with a few pictures on the walls here and there, most- probably- family members

I closed my eyes

Took a deep breath 

And moved forward 

I walked through and checked every room for any infected. I grasped my knife on one side and touched my gun on the other. I reassured myself that I was going to get through this. I had survived this long in a screwed up world so I was going to survive this little test.

My breath was light as my gaze switched from left to right. 

I stopped 

Noticed a room


   “Wow,” I muttered, “should’ve picked this place”

My heart then jumped out of my mouth as a large bang came from upstairs and a scream 

A childs scream

   “Leave me alone!!!”

I took out the gun and kept my blood stained knife in its holster. I looked upstairs and made my way up.

   “Hello!” I said

An infected male came zooming toward me.

   my guard was up and I smiled, “come at me”

I shot and It’s head splattered. It fell heavily on the ground and that was that.

   “Hello,” I said, “anybody there, I heard a scream”

   “Go away,” I heard, it was a girls voice

I walked to where I thought her voice was coming from. 

The door was open

A bedroom was inside

I walked in slowly and saw her sitting down at the corner of the room holding her arm.   

A gun was beside her

   “I can help you,” I said

   “No you can’t, no one can”


I would say

Was in her early teens. 

I walked closer with my hands up to assure her I was good and I didn’t want to cause her any harm   

   She picked the gun up and pointed it at me, “Don’t come any closer,” she demanded

I noticed blood on her arm. It was a bite. A large one. I saw her wince in pain. Tears ran down but she didn’t cry.

   “Please, I’m not here for this, I wanna help you”

It went quiet for a short time. Just her and I keeping eye contact. The longer I stared into the young girls eyes the more of her story was revealed. 

She was alone

And she had been alone for awhile

The pain I felt in those eyes. It felt like it had taken her.

    She pointed the gun to the side of her head, “no… you can’t”


The gun went off and the blood splattered from the other side. I stared at the gun at the dead body of the young girl. I didn’t know her name. I didn’t know anything about her. The only thing I knew were her last moments of suffering. 

I breathed

Looked one final time

Brushed myself off

Turned around 

And got back to my mission


Rhonda Gedling Season 3 Episode Four 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, somewhere in Colorado 

My sight wasn’t blurry anymore and the shouts and shots weren’t muffled

The noises were more 


And then…


Absolute silence and then a roar of cheers. Including Murphy’s which was the most robust. He also started the cheer and the pumps of the chests. 

Even though I couldn’t see them, I had a feeling thats what they’d be doing. They had won a battle that I couldn’t see, but my mom did.

   “Long live us!” He shouted, “welcome home peeps!”

The feeling I had in my gut was not right one bit. I tried to examine what I could’ve done to avoid this mess that we had found ourselves in. How did this all come to be? Should we have just carried on instead of stopping right there and then? 

We were tired 


It was just the case of us being at the wrong place at the wrong frigging time. He came back into the RV. His face all smiles. It had been a good day for the monster.

   “Looks like we have a good future here,” he said, “nothing to stop us, nothing to get in our way, other than those crazy motherfuckers we’ve just disposed of”

   I looked at him, “You gonna make me stay?” 

   “You can leave if you want, but deep deep down inside…” he came in close, “I know you’ll miss me”

My blood boiled so bad. Right there and then I wanted to kill him. The frustrating thing was. 

I couldn’t. I wasn’t the stupid bitch that I knew he thought I was. I needed a plan. I need something that was going to keep me alive, because I knew full well that one wrong move that he didn’t agree with.

It’ll be lights out

No more walking on the dead ground. Just me floating in the darkness

   “I doubt I’ll miss you,” I said, “if anything happens to you, I hope to be the one that does it”

   “Bless ya, bless ya very much, I hope that we can be friends, because I’m a good friend to have, being a friend to a dangerous man can be very helpful in the long haul”

   “Like the fucking idiots out there that you have hanging off your balls, I’ll not let you fool me into thinking you’re a saint”

He flashed his eyebrows and licked his lips.

   “Hmm, you’re a hard gal to please,” he told, “man offers a bitch a safe haven and she turns it down”

   “What you did to me, what you did to us, you will regret it”

   He smiled once again, “I love a challenge, I love living dangerously and by the way, you look great when you’re mad”

I started to rise to my feet and I stumbled. He got up and the same fucking simper had grew even bigger. He watched me and then decided to be a gentleman by offering his hand.

   “Don’t you fucking touch me”

   “Don’t flatter yourself, I was offering a hand, but if you’re gonna be all hormonal about it, then you can struggle”

He took a step back and as I got my balance, he then clapped his hands together with the same damn smile. 

   “Rhonda!” I heard

   “She’s in here, she’s fine,” Murphy told

Mom came storming in, in a bloody mess. 

Her eyes widened

All over the place

She was concerned and shocked at the same time. She panted wildly as she looked my way. 

   “Rhonda… are you… are you ok?” She asked

   “She’s fine,” Murphy spoke, “Just a little dizzy from the hit,” he stepped outside, “I’ll leave you two gals time to catch up”

He closed the door and we were both alone with muffled voices coming from the outside.

   “Am I ok?” I asked, “What the fuck do you think?” I pointed to the blood around my mouth, “do I look ok?” 

   “I’m sorry, I should’ve done something, I”-

   I sighed, “leave it, it doesn’t matter, the chance we get, we’re getting out of here”

   “Are you sure?” She asked

   “What do you mean…? This is not the place for us, it’s not, we have to go, these people, what they’ve done to us…” anger boiled inside, emotions making my stomach like hell’s sauna, “we have to go… we have to”

She was silent. I couldn’t understand 


Why couldn’t she find the words to carry on the plans of escape? Why was she fucking struggling to see what I was seeing? This wasn’t like her at all. As much as I despised the woman. She wasn’t the kind of woman to get scared easily in the time we had rekindled. 

   “I’m sorry, but out there, we don’t stand a chance on our own”

And there it was. 


Dropped on my head


Making me wonder if we were ever going to get away.

I couldn’t leave her there. That wasnt going to happen.


   “I don’t believe this,” I said, “so this is it huh, welcome to hell, welcome to a life where men decide to put their hands on us when ever they feel like it and if we even fight back, I don’t think that vile prick out there will let it stand this time…” I got in close, “we’ll be dead, don’t you get it…? Is that the life you wanna lead”
He let us have our moment together until he knocked on the door. 

   “Knock knock knock, somebody wants to meet ya”

   “Where’re my fellow ladies,” I heard

   “In here my queen”

The door opened and he walked in once again, but this time he had company. 

   “Ladies, this is my wife, Heidi”

The first thing I noticed was her prison uniform. She was a strong looking woman. 


Just a little shorter than Murphy. Her eyes made contact and when they did they grabbed you from the inside. Her hair was short and platinum. Her cheekbones were well made which matched the rest of her slim built body. She was tough. I felt it and so did mom. 

   She extended her arms, “my fellow women, my fellow lionesses, welcome to your new home”

   “We aren’t staying,” I told 

   She wasn’t smiling for long, her smile died and her face became darkened and then she shrugged, she didn’t give a shit “ok, you can leave, just like my sexy hubby over here said,” she grabbed his crotch and he smiled, “you won’t stand a dickedy chance out there by yourself, plus look at you, you aren’t strong enough, your best bet is to stay with us”

   “Try me,” I told

Mom put her hand on my arm and clenched hard. I wasn’t in the best of positions to fight but I wasn’t going to take any crap. 

   “Ladies, ladies, ladies,” Murphy spoke, “like my smoking hot wife said,” he grabbed her behind and she grinned, “you won’t stand a chance, so make your choice…”

Cal Moore Season 3 Episode Four

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City, California 

Day had sprung

The suns light spread once again in blinding fashion

As always

Sleep didn’t come easy

I sat on the rooftop and looked down. Looked down at the dead city. What once was night and I could see nothing but pitch black. 


I could see my deceased home once again and this time I could see a lot more. The view I had was breathtaking in a horrible way. The kind of way where the longer you stared, the horrible it got. I was on my own up there. Mason was around somewhere whilst my parents worried about other things. They were always in the soldiers ears. Trying to get the information they wanted

But somehow

They didn’t know anything

We felt it to be strange,

We knew something was being hidden from us, but there was nothing else we could’ve done. It was either to die out there or MAYBE

Survive in there and that was that. 

I gazed longer at the skyline in the distance. Tall buildings stood above everything else. The road below them is where Mason and I used to hang around. The mall was just a few blocks away. I looked down at the large garden below at my Dad and Ray talking to one of the soldiers. Ray being the big man he was. Towered over them both. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, so I focused on somewhere else. 

   “Hey,” I heard, I looked around and it was my mom, “you ok up here by yourself?” 

   “Yeah, I’m fine”

  She sat down with me, “You seen Mason?”

   “No, why?” 

   “He’s meditating with Israel”

   “He’s what?” 

   She got up and walked to where we could see the back yard, “look”

I walked over and spotted him with Israel. Just like she said. They both sat on the grass with their legs crossed and eyes closed. I grinned at the sight. It was strange at first to see, but then my Mom made me realise something. 

   “He’s lost so much,” she reminded, “he needs peice of mind, to calm, I do it now and again to remind myself to be thankful for what I have, I worry about you and your father a lot, back then and especially now, but we’re all still here for each other…” She paused and looked over at him, “it seems like he’s helping him to ease that pain, you should join in, it’s good, trust me it’ll help”

   “I don’t need to,” I told

   “We all do, if there’s a time to find something positive, nows the time, think about it”

She walked away and climbed back down inside the house. 

Talking to Mom was different of course. Looking into her eyes whilst talking to her gave off a different feeling. Her looked spent. Her eyes were darker. 

Like the light 

Was slowly dying 

My dad was the same

I couldn’t help but think about the worst possible things. I couldn’t help but think that my parents were next. 

Was it only a matter of time?

Was the world only meant for darkness now? 

I clinched my eyes shut

Breathed deeply and opened them again. I looked over at Mason and Israel and started to make my way over.
   “Can I join?” I asked

   Israel opened one eye and nodded, “sit, shut your eyes and breathe”

I looked over at Mason. He was oblivious.

I sat and did what he said. 

   “Let your thoughts wash over you,” he told, “let there be silence in your mind”

I let it all take over me

The deep breaths

The darkness from my closed eyes

It suddenly felt like I was floating in the air with nobody else around me. 

Nothing but my thoughts 

A picture suddenly came in front of me like a film was being played. This wasn’t silence. This was the opposite. 

It was like a tidle wave of negitveness had begun to drown me. A big fear of mine. Now on top of me. Squashing me like a stampede. My breathing was a panic. 

   “No,” I said

Everybody was dead in front of my eyes. We were in the same place and somehow they were all dead. 

   I opened them, “I can’t do this”

I got up and quickly walked away.
The sun set once more. I sat on a bench in the back garden and heard the bushes and trees nestle in the wind. My dad’s figure came from the side of the house and walked toward me. 

   He sat down beside me and put his arm at the back of the chair, “I haven’t spoke to you much, I’m sorry”

   “Sorry for what?” I asked

   “I haven’t been there for you, a father should be there for his son and I haven’t been, I’m sorry for that, I’ve just been in my own little world, I’ve been selfish and I’m not going to be from now on”

   “You don’t need to be sorry for that, dad, you don’t, believe me when I say this”-

   “Shhh, can you hear that?”

   “Hear what?” 

We listened and heard something walking around outside. 

   “Is it one of them?” I asked

   “We’ll go get one of the guys,” he told

We stood up and quickly walked to the house. 

Through the coridoor 

And into the living room where most of them were. A few of the soldiers were still outside.

I looked at mom and the others. They looked petrified.

   The main man held a note, “What’s that?” Dad asked

He gave it to my dad and it was a note written what looked like blood. 


                    DEATH WILL COME

                           IN FLAMES…

Graham Jackson Season 3 Episode Three 

​Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

I walked down with the three of them and by my side was also Preston. It was around 7 in the morning and the son was bright like it had just been born. The air was fresh and the roads and pavements were empty. It was great getting out of the house with the thoughts flying around. It was nothing but a burden and Preston deffinately needed the walk

I promised him

   “Nice huh?” 

   “Yeah,” he nodded, “beats being stuck in doors and going crazy”

   “Damn right,” I said

   “Do you think we’re safe walking around?” He asked, “not like I’m scared or anything”

  I turned and bent down to his level, “Hey, look at me,” I said, “I’ll never put any of you in danger, never, we’re safe, it’s light, there’s soldiers, a hell of a lot of them patrolling, its safe out here, we’re ok”

He nodded as he looked into my eyes. He was frightened and I could see that and so was I, but I didn’t want to show that of course

I couldn’t 

I had to be strong

For him

For them 

For all of us

   “I believe you,” he told

   “Come on, let’s just enjoy the walk”

We stuck to familiar places. We stayed to where we knew. The local parks and roads. We didn’t want to walk far because there was always that sense of danger and if anything happened we’d wanna get back as soon as possible. 

   “Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened to me if I didn’t find you,” he mentioned

   “But you did and thats all that matters”

He jumped on a low wall and began walking on it. He held his arms out whilst he walked. Trying to keep his balance.

   “I know, but sometimes I think what if I didn’t, I mean, that would’ve been some scary fucking shit”

   “Yes it would,” I said, “yes it would”

   “I would’ve been alright,” he said, “I’ve had to deal with a lot of crap in my life”

   “I believe you,” I told, “you’re a strong kid, older than you actually are, I know if you were out there alone… you would’ve been ok”

   “I know”

   I laughed, “you have a lot of confidence I’ll give you that”

   “Somebody has to,” he turned and winked

The houses we passed. Most of them were abandoned. The windows were shot up and there were blood splatters on the walls.  Large black X’s were painted on the front of the houses with red tape blocking the way to get into the gardens.

   “It’s still here,” he murmered, “will it ever go”

   “I don’t know,” I answered, “sorry Preston, but that’s all I have”

A few soldiers and people with white biohazard suits walked out from one of the homes. I got a peep into the house as the soldiers kept an eye on me. What I saw was gruesome. 

Two dead bodies

One was torn to bits

The other wasn’t

Both lying next to each other

   “Can you see anything?” He asked

   “Move along please,” a woman soldier told, “move along”

   I put my hands up to gesture I was going, “ok” 

We both moved along and the dogs followed. All three walked in front sniffing around in different areas. We hadn’t seen many people walking around and if we did they would’ve probably have been homeless or just looked completely out of it


The city may have been protected by the army and under strict rules, but it didn’t stop people from giving up. Fear was huge and it wasn’t budging. It didn’t matter how many soldiers there were. People still didn’t feel safe and I could feel that and I understood it. Anything could still happen. More blood could still be spilled in Nottingham and more families

The ones that were left

Could be destroyed by this disease

   “I wonder where my brother is, you said you saw him to right?” He asked

   “I did,” I answered, “maybe he’s around somewhere”

   “I hope so, but what do I say? I haven’t seen him for ages”

   “It’ll come to you, don’t worry, he’s your brother”

   “I’m just nervous, if he comes again tonight I’ll go talk to him”

   “Don’t forget about the curfew, he shouldn’t be out either, which is strange, because he was”

   “You do anything for family though right? He was just trying to find me”

   “Maybe, and he has found you”

   “I’m glad he’s alive, we have so much to catch up on, he’s the best brother anybody could ever have, I wonder what he’s been doing all this time”

   “Ask him when you see him”
We had been walking for quite some time. Jesse suddenly growled and the others joined. I looked on in concern and walked over to where their gaze was directed. 

   I put my arm in front of Preston, “Stay close”

He nodded.

   “What the fuck do you want?” I heard

I looked into a car park where an apartement block was. It was in tatters and battered and burnt cars sat there. 

   “Hey, get these fucking dogs away from me”

A young man was revealed. He looked in a state. He wore his hood up with strands of hair peeping out. He was skinny as fuck. His hands shook and his eyes weren’t looked Ill. He looked out of it. Then I saw the blood on his hands. 

   “Hey, friend,” he spoke, “get these fucking dogs away from me!”

   “Jesse, Elvis, Bruno, come here, now”

They did as they were told and came back. Something wasn’t right with this guy I could tell. The deep feeling stabbed at me and I didn’t want any part of it. We all walked away. I watched our backs and kept an eye out.

   “He looked fucked,” Preston said

   “Just keep walking,” I told

   “Hey, friend!” I heard

I looked around and he followed us from a distance

   “How much for the dogs?” He asked, he smiled a perverse smile with blood around his mouth, his blood stained teeth showed, “they would last for days, I’ve never had a doggy meat sandwich before”

I quickly turned and I was suddenly on top of him. Laying in to him like there was no tomorrow…