Graham Jackson Season 2 Episode Nine

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

We shouted
He turned
We drove faster
And we shouted again
“Kid, over here!”
The decision was made to save this kid from these things.
The infected- grotesque- beings that were now threatening our way of life.
Our freedom
What once was a world where
You could say
The grass was greener on the other side.
The grass was getting darker and the roots were dying.
“Please, help me!” He begged
“Come on, hurry!”
They were close. I got out the car and got behind him as he pelted toward the car.
“Dad, what are you doing?!”
“Get him in the car!”
I was out of my mind.
Most probably
I was drawn into saving the kids life that I didn’t think of what the outcome was going to be.
The outcome…
But, surviving by just the skin of my teeth and with a few more mental scars.
That was always going to be the answer from now on. Life was now limited.
Limited from chances
Limited from life
A blink of a bloody eye with a cannibals teeth lurking. Lurking in the grey skies.
“If something happens to me, get out of here!”
“That is not going to happen!”
There were two of them and they were coming in fast. Storming toward me with their violent bellows. Two young men. Both looked like they would cause me some damage. I Clenched my fists hard and gazed at them harder. My muscles got ready and my mind quickened. Rummaging through every image that I wanted the outcome to be.
Standing over them with my life still intact.
“You’ve got this old man,” I said
With the kid in the car and me standing in front. No way were these disgusting fucking creatures getting anywhere near my family or that kid.
I looked back and Evelyn gazed at me, “get in the damn car!”
It was too late. I was already within their reach.
Were they in my reach?
I put my fists up and clattered one right in the face. The noise was like thunder. The clatter was sickening. It’s vile body dropped to the floor and I quickly turned to the next one. It through itself at me. Its heavy load made me fall and now it was on top of me.
“Shit,” I said
Now I was thinking. She was fucking right. I should’ve got into the damn car. I grabbed hold of its throat
With both hands
My old bones and limbs squirmed crazily and my mind was hastily drawing up a plan of desperate action.
“Dad!” I heard
“Get out of here!”
“No, I’m not leaving you!”
“Go, now!”
I heard the car take off and I breathed in and out. Realising I was now
On my own
It’s bleeding eyes dripped onto my face and it’s mouth dripped blood on to my shirt. I could feel its gaze tormenting my body and mind into submission. I could see the animalistic path it was on.
The death
The chaos
The lives that were going to be destroyed or had been.
I shook out the image and quickly moved my face left and right trying to escape the dripping blood from its eyes. I clenched my hands tighter and felt the bones in its neck.
It’s voice was more of a choking sound now and then it snapped within my grasp. It’s full weight fell on top of me. I quickly rolled it off with a wince. My bones like old metal.
Struggling to cope
I quickly got up on to my feet
“Argh,” I moaned and
I got ready for the other one, but ready I wasn’t. It was already there. Right in front of my eyes.
I was weary
Trying to regain my strength
“Bring it,” I gasped
It came at me
A few feet away
I looked on in shock as I saw my daughter knock it flying up into the air.
She opened the door, “get in!”
I did what I was told and moved my arse. I looked and it was getting up.
I was in and we were away. I looked in the mirror and watched it getting smaller and smaller into the distance. It was still running, but it wasn’t going to catch up.
“Don’t do that again, please,” she said
“I’m sorry,” I gasped, “I thought I could take them”
“You could’ve been killed and then what?” She asked, “I need you here, with me, not out there acting like a hero”
“I will always try and protect you and the kids, always and that’s not going to change”
“Can I at least get a thank you?”
“Thanks, you saved my ass, I love you Evelyn”
“I love you too dad”
“Thank you for saving me,” I heard
I looked in the mirror and saw the boy looking at me. He looked tough for his age. Rough around the edges. His hair was scruffy and his eyes looked like they had a few pages to turn. He was young, but he wasn’t.
“No problem kid,” I said
I was about to ask for his name
“Before you ask, my names Preston and I’m twelve”
His confidence made me smile, “Hi Preston, I’m Graham, this is my daughter Evelyn and these are my granddaughters, Katelyn and Michelle”
He smiled, “nice to meet you all”

Graham Jackson Season 2 Finale


Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

Many years ago-

“Haaaappy biiiiiiiiirthday, tooo youuuu, haaaappy biiiiiiirthday tooo youuuu, haaaappy biiiiirthday toooo Evelyn, haaaappy biiiiirthday, toooooo youuuuuu”

It was a great day. A great day where everybody had a smile on their face and every mouth let out a laugh one way or another. Nothing could’ve brought down the spirits that were walking on the clouds.

White fluffy clouds

No storm ones

And above those clouds was the big blue sky.

It was such a beautiful day. A day  that would live on in any proud daddy’s memory. Their daughter’s sixth birthday. She sat their at the table and I was the one that brought out the cake with the six candles on it. The candles danced as I walked through the crowd of family and friends. Closer and closer, my little angels smile grew larger and larger. I finally reached her and placed the cake in front of her. Her grin was wider than ever.

“Make a wish beautiful,” I said

Her mum stood on the other side and kissed her. She was a strong woman her mother. A mother that was firm but fair. A kind woman who’s smile, when it happened, brightened the whole room. A smile that was contagious when it happened and her laugh


I guess…

That was contagious too

She looked amazing as always as she stood there in her casual clothes. Being her husband at the time. The word beautiful would play in my mind over and over.

“Can I blow them out now,” she asked

“Of course dear,” her mum said, “think long and hard in what you want, Evelyn, something that you really want”

The little one placed her hands on the table and closed her eyes. Time ticked by and not one word was spoken. It was like waiting for a big finale in a show to come to an end.

No interruptions

No questioning the pause

Just my little one in her own little- big- world doing what she does best

Doing what kids do best

In their own little worlds

She opened her eyes


And blew out the candles. The whole room applauded and a few whistled in happiness.

“Shall I tell you what I wished for?” She asked

“If you do it won’t come true,” I said

“Ok daddy, can I open my presents now?”

With a stern face I said, “No,” a sad face appeared, “of course you can”

“Silly daddy,” she laughed

She got off her chair and ran toward the pile of presents that everyone had brought her. The wrapping paper was multicoloured. It sat there like brightlights lighting up the room and her smile made it better. Her cousins followed her and they all sat down next to her. Everybody gathered round watching her unwrap them. The tearing of the paper started. I looked over at her mum, she looked a little down.

“Hey, you alright?” I asked

A tear was wiped away, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine”

“You sure?”

“I’m fine,” she told

She walked away. I felt the emotion she left behind. I looked around and noticed a few staring our way.

“Is she ok?” Her brother asked

“I don’t know, I’ll be back in a second”

I went to follow her and noticed the back door open. I walked through the small hallway and outside and there she was. With her back against the wall looking up at the evening sky. It was clear.

“Carrie, what’s wrong with you tonight, you were fine earlier?” I asked

“I can’t hide it no more, I can’t”

“What…?” I said, “Tell me what?”

“I’m pregnant”

“Thats great”

“No, no its not”

“What’re you saying?”

My heart felt something that wasn’t meant to be there

“It isn’t yours,” she revealed

It was like the floor had been torn from underneath me and now I was floating above water


I was about to drown in emotions and it was getting deeper and deeper. Rage was boiling up inside and I felt myself losing control. A tear trickled down my tensed cheek.

“Why?” I asked, gently

“I didn’t want this to happen,” she stuttered

I became angrier, but not too angry, “answer the damn question”

“I can’t”

“Tell me, why the fuck would you do that?”

“I don’t love you anymore,” she said it quickly whilst crying

“Who is he?” I asked

“It doesn’t matter, it’s over Graham, he means nothing to me and I don’t love you, I’m sorry”

I broke down, leant down and held my crying eyes in my palm, “We can make this work”

“We can’t”


I looked up and saw my angel standing there with her uncle.


Looked perplexed

I wiped my eyes and got up. Standing strong like dad’s should.

“What’s wrong?” She asked

I walked up to her and hugged her, “everythings ok sweety,” I looked at her mum, but it wasn’t the same look as it was in the past, “everythings ok”

Present time-
We arrived and we raced through the door. The dogs barked crazily. I hugged them all and so did the Evelyn and the kids. The dogs barked at Preston but the kid didn’t seem to care. He walked in and they seemed to just take a liking to him. I was impressed and focused again on the matter at hand.

Was Theresa ok?

“Theresa!” Eveyln shouted, she ran upstairs and I ran through the kitchen

Evelyn then let out a huge scream and I turned and exploded up the stairs


The dogs barked crazily and rushed passed me toward the bathroom where Evelyn stood. I got to her and there Theresa was in the bath tub


With painkiller containers on the floor. She took the kids away and I looked on at the body in the bath.

“This is how the world is now,” said Preston

I looked down at him and he looked up

“This is how the world is”

I walked over and Bruno stayed by my side as Jess and Elvis followed Evelyn and the kids. I leant down and held her hand. Bruno sobbed as I bent down.

“I’m sorry Theresa, I’m really sorry”

Her hand…

Then moved

Teddy Baker Season 2 Finale 

Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, outside Wales

A few years ago-

The kids played 
They played alright. They laughed, played games and smiled their way through the lovely evening. It was such a warm evening, so warm that you could wander around in your underwear and not feel a chill. That’s how warm it was and I loved it. The sky was clear and the stars gazed down their grins. It was like poetry in motion. Like it was made for me at that moment. 
My kids
My wife
She looked over at me and held my hand as we watched our children play in the backgarden. She wore nothing but her nightgown and I wore nothing but my baggy t shirt and boxer shorts. We were relaxed. Just my family and I enjoying the peaceful summer evening without a care in the world. That’s what it was. I enjoyed the smiles, the love in my wife’s eyes as she looked at me and the innocent giggles that fluttered into my ears 
My children’s giggles
The best thing a father could ever hear.
The best thing a father would ever hear.
   “Tonight just feels so special,” she said
   “It doesn’t get any better,” I said
   “This is all I need right here, nothing more,” she told
Who needs the world when you have a beautiful family?
Who needs the world when you have a wife and two amazing children who love you?
Who needs the world when you can be happy with just the touching of skin and the gaze of eyes?
I didn’t…
I didn’t then
I was a man whose smile could last for days. A man who thought he wouldn’t be able to find love in a woman’s arms and finally did.
It was like having gold growing in your backgarden
I was rich
But not with money 
The money didn’t matter and the money would never matter. What mattered was the love I was receiving from my family and the love they were receiving from me. I hoped it would never end. I hoped that road would forever last then I would take us to a mountain where nobody could touch us or poison us. 
That’s what I hoped 
That’s what I pondered in every moment I savored.
Did we reach that mountain?
For a short period yes
There’s always a but…
We did reach it and we did think that the mountain would’ve been invincible and unreachable. Turns out it was all fiction and a giant fucking earthquake was waiting in the wings to knock it down. That’s when it starts.
The arguments
The cries 
The jealousy 
The hitting
Yes I hit her. I hit her fucking good. I hit her right in the fucking face! I made her bloody and I made her squel. I made her regret every last word she gave birth to to insult me. Do I regret it? One half says yes and the other a big fat fucking no. 
I looked at her and smiled whilst she looked at the kids playing. They ran around the garden giggling and we giggled with them. She then looked at me and I her.
   “This is my world right here and that’ll never change,” I said, “this is all a man needs, if I could just quit my job and stay with you and the kids I would”
   “Lets win the lottery,” she said, “and live a life of madness”
   “I’ll buy a hundred tickets,” I said
   “Why a hundred?”
   “More of a chance of winning”
   “Get a thousand”
We both laughed at the fantasy. The exotic feeling we got by thinking of a life without rent and electricity bills. A life without dealing with an arsehole of a boss who you’d wanna kill every fucking second you were in their company. 
   “Make love to me tonight,” she said
   “You want to fuck”
   “No, I want to make love”
   “What’s the difference?” I asked
   “Fucking is for people that aren’t in love,” she explained 
   “Same thing but in different categories?”
   “Ok, I get ya”
She smiled and her electrifying gaze sped my heart up. Her touch was suddenly more powerful than before. I was in the zone and so was she. I wanted to strip her and fuck her right there and then
   “Kids!” She hollered, “time for bed!”
   “But we aren’t even tired!”
   “Come on,” she told
The kids obeyed and we were suddenly guiding them up their rooms. I pinched her peachy backside when we reached the top of the stairs and she looked back. 
Her smile
Was saucy
She wanted it as badly
Maybe more than me
Lianne was first to be put to bed. Her eyes were still wide open. 
   “Goodnight sweetheart,” we said
   “I’m not even tired”
   “But mummy and daddy are and so is your brother”
   “No I’m not,” he told
We tucked her into her bright coloured bed, turned off the light to her bright coloured room and walked Jack to his bed. He wasn’t happy. He wasn’t happy at all. He sat on his bed and looked at us.
   “Goodnight Jack”
   “You only want to have sexual intercourse,” he suddenly spoke
   “What makes you think that?” I asked
   “I maybe a child, but I’m not stupid”
We looked at each other and looked back at him.
   “Good night Jack”
We then closed the door and looked at each other again in shock. 
   “Did he just…?”- she muttered
   “Yes… yes he did”
   She looked on confused, “how did he?”-
   “Lets talk about it some other time, right now, lets make some dirty love,” I told

Present time-

The blood poured off my hands like a burst cloud. If a person was sitting below they would’ve been bathed in blood. The knife I held had done it’s job once again and Elijah. The big young man by my side. Had finally come through and showed me he was going to be useful. We had killed the three that had burst out of the house in fury. The children were safe in the car and Elijah and I took care of what we assumed was the mother, father and older sister of the dead baby in the car. Unfortunately the children had to see everything, but it had to be done. Now it was safe for them to get out of the car. The kids joined us. Elijah breathed heavily as the adrenaline pumped through him. I did the same. The fight was over. My children were by my side and Elijah stood not so far away. I looked at the house and had a vision of us staying there. Should we?
Should we get in the car and go?
Those were the vital questions I had to think about.
   “Dad,” Jack said
   I bent down to him, “Yes son”
   “I realise now”
   “What, what do you realise?”
   “I realise why you did it, why you killed mum, grandma and grandpa, you did it because you were saving them, because you loved them too much to let them live in this world, grandma and grandad were too old”
   “Thats right son,” I said, “and they were going to take you away from me and I knew if that happened, it’d be over and I wouldn’t be able to protect you”
It went quiet for a short time
   “What about Lianne, should I save her like you saved them?”
I looked deep into his eyes and I saw it. I saw it growing in him…

Rhonda Gedling Season 2 Finale 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, Hindegate, Colorado

April 14th 1996

   “Get off her!” I begged
I jumped onto his back and felt the rage and fear erupt through to my hands and through my voice. He was tall and slim and he had his hands around my sisters throat. She was fighting, but she was choking also. 
   “Get off her!”
I was just a child
Just twelve years old when I witnessed one of the worst things or the worst thing that any child could ever witness. Their sister being forced to have sex with their so- called- fucking- boyfriend. I tried to choke him. Tried to wrap my hands around the fuckers throat but he wasn’t letting go. We were at his house and nobody was around. Nobody around, but me. To try and stop the worst thing happening to my beloved sister
But I was failing massively. I was too weak to do anything. He was too strong. 
   “Cain, stop, please stop!” She begged 
   “Shut the fuck up!” He told and slapped her, he slapped her so hard and I felt it all, the pain, the tears that trickled out of her
   “Get off my sister!” 
I bit him on the neck and he screamed in agony.
He grabbed me by the hair and tried tossing me off, but it didn’t work. I held on for dare life. I tried scratching him and biting him again. 
And then
His head came back in full force and knocked right into my face. I was on the floor. In a daze. I looked up with foggy vision and tried getting up. My sister fought for her dare life.
   “Please stop!”
I watched Cain, with his back turned, slap my sister in the face.
   “Shut up!”
I was rugged
Slow at rising to my feet to try and stop it once again. I looked around for a weapon. I looked back at the two of them. He was tearing at her clothes. I suddenly heard a rip. I looked again and it was her shirt. He was stripping her of her clothes. 
   “Elaine!” I cried
I ran up again in desperation. I hit him as hard as I could. Pounding him and pounding him hard with my small fists all over his body.
   “Leave my sister alone you fucker!”
He turned
I struck him hard in the face. His head went to the side from the impact. He came back quickly and grabbed me by the throat and I attempted to strike him in the bollocks. He grabbed my foot and hit me in the face and this time, I wasn’t getting up.
   “Rhonda!” She shouted 
I saw him turn and go back to my frightened sister. She had risen to her feet and she was fighting once again. 
And then
I blacked out 
   I woke up again and he was on top of her. Pressing himself on to her. He tore off her trousers and I saw her face looking over at me. 
Her eyes filled with fear and they leaked her tears. She was a statue. She was bruised to hell. 
She had given up
   “Yeah, you stop fighting, feels good don’t it,” he taunted
I began to cry also. I had woken up to a worser nightmare. 
My sister
My beloved sister was being raped right in front of me. 
I tried getting up with my jelly legs. I tried desperately to rise back up. 
   I saw her mouth move in silence, “help me”
I looked around for a weapon once again and saw a baseball bat buried in a pile of trousers and shirts. My mind raced with many sickening images. Images a twelve year old girl shouldn’t be imagining. He wasn’t focused on me at all. He was too busy having his way with her. I finally got to my feet and stumbled toward the bat. I glanced at it. Moved away all of the shit and clenched it. My eyes were wide and all they saw was red
Tunnel vision
Nothing else but my rage and my weapon of choice. To bash the living fucking daylights out of this monster. I stumbled over to him and as I reached them. He looked over to me and smiled.
   “Fuck you little girl,” he said
   “No, fuck you,” I said
My sister then rose up and bit him on the neck. He screamed and as she rolled away. I let the bat rain down on him. I screamed out in anger. He tried to protect himself by holding up his arms and unfortunately. 
With his legs he swiped my legs from underneath me and I dropped to the floor. The bat was out of my hands and it was free to use. My sister grabbed it and wasted no time in blasting him with it, but he was too strong for her also. I had to get up and help and so I did. I rushed to my feet and booted him straight in his bollocks. He bellowed and collapsed to his knees. The blow was sickening and now
He was kneeling in front of my sister. 
   “You don’t have the balls”
   “Don’t I?” She said with a tremble
The thud was brutal. The bat flew round and clouted him in the jaw. 
He dropped 
And again
And again
She hit him until I had to stop her
   “Sis!” I said, “we have to go!”
She finally came through and we left an unconscious- bloody- Cain on the floor


We had been travelling for weeks now. Sticking to silence. Feeding and refueling when we could. It was tough and we were close to death many times. Many sleepless nights haunted us followed by exhausted mornings and I knew that more were soon to come. I couldn’t sleep because of the main reason that we didn’t know what was out there, Mom didn’t have it hard though. Her snores could’ve been heard a mile a fucking way. She laid there on the bed whilst I sat there staring out of the window in the dining area. Nothing but black stared back at me of course. I could’nt fucking sleep so why even try? I took the torch and gun and went outside and breathed in the air. I was on high alert. My ears like aerials, trying to listen for any unwanted guests. 
   “Maybe I should just… leave her,” I said, “No?” I looked up into the sky, I was talking to her, in my mind, “What do you mean no?!”
   “Who on earth are you talking to?” A male voice appeared   
   I jumped and turned the torch on, pointed the gun his way and a scruffy oldish looking man became visible, “what do you want?” I asked
I shook, I was fearful. He put his hands up and I noticed the main thing I needed to notice. He was wearing a prison uniform. It was bright orange and baggy. He had long frowzy hair and he was quite tall and slim. 
   He smiled and gently spoke, “Before you say anything, yes, I was prisoner and yes, it was my fault, but the little prick deserved it, kids never listen to their parents anymore, but hey ho, he ain’t my problem anymore… I’m going to tell you what I want and what I want is this,” he stepped closer, “Give us your wonderful RV or pull down your panties little girl and I will show you how a mad man rides the horses, your choice?”
I couldn’t focus. I looked around and noticed a few other men standing there. Each one had a sick smile on their face. 
   “Come on I haven’t got all day, what’s it going to be little girl…?”

Cal Moore Season 2 Finale 

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City California

July 10th 2014

It made my day. Seeing him again. In the flesh. His laugh. The jokes we shared together. The jokes that he told, but they weren’t even that funny, but they were stupid. That’s what made me laugh. He had just come back from his holiday in Florida and I had been bored ever since he had left. 
Nothing to do
Nobody to talk to
Nobody to visit 
Nobody to hang out with
Now he was back
Right in front of me, telling me the stories that had been created in Disney Florida. He was so happy. That’s what I loved about my best pal, Mason. His smile was contagious. Contagious enough where if I was in the gutter. He would help me out with a smile. 
   I watched his mouth move and the motions in his hand whilst we sat on my bed with the PS4 on pause, we were playing Soccer, “it was so cool, the dolphins were amazing and the beach, bro, everything about the place was amazing, like, everything was amazing, you need to go there bro, get your mom and dad to take you, you won’t regret it”
   “I wish I could’ve gone too”
   “We should go, if your parents don’t don’t take you, me and you should just go”
   “Yeah, like that’s ever going to happen”
   “We’ll just sneak on to the plane, or, sneak into somebodies suitcase”
   “You’re such a moron”
   “I know, that’s why we’re friends right”
   “Yup, because you make me laugh”
He carried on talking and I carried on listening. 
   “I wish it was that easy, to just go places, you know like, France or something”
   “In what way, like a blink?”
   “Yes, or a click of the finger, instead of spending ages flying, I don’t like flying, I always think we’re going to crash and thats not a nice feeling”
   “It’s pretty rear that planes crash”
   “But, what about all the terrorist stuff that’s been happening, I mean, it could happen to anyone right? So that’s why I’m saying I wish it was easier to get to places instead of being thousands of feet in the air or something”
   “You can go on boat?”
   “It takes too long”
   “There’s a lot more stuff to do on a boat though”
   “Do you mean a cruise ship?”
   “Yes, that’s what I meant, it’s like a floating city, they’re amazing, I went on one a few years ago with my parents and cousins, they had an arcade and a shopping mall in the middle of it, thats how big it was, it also had a theatre”
   “Wow, you’re so lucky”
   “I know right, I could’ve lived there, I didn’t want to come back home, homes boring compared to that”
   “I know, I didn’t want to come back home either, well, I did, because I missed you, but I didn’t at the same time if that makes sense?”
   “Yes it does, I felt the same, I’ve known you all my life, so I’m bound to miss you”
   “We’re best bros and thats never going to change”
    I shook my head, “no, no it won’t”
    “Bros for life?” he said
    “Bros for life” I said
The sun blazed outside and set our street a light with its glaze. The sun peeped through the window and you could feel the scorch. The game was still on pause and the conversation still flowed. My bedroom was the same in a way, but only a few things had changed through out the two years.
   “Lets finish this game off, do you fancy chilling at the mall later?”
   “That’ll be cool, I’m bored shitless here”
   “I wonder if my dad would forgive me for nicking one of his beers”
He stroked his chin and looked up at the ceiling.
   “I think he’d kill you”
   “It’ll be worth it though, I’ve tasted it before, I had some on holiday, he let me have a bit”
   “Really, I’ve asked my dad, but he’s always said no”
   “That sucks”
   “He always says when I’m older”
   “How much older?” He asked
   “He never says, he just always says, when I’m older and thats it”
   “Do you know where he keeps his beer?”
   “In the fridge”
   “Really? My dad stores his away somewhere, but only the good stuff, has your dad got that?”
   “Probably, but I’m not going to ask”
   “My dad loves his whisky and rum, I bet he has loads of it. 
   “I won’t even dare and ask mine”
The conversation finished and we began playing the game again. I was winning by two goals. He was Manchester City and I was some team called Derby. We played rock paper scissors and whoever lost got Derby and I
   “boys!” Mom shouted, “Dinners out!”
   “Coming!” I answered, “race ya,” I told
We put the game on pause once more. I got up and ran toward the door and out into the coridoor. He then tripped me up and I fell and watched him look back at me
laugh and smile
Whilst he ran to the finish line
   “You cheated!”
   “No rule book!” He said

Present time-

The flash lights circled us
Everybody’s breathing was heavyweight. Each breath felt like it wasn’t enough to fill up our panicking lungs. Our hearts were going crazy. They were like rockets. Taking off and spiralling out of control. 
It felt like at any minute now
At any dark- unforgiving- moment
That my heart was going to jump out of my mouth and onto the floor.
Our hands to our mouths or hips
Our eyes propelling left and right and our ears on alert. 
Tears then sprouted from my shocked eyes. 
It had hit me
My friend 
My dear best friend was on the floor. With dried tears on his cheeks curled up into a ball and flashlights upon him. He tried to save me because he wanted to see his parents again. I then looked around at a towering man that stood behind me. Flashlights shone on to him. He wore a black  shirt and his hair was in a ponytail. He looked quite old and his eyes told no tales. His oozies hung from his large hands and on his wrist, a tattoo was shown saying
       We live, We die, we LIVE…

Teddy Baker Season 2 Episode Nine 

Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, Bromley, outside Wales


I was angry
I was frustrated 
I was at a work due
Not my kind of thing, but you know, I went. I went and showed my face. 
I showed
My body 
My soul
Into a place where I hated, but I still went. WHY? Because I was pressured I guess. They kept asking me and asking me and asking me. OH! Come on Teddy, it’ll only be us five and a few others. Lieing son of a bitches. There were more than 
There were loads of them
Loads of faces I didn’t know 
And loads of faces I did know 
And those are the faces I could’nt stand
I don’t want to be here?
I can’t stand this
Should I leave?
I can’t 
I’m here now, so I might as well fucking stay and get obliterated.
I struggled to move passed the ocean of people. The pub was packed solid and all I could do was roam around looking like a fool. Trying to find my work colleagues who
You know
Got me into this shit hole
It was muggy and it smelled 
   “Where the fuck are you?” I muttered
I could’nt hear my own voice, so they would’nt be able to hear it either. It didn’t matter how loud I shouted. My friends would’nt of fucking heard me. 
I got onto my tip toes and searched around. I wore a white, kind of snazzy shirt, with jeans and a good pair shoes. My hair was combed over nicely. I put in some really good effort. I was in my early twenties. That’s what you do right? It doesn’t matter how high the level of reluctancy is. You still make an effort to look good.
How ever you want to put it. I didn’t know what my face said though at that point of searching for my friends through the waves of maybe half drunk people. I probably looked like a seriel killer. I probably looked like I didn’t want to be in the pub that was ravaged with alcohol fueled breaths, but like I said. I was there now, so fuck it. 
   “Teddy!” I heard, “Teddy, Teddy!”
I looked around
Three hundred and sixty degreeds and noticed him, the son of the man who owned the pub. My closest friend. The guy that I had the most in common with. Anthony Jenkins. We had our history. Going back since school. We even had a few nights out together where we ended up sharing the same bed. We didn’t pull that night. I think it was his eighteenth or something. So, we ended up just fucking each other.
I can still remember that night.
Coming back to the London hotel room early hours in the morning.
Dizzy eyed
Alcohol fueled
Legs all over the place
I felt like I was being controlled by player one and he was player two. We both collapsed on to the same bed. I looked up and so did he and then that was that. He leant in. Grabbed the back of my head and brought me in.
Back to the night
I fought my way through the crowd. Aiming for the familiar face that was, Anthony. He was a good looking guy. Sharply dressed. 
Nice smile
Nice teeth
Smooth skin and curly brown hair
Still thinking about him now gives me good vibes. 
   “Come on, Teddy!” He shouted, he waved crazily
   “I’m coming!”
More people I fought passed. 
Women masked in makeup. Some looked at me up and down. Some bad looks. Some looks saying, oh hi, you wanna fuck? I wasn’t interested. NOT. ONE. BIT. I just wanted to get to my friends and get into the comfort zone. 
I arrived
   Anthony came up to me, “my main man, Mr Teddy Baker, welcome to my castle!”
They were all at the pool table, Leonard, my other closest friend put a pound on the table, “Teddy boy!”
   “Hello lads,” I said
   “You alright mate,” Anthony said
   “Yeah why?”
   “You look like you wanna kill somebody”
   “I can’t stand most of these people, I thought it was just going to be us lot”
   “Oh yeah, you know what it’s like, word gets round mate!”
   “Well it’s good to see you anyway!” I looked at the pool table and placed a pound down, “I’ll play the winner!”
Anthony put his arm around me
   “You wanna drink?!” 
   “Please mate!” I said
   “double vodka and coke!”
   “You never change!”
It was my favourite drink. Always did the trick. Sprouted my confidence and got me talking more. 
   “Neither do you!” 
We locked eyes for a bit. He quickly broke the gaze and left to fetch the drinks. I turned to face the pool and saw a gigantic man looking over at me in a dark corner. He wouldn’t take his eyes off me. I looked back to the table and felt the burn of his stare
   “Who’s he?” I asked Leonard 
   “Him by the corner”
   “Oh, ignore him mate, he’s a right prick, don’t even look at him”
I did what I was told and directed my gaze somewhere else, but I still felt his burning stare


We had been walking for a long time now. The sticks crunched beneath our feet as we walked through the nest of trees, bushes and plants. Wind blew them just a little and the trees and bushes swayed a little. Making a noise that could calm any soul. I looked up at the tall trees and watched the leafs blow in the earth’s breath.
   “Teddy!” I heard
I looked down and saw Elijah walking towards a car. Jack and Lianne walked to the side of me.  What I saw was a cottage covered in vines to our side. It was beautiful. It was in the middle of nowhere. Out of the way of everything.
It was… 
I got closer and noticed the door was open. 
I started to feel uneasy. 
   “Kids, stay with me”
Elijah looked in the car and so did I. The back door was open. A baby was in the back seat, but it wasn’t a live. It’s face was a mess. Like it had been chewed off. I moved my kids away and winced at the sight of it. Elijah threw up.
   “Oh man,” he said, “this is fucked up”
A noise then appeared from the house…

Rhonda Gedling Season 2 Episode Nine 

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, outside Colorado

I held the note in my tired hand and I looked at it with my tired eyes and tired mind. 
Was a complete shambles. I hated what I was looking at. I hated the fact that everything seemed to be dying before me. In my wake I was leaving corpses behind. I thought I was doing some good. I thought I was saving them
It felt like I was driving them further into their inevitable graves. Giving them an earlier death. Making their hands slip off the edge in the sea of knives below them. 
Was I death?
Was I the signature to sign the warrant?
First my sister now this man that I had only known for a second. I was still staring at the death in front of me.
I looked a way and walked through passed the kitchen with the open draw. I sat down at the table and looked out of the window at the openess. Feeling sorry for myself? I didn’t notice the devil standing in front of me
   She stood at the door “He’s dead?”
   “What do you think?”
Pain flooded my voice.
   “Now that’s a blood bath,” she said, “the hell happened here anyway?”
   “It doesn’t matter now,” I said, “looks like we’re going to be seeing this quite often”
   “Well, other than the dead bodies, this is a nice RV”
   “You kidding right?”
   “That cars fucked”
   “Thats my car”
   “And it’s fucked, look at this, it’ll be stupid to pass this up”
   “We can’t leave my car in the middle of nowhere”
My car
I loved it to bits
It wasn’t just a vehicle. It wasn’t JUST my car. It was my best friend. A friend that I spoke to when I drove her. A friend that never judged me. 
One of the true friends I had and I didn’t have many.
   “It’s only a car, it’s old and banged up, look at it, at least we have a bed to sleep in”
   “Are you forgetting about the dead fucking bodies?”
   “We can move them”
   “No, this is not happening, no way”
   “Are you kidding me? We don’t have a fucking clue where we’re going, so that means we’re going to be on the road for a while I assume and you’d rather be in a poxy little car”
   “I’m not discussing this”
   “I’m the mother, so we’re doing this”
   “Don’t you fucking dear play that card on me, you have no right”
We then heard a noise coming from the bedroom. I went to get up and she put her arm out.
   “I’ll deal with it,” she told, she put out her hand, “the gun”
I gave it her  
   “Wait,” I said
   “I’ll be fine”
The grunts were heard. I got up and followed her in and there I saw him.
Gingerly rising from the bed. She went in slowly and I watched it hissing with its lifeless eyes. The cut from its throat leaked out the insides. Blood spilled out on to the bed. She lifted the gun up and shot it clean in the head. 
It’s head bounced back and it collapsed back on to the bed. 
No noises now
No hissing
No grunting  
Just more dead bodies with holes in their heads
   “Stinks,” she said
   “and you want to sleep in here?”
   “I’m sure they have cleaning stuff in here somewhere”
   “And where are we going to put the bodies huh?”
   “What’s with all the questions, listen, the world is screwed, we all know that, what we saw back at the motel said it all, the president sounded like he was worried and that isn’t good, if we’re at war, then this disease has already taken over many cities and it’s still spreading and it’s spreading fast, you heard them. WE. ARE. SCREWED. And I’m not spending my last moments in that car, plus, I’ve always wanted an RV, so what do you say, live out our last days in this? It’ll be awesome”
   “You’ve given up already?” I said
   “You’ll be giving up if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity”
She was 
Kind of right I suppose
The RV was nice. Other than the stench and the dead bodies, but they were disposable. We could easily get rid of them. It was just the sentiment I held for my love. The love I held dearly for it and to just leave it in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t feel right.
She was kinda right
I took a deep breath. I felt her gaze on me. She was waiting for me to give her the answer she wanted and that answer was most certainly…
   “So?” She asked
   “Ok,” I told, “ok”
   She smiled, “You know it makes sense”
I got up and walked out. Walked over to my car and stood beside it. Gazed upon the cracked screen and dried blood. Thought about everything that the car and I had been through. From the long- depressive- lonely- drives. To the happy ones with my sister and then the cracked screen with the dried blood again. 
There was more blood to come. That thought was seeping in.   
   “You’ve been so good to me,” I said, “got me from A to B, took me on long drives when I needed them, you never let me down, never, you’re my car, no… you’re my friend and I will always remember you,” I touched her bonnet, “goodbye Samantha”

Cal Moore Season 2 Episode Nine 

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City California

   “Holy shit, holy shit,” I panicked
The whole world had now shrunk to a pebble and the oxygen tended to be getting lesser and lesser each time I breathed. My feet scurried along the night. To chase down my fallen friend. 
My best friend
Who at any moment was going to be eaten alive by the monsters we were taunting
What a stupid thing it was
An arrogant move where we thought that safety would 
At that moment of idiocy 
Would’nt abandon us 
And then bang. The carpet was swept from under us and the jaws of these things were snapping at our heals. 
Tasting our blood
Reaching to grab us and pull us down into the deep hole they came from. 
   “Please, don’t let him die, don’t let him die, don’t let him die”
I heard a sound. A sound that when I ran through it. It sent a cold feeling through. I was running blind.
Tunnel vision
My hands 
My feet 
My whole body grabbing for the rope to pull him out of the hole we had suddenly found ourselves
   “Cal, hurry!”
   “I’m here,” I said
I saw his silhouette and I saw there’s. Moving sluggishly toward us with the grunts of hunger seeping out of their grotesque mouths. 
No faces
No dead skin hanging on
No guts showing
Just their noises sending chills through us and making the air seem more impossible to catch
   “I’ll help you up,” I said
With a struggle. I helped him get back up on to his feet. 
   “I can’t”
   “You have to, come on, quickly”
He tried standing on it and he fell once more. The noises were getting closer and closer. I could feel their gaze on the back of my neck. He got up again with my help and this time the urgency was there. 
The desperation
The emergency fuel
All of them feeding us to get back to the house. 
   “I’m sorry, I was stupid”
   “Shut up, just keep moving, or we’re both screwed”
There were little alleyways to our left with other houses next to them. They looked daunting in the darkness. We hurried passed street lights that I now wished weren’t dead. We hurried as fast as we could, but they still seemed to be closer than before. 
   “Aah!” He cried
Once more
He collapsed onto the ground. 
   “Mason, we need to move”
   “My leg, I’m in too much pain, just leave me, I’ll only slow you down”
   “Don’t you fucking say that, I’ll never leave you,” I grabbed him once more in the darkness, “now get up, we’ll get out of here, I promise you”
   “I can’t”
   “Yes you can”
I forced him up with everything I had. He seemed heavier than before. Like he had given up. Like he was making it more difficult on purpose. Like he wanted me to leave him. But, I wasn’t going to
No way
No way in hell
I was getting him out of there whether he liked it or not
   “You might’ve given up, but I haven’t, I’ll drag you back if I have to”
It was getting too much
The pressure 
His weight
The weight of the planet that I felt on my shoulders. I felt his parents shouting passed deaths door and into my ears. Every word
Begging me
Pleading with me
To save him
To save their son
Their child
To get him to a safe place where they couldn’t touch him. Then a voice cried out.
   “Where’re you?!”
   “Dad, mom, we’re down here, help us, there’s loads of them!”
   “We’re coming to get you!”
   “You should’ve just let me go, now your family are in trouble”
   “You’re my family,” I told
With the sudden boost and the sudden extra hope of getting back. Thanks to my mom and dad. I chose to carry on dragging my helpless best friend across the night. Each step I could hear him wincing. Each step his weight got heavier and heavier. 
Don’t fall again
Don’t you dare 
   “Come on, we’re close,” I said, “They’re coming for us bro, they’re coming for us”
I could see them. Their silhouettes ran around the same corner I ran around. 
I heard
   “Cal, run!”
It wasn’t them that was running to us. It was them.
The infected
They had now blocked our way out. 
   “Mason come on, Mason, we need to get to this house!”
   “Cal!” I heard again
   “Please please please,” I cried
I heard gun shots that were fired by them
They were still coming for us. One had fallen, but it wasn’t enough. We reached the house.
Please open
Please open
Please open!
But it wouldn’t open. 
The door
We were trapped in the evil night. Trapped in the darkness that was swallowing us whole. The loud noises from the infected hitting our hearts with every sound that infested our ears.
   “I’m sorry Mason, I’m so sorry”
The bullets fired again
And again
And again
But, they still came for us. I could hear mom’s voice. I could hear the pain in Mason’s voice, but I could’nt see them. The only thing I could see was darkness and silhouettes
Made me
See something completely different.
   “Let go of me, bro,” he told
   “Let go!”
I felt him move away from my grasp and saw the outline of his body start moving forward
Toward them
   “Run!” He told
   “What’re you doing?!”
   “Saving you, now run!”
They were here
And then…

Graham Jackson Season 2 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

The road was long and merciless. I could feel the cold colours making their way through into our world
My world
Where my family and I had lived always. The world used to have a blue sky to it. Now the sun seemed to be setting permanently and a forever- black- sky looked like the sky we would be looking at from now on. We travelled fast and gazed at the people going by. Each one was running. Running from the infected, what used to be, men and women. Screams from both ends.
The infected screaming after them
The people screaming, crying. Desperately trying to escape them. Some ran onto the road.  
Evelyn swerved. She tried not to him them and we just missed them by inches. My heart pounded like a machine gun. Each beat cracked into my rib cage.
   “Mummy!” One of the girls cried
We zoomed right and saw more of them. The shopping centre was in sight
In full view
And we saw the masses of people flooding the streets with their screams and bellows. It was an earthquake of chaos. An horrendous scene. A moment that would stay in your mind forever. 
Kids running away without their families and being chased. We had to swerve once more. To try and not hit them. It was hard to watch. It was like watching a massicre unfold right in front of our eyes.
It seemed what ever this thing was, was spreading faster than a blink and the authorities were failing to contain it. 
Had they lost?
Had they lost control?
What I saw answered everything and my answer was 
They had lost control. 
And now we were going to suffer. This was our home and now all of a sudden it was being catapulted into
What felt like
A fucking computer game. Everything seemed to be falling a part. It was happening too fast. Like a flip story in a notepad. 
In turbo speed and soon. It was going to be over before we knew it. The world as we know it…
   “All these people,” she said, “I can’t look”
I looked her way. She looked dead straight.
Away from the gruesome picture to the right of us. Some people tended to be waving to us. I heard some of them shouting
    “Help us, please help us!”
She forced herself not to look as she guided us away from the cruelty. 
   “Can we leave them here, why aren’t I stopping to help?”
   “We have to get back, if we stop it’ll be all over”
   “I feel so cruel, I feel like humanity has been sucked out of me, I should stop, but I’m choosing not to”
   “Say if we do stop and they’re bitten, what then?”
   “Then we get surrounded and become one of them and the kids…”
I hoped she wouldn’t stop. I hoped to the heavens that the guilt she was feeling wasn’t going to overpower her and have her pull the car over. 
I had my fingers crossed
I kept my eyes on the surroundings.
Where the people ran. 
I looked on and winced at the sight. Some of the people that were running had turned on the others that were running beside them. We saw it all. My angel shuck with fear at the sight.
   “Keep it together, we’re fine, they can’t get to us”
More helicopters then flew over our heads. I watched them go over us. It was turmoil where we once were. Even though we were out of the hole with bloodied teeth. I had an inkling that it wasn’t going to be the last of it. 
It didn’t matter how far we drove 
How far we would’ve ran
How far we could fly
This thing
This disease
Was in the US. It was everywhere, so it didn’t matter where we went. We were going to end up fighting for our lives once again. 
   “I want to go to grandma’s,” Michelle said
   “We won’t be long honey, mummy is going as quick as she can”
Army jeeps flew passed us. They were there and then they were gone. The men and women had their guns at the ready, but I figured they were fighting a losing battle. That was my gut feeling. 
   “We’re nearly there guys,” I said
The army kept coming and coming. I looked and saw more down the road. A long line making their way into the town centre. Then we were out of sight and we couldn’t see them anymore.  To the left of me was a large field with astroturf football pitches on them and as we drove further. We spotted more people running in the distance. 
   “Oh, that little boy,” she said
I felt it
I felt the pain and the guilt that she was feeling. I watched the boy being chased by them and they weren’t that far behind. 
Where were his parents?
Were they dead?
Were they alive?
How long was he going to last?
Would this be a good time to stop the car?
What about my granddaughters?
Should we risk it?
   “What do I do dad?” She asked, “should I stop the car, should we save him?”
She was quickly glancing at me for guidance. I felt the pressure. I had to make my mind up quick.
Drive passed?

Teddy Baker Season 2 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s – Teddy Baker, outside Wales

We were in the middle of nowhere now and we had left it all behind us. We had escaped. From the edge of madness. We had managed to hold on tight and climb back up onto the mountain where we were about to fall from. It was a long way down. A ten second drop and at the end of that drop were the heads that would tear you apart 
If you fell. But, we didn’t fall. We were still there catching every breath that was 
Impossible to catch. 
Looking at each other in shock.
We had survived
We were still alive
I knew one thing. Deep down Inside of me and it was growing bigger and bigger. What ever this thing was… it was just getting started.
   We had gathered enough space between them and us, I needed a breather, “Stop stop”
I loosened my grip and let Jack and Lianne take a few steps a way from me. I was out of breath and so were the others. Trees surrounded us now with lots and lots of greenery. We all fell back on to the trees. Lianne stayed standing. Looking left and right. Apprehension written all over her innocent face. Her face a shadow of once was a happy face. A face that was always laughing.
A face that once played games in the garden with a friend or on her own. Letting her imagination run free. A face that was never going to be sad… until now.
Jack was different though. He was a subdued character that never shared with us. Talking wasn’t his strongest attribute. He was clever
A kid beyond his years. A kid that was interested in things no other kid his age would’ve been interested in. Smiling was rare with him. 
He grinned sometimes. Sometimes he’d laugh at weird stuff like how he didn’t notice what was wrong with the computer he was trying to fix
How he’d ask me or his mother to give him a hard question and the question we gave him was too easy. You know. Stuff like that. He always wanted his mind stimulating. 
   Elijah was shaking, in disbelief, “horrible, so horrible, this shouldn’t be happening”
   “Elijah,” I said
   “This is fucked up, what the hell is going on?”
He looked at me. Looking like a child who was just about to be punished by his father.
   “Calm down,” I told
I didn’t want my children to feel any worse. I didn’t want my children to be swallowed into the hole that was below us. At the moment we were on the edge of it and we needed to slowly walk away and that meant to keep calm. 
   “How can I calm down?” he cried, he got up, put his hands on his hips and looked up to the sky, “they were defenseless, we could’ve done something”
   “No, you could’ve done something, I’m not risking my families life”
   “I miss mine,” he began to cry into his hands, “I can’t survive this, I want my family back, my mum, my dad… my sister”
   “Get a grip, they aren’t coming back, you have to deal with that”
   “What if I can’t, what if I want to die, if this is how the world is going to be, what’s the point?”
I thought about it for a breif moment. A brief moment where I took a glimpse into the future of the world and what I saw
I saw fear. My children frightened in every moment. Every moment we lived we were living in a puddle of blood. I saw my children running with me doing my best to protect them
Sooner or later something would’ve happened where I wasn’t able to protect them anymore. 
I was either killed away from them where they would’nt have seen a thing. OR. I was killed trying to protect them and they would see me getting shredded by the hands of those things.
It wasn’t worth thinking about
That wasn’t going to happen 
We were going to stay alive no matter what! 
I got up on to my feet and tried to think
Think long
Think hard
Think until I came up with something that would’ve led us away from the chaos that was far but wasn’t. I needed a solution. 
Lianne came and sat beside me. Her head was planted on my shoulder whilst Jack stood away from me. He sat down in the middle playing with plants and sticks. Uprooting them and breaking them in two, three and four.
The stem and the rest of the plant dead in a second. Just like everything else was soon to be.
   “I will get you out of here, sweety,” I told her
I watched Elijah crying into his hands and I watched Jack playing with the plant he’d just killed. The difference was phenominal. Nothing seemed to have bothered him. I had to talk to him. He had just killed somebody. Surely deep down inside it was eating at him. 
   I got up and walked over to him and sat down beside him, “hey,” I said, “What you did back there, you saved your dad’s life, so don’t ever think that was the wrong thing to do, because it wasn’t, we’re family and family look out for each other, we’re in this together son,” I put my hand on his shoulder, “I love you son, I will always protect you, both of you and I will do anything, and I mean anything, to keep you safe… I will give my own life for you”
He got up and walked away without saying a word. I looked at the floor and noticed something. A word shaped by the twigs on the ground
It said…

Rhonda Gedling Season 2 Episode Eight

Survivors of the Z’s- Rhonda Gedling, outside Colorado

The gun had fired and my world stayed dusky. My eyes still dark from the moment I thought I was going leave this world. 
My eyes 
Still closed 
And when I heard the shot I thought I wouldn’t be able to open them again.
I could still hear. I could still hear the snippets of wind around me. I could still hear my mom’s voice and I could also hear the man crying. I opened my eyes and it felt like I was reborn. Like I was  thankful, but I was also slightly dissapointed that I wasn’t dead. That I had passed on from the horrendous world. Like I had made a step to seeing my sister again. Like I was about to knock on the door that had my sister behind it. 
My everything
The only person who I actually loved, but it wasn’t meant to be; I opened my eyes anyway
And then
I knew
I had to carry on. I had to save this man who was trying to end his own life. 
   “You didn’t do it,” I said
   “No,” he said, “no I didn’t”
   “Why?” I asked, “why didn’t you?”
   “Because I’m not an arsehole, now turn your ass around lady and let me be, before I change my mind”
   “I can’t do that,” I told, “I’m not leaving you alone”
   “You don’t even fucking know me,” his anger showing, “lady, leave me alone, you don’t need to be here, I am not your problem, do you understand?” he slapped his palm on to his chest, loudly, “THIS. IS NOT. YOUR. PROBLEM!”
   Mom’s hand touched my shoulder, “Lets go, Rhonda”
   “Get off me,” I told, “let me do this”
I put my hands up. My face showed sympathy
I felt like I had to do it. To save this man from what ever was inside of him that was making him do it. 
   “What’s your name?” I asked
   He held the gun in one hand and let it hang there, like it was asleep, like it was waiting to be woken up, “Gordon,” he said, it was a big effort for him
   “My names Rhonda,” I said
   “I don’t give a fuck who you’re,” he said, “you have no fucking idea what’s just happened to me, you just turn up and think you can solve a problem that you can’t see, you can’t see it and you won’t be able to because you do don’t understand!”
   “I lost my sister,” I said, “that’s a problem that I can see and right now I’m trying to stop somebody else from dying, somebody that I saw whilst I was driving down here in need and that person is you, Gordon”
   “I’m sorry about your sister,” he said, “I’m sorry about everything, about how this world is turning into shit, but you telling me that won’t…” he turned around and went quiet
   “Won’t what?” I asked
He didn’t say a word. Which made me think. 
That gun shot?
The blast I had heard earlier? 
That must’ve been the reason why he was smothered in blood?
I breathed heavily and walked into the RV. Something didn’t feel right. Something had hit me 
As I walked into its body. I looked right and saw the drivers seat with the long road in front and the blue skies with the desolate surroundings. 
I looked left at the dining area, kitchen and, bedroom, which was tinted in blood
I looked at the floor of the bedroom and saw a man’s body facing the ceiling
   “Holy shit”
I Iooked on the bed.
Three bodies were laid down Side by side
Facing upwards. 
One woman and two young girls.
I put my hand to my mouth and felt my heavy breaths rebounding from my palm. I walked closer and saw holes in their heads with a pistol placed at the end of the bed. 
   “My god,” I spoke
   “We were attacked,” he suddenly spoke from behind me, “they were bit, all of them, I tried to save them, but I could’nt, we managed to get away and thats when I noticed that they’d been bit, I had to do it, I could’nt let them turn, I could’nt let them turn into one of those things”
   “You did the right thing,” I said
   “Did I?” He doubted, “they’re dead because of me, I’m their father and husband, it’s my job to protect them and I didn’t”
   “You said you tried”
   “Not hard enough”
He grabbed the gun from the end of the bed and looked at it. 
   “They were my little girls,” he said, “so young and beautiful, had their whole lives ahead of them and then bang, it was taken away”
   “They wouldn’t want you to kill yourself, they would want you to live on,” I explained, “my sister hasn’t long been dead, 
   “How did she die?”
   “She was stabbed, right in front of me”
   “I’m sorry”   
   “Don’t be, it isn’t your fault,” I said, “she turned into one of those things later on and I had to shoot her and ever since then I’ve wanted to die, each time I think about ending my life I think of my sweet sister, I think how she would’ve wanted me to carry on and thats the only thing that’s stopped me from ending it”
I looked to the floor again at the headless body
   “Who was that?” I asked
   “My dad,” he told, “he was an arsehole”   
Things went silent
   “Thank you, Rhonda” he said, “your words have helped, can I have some time alone with them?”
   “Sure, just give me the guns”
He gave me the guns. I walked out  into the sun’s hot stare and saw mom standing beside the car.  
   “Is he alright?” She asked
   “I hope so”

Time went on and I went back inside to see if he was ok.Tears rolled down my face
I had found him laying on the bed 
Facing upwards
Just like his wife and two little girls
He had cut his throat with a knife that was now on the floor coated in red. Next to his father. His hand hung on the edge of the bed.
   “Fuck,” I spoke
I spotted a note on top of a small dresser. I picked it up and it read
            Thank you Rhonda
            May you stay living

Cal Moore Season 2 Episode Eight 

Survivors of the Z’s- Cal Moore, Ashford City California

We sat down at the same tree as before staring upwards at the glistening night sky.   
   “I worry about you, that’s all,” I told
   “Worrying isn’t going to help, I can’t sleep bro and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep again”
The stars were much clearer now. Each one shone. Each one blinked at us. Each one sparkled as bright as the next one. It was beautiful. 
Somewhere in my mind
I kind of preffered it this way
To be no street lights
To be no sounds
Then I could look at them 
Gaze deeply at the stars
And think about the planets far far away. Then I would imagine myself walking around on that planet with my loved ones. 
Without these monsters chasing us everywhere we went.
   “Then I won’t sleep either”
   “Ok, but I know sooner or later you’ll be shutting those eyes”
   “Thats not going to happen”
   “What do you thinks going to happen?” He asked
I paused
The question lingered over me. A voice at one end told me to tell him how I felt. How I thought he was going to commit suicide. How I felt he was going to think ending his own life would let him see his parents again. Perhaps it would. Perhaps it wouldn’t. 
I mean…
Who knew right until you were actually passed deaths door?
Would that be a good move? 
To tell him the truth?
Would that make him think that I thought he was weak?
The other voice told me to lie to him. To lie to my best friend.
He waited for an answer. 
   “Don’t…” I struggled, “don’t kill yourself, please, that’s why I don’t wanna leave you alone, because that’s what I thinks going to happen, I think I’m gonna find you laying there or something, dead”
He didn’t say a word. Just looked at me. Carried on looking and looking until he looked at the stars again. With him not saying a word made me think that I had said the wrong thing. I felt bad. I felt like he thought
I thought
He was weak. If that makes sense it was something I wanted to avoid of course. With him thinking that. I truly imagined it was going to drive him further deeper into the gigantic hole he was already in.
   “Do you think I’ll see them again if I did?” He asked
What do I say to that?
I breathed deeply and thought about it hard.
   “If you did, do you think they’d want to know that you’d killed yourself?”
   “I don’t care, I want to see them, I want to see my mom and dad again”
   “But, killing yourself isn’t the right way to go about it”
   “The fuck do you know?” He said
   “I just do”
   “Because killing yourself is wrong!”
   “So, you’d rather have me get eaten alive by one of those things?!”
   “No, I”-
   “There’s no other way for me to die, I’d rather do it myself than be killed by one of them”
   “Please, Mason”
   “Please what?”
   “Don’t, you’re my best friend, I don’t know what I’ll do without you”
   “You have your parents, I don’t, least you’ll have them”
   “But I won’t have any friends, not like you”
It was true. All of it. It wouldn’t be like something I’d just forget about
Erase from my memory like an unforgettable moment from a page from a boring book. 
This guy was like family. A brother that I never had. A brother that I had always wanted.  
   “How can someone live without family?” He asked, “how can somebody live without their mom and dad?”
   “I don’t know, but I can’t lose you”
   “Anyone can die, my parents are”
He got up and walked away. I followed him. Every step the cool breeze was felt on my young face and the feeling was pleasant. We carried on walking with no words spoken. 
   He then stood next to the large wall where lined up trees were settled, “Check this out,” he whispered, “I heard it earlier”
   “What?” I asked
He climbed up on to the trees. I was a little weary about it. With the state of mind he was in. I was paranoid
That he would do something stupid. 
   “Come on,” he muttered, “have a look, but be quiet”
I climbed up as silent as I could. I nearly fell and luckily Mason caught me. He helped me up and I balanced next to him. Holding on to the branch whilst balancing on the wall. 
   “Down there,” he said
I looked down. It was pretty damn dark, but I could see them just a little.
   “Listen,” he said
I could already hear them and what I heard wasn’t anything to smile about
No way near
Nowhere close
   “Isn’t it amazing how close we’re, death feels so close, but it can’t touch us”
There silhouettes could be seen and there noises could be heard. It was a big drop down. I began to feel my nerves shoot through me and my legs become boneless.
   “I’m not liking this,” I said, “I’m getting down”
   “They can’t get us”
   “I don’t care, I’m getting down”
   “You’re such a pussy”
   “Fuck you, if I fall that’s it”
   “You won’t fall”
    “I don’t care, I’m getting down”
I went to climb down and the moment I turned my back. I heard him.
   “Shit, Cal!”
He had fallen
   “Ahh, Cal, help I can’t move, I think I’ve broken my leg!”
   “I’m coming!”
   “Hurry, they’re coming!”
My heart pounded. I ran. I had to get to him