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Graham Jackson Season Episode Seven 

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

We were in the living room 


The dogs 

And my angel

The same living room where I got humiliated in front of my family.

She looked at me.

I looked at her.

She stared me down and I looked away and put my hand into my palms. I got up and walked toward the window and gazed out of it and I could still feel her deadly stare.

   “I know what you’re thinking, Evelyn,” I spoke

   “Then why are you doing this?” She asked

   “For Preston,” I told

   “You could die,” she warned, “then what… huh?!”

I turned around and walked toward her.

   “Keep your voice down”

   “His brother took him, family took him, he’s with his family and that’s where he belongs,” she grabbed my hand, “you don’t need to do this”

I shook my head. 

His older brother took him, yes.

His older brother took him in a direction where he could be killed at any moment? 


My gut was telling me yes.

What I saw of him

What he did 

What he’s been doing 

Killing soldiers

Maybe killing innocent people

Coming into my fucking house and doing what the fuck he wants. 

Anger burned. 

Anger burned deep down inside of me and the fire needed to be released and it was him I was going to release it on.

I had to. She might not have seen him as family, but I did. He was the son I never had and I was going to get him back and kick his brother into hell where he belonged.

   “He was with us through so much, Evelyn,” I said, “he was like  family”

   “But he isn’t,” she repeated, “Why don’t you get that? We’re living in a time where family,” she put her hand to her chest and slapped it, “family, have to stick together and not seperate, do you understand? People are dying so fast and I don’t want you to be added to that list”

   “I understand, I do and don’t ever think that I don’t,” I told, “I love you, I love Michelle and Katelyn, you’re my world”

   “Then why do you want to leave us?” She asked

   “I’m not leaving you, I’m getting something back that is a part of us, of all of us, he is family, he’s been with us and will continue to be with us”

Tears began to make her eyes sparkle and then they began to descend down her cheeks. She shook her head in disbelief. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing and a tiny part of me couldn’t believe it either, but it was something that just had to be done. I wouldn’t expect you to understand, but understand this. Would you rescue a boy who you loved, who you saw as a son, even though he wasn’t, but you still felt he was? 

   Her breath shuddered, “ok,” she said, “do what you want dad, do what the fuck you want, because it’s obvious that you’re only thinking about the things you want and not the things you need, and that thing is us and we… we need you”

She turned and walked away from me. Leaving me in a pool of her words circling my ears.

Entering them


Then re- entering 

Now the questions remained

Was she right?

Wasn’t she?

And if she was right. Should I still go out there and save the boy?

I took time to think and I thought long and hard

And then

I realised…

I walked up the stairs and as I reached the top. I looked to my left and saw her sitting down next to the wall. 

   I began walking over to her, “what am I going to tell your granddaughters?”

   I stopped in my tracks, it was like, she was stopping me from coming closer, “I have to get him back, I have to”

   She looked up at me, “and if you don’t prevail, then what?”

   “Thats not going to happen,” I told

   She laughed and shook her head, “Mr macho man, Mr invincible”

   “Don’t be like that”

   “No dad, no,” she said, “I’m not the one who is blinde to danger, your the one who is being the fucking idiot in all of this”

   I walked up to her and she got up and gazed my way, “please Evelyn”

   “Stay the fuck away from me dad, if you wanna risk in killing yourself in saving something that isn’t ours, then go ahead, go right a fucking head”


   She punched me and I staggered back, “Go fuck yourself”

She opened the door and closed it behind her.

   “Mummy, what’s wrong?” I heard behind the door

   “Nothing sweety, I’m here, go back to sleep”

I turned 

And walked away   

Bruno stayed close as we walked through the misty day. 


I had made up my mind 


It was the decision that was going to be the biggest risk of my life. It may have brought me to death’s door. 


It may have brought me to saving the young lad who I now saw as a son.


I was coming for him with all my anger and all my might. 

We reached the same place where I kicked the living crap out of Marcus. The same place that changed everything and brought me to this moment.

   I looked at Bruno, “Here we’re,” I said, “you ready?” He looked at me, “Let’s go buddy”

We started walking over to the apartement block where huge familiar graffiti in black came visible at the corner.

                           THE WORLD 

                               IS FREE

The door had been left open. It was in tatters. Smashed to bits. I looked at the floor at the glass and watched Bruno walk around it and as we got in. I listened out for anybody that would be hanging around. 

I then heard a crash and a cry upstairs. 

Bruno then barked and pelted it upstairs which made me have no choice in doing the same.

   “For fuck sake, Bruno”

I chased him up the next flight and watched him run through a door. 

And then

In an emotional turn

I heard Bruno yelp

   “Bruno!” I cried

I ran through the same door toward him as he was laid out in the centre of the apartement. A scruffy skinny pale man who was busted up was standing up against the wall in fear.

I then looked around and realised why he was so fearful. A large man with a thick beard stood there with his eyes fixated on me. He held a large combat knife and walked toward me…




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Graham Jackson Season 2 Episode Nine 

Survivors of the Z’s- Graham Jackson, Nottingham, UK

We shouted
He turned
We drove faster 
And we shouted again
   “Kid, over here!”
The decision was made to save this kid from these things. 
The infected- grotesque- beings that were now threatening our way of life.
Our freedom
What once was a world where
You could say 
The grass was greener on the other side. 
The grass was getting darker and the roots were dying.
   “Please, help me!” He begged
   “Come on, hurry!”
They were close. I got out the car and got behind him as he pelted toward the car.
   “Dad, what are you doing?!”
   “Get him in the car!”
I was out of my mind. 
Most probably
I was drawn into saving the kids life that I didn’t think of what the outcome was going to be.
The outcome…
But, surviving by just the skin of my teeth and with a few more mental scars.
That was always going to be the answer from now on. Life was now limited.
Limited from chances
Limited from life 
A blink of a bloody eye with a cannibals teeth lurking. Lurking in the grey skies.
   “If something happens to me, get out of here!”
   “That is not going to happen!”
There were two of them and they were coming in fast. Storming toward me with their violent bellows. Two young men. Both looked like they would cause me some damage. I Clenched my fists hard and gazed at them harder. My muscles got ready and my mind quickened. Rummaging through every image that I wanted the outcome to be. 
Standing over them with my life still intact.
   “You’ve got this old man,” I said
With the kid in the car and me standing in front. No way were these disgusting fucking creatures getting anywhere near my family or that kid.
   I looked back and Evelyn gazed at me, “get in the damn car!”
It was too late. I was already within their reach.
Were they in my reach?
I put my fists up and clattered one right in the face. The noise was like thunder. The clatter was sickening. It’s vile body dropped to the floor and I quickly turned to the next one. It through itself at me. Its heavy load made me fall and now it was on top of me. 
   “Shit,” I said
Now I was thinking. She was fucking right. I should’ve got into the damn car. I grabbed hold of its throat
With both hands
My old bones and limbs squirmed crazily and my mind was hastily drawing up a plan of desperate action.
   “Dad!” I heard
   “Get out of here!”
   “No, I’m not leaving you!”
   “Go, now!”
I heard the car take off and I breathed in and out. Realising I was now 
On my own
It’s bleeding eyes dripped onto my face and it’s mouth dripped blood on to my shirt. I could feel its gaze tormenting my body and mind into submission. I could see the animalistic path it was on. 
The death
The chaos
The lives that were going to be destroyed or had been.
I shook out the image and quickly moved my face left and right trying to escape the dripping blood from its eyes. I clenched my hands tighter and felt the bones in its neck. 
It’s voice was more of a choking sound now and then it snapped within my grasp. It’s full weight fell on top of me. I quickly rolled it off with a wince. My bones like old metal. 
Struggling to cope
I quickly got up on to my feet
   “Argh,” I moaned and
I got ready for the other one, but ready I wasn’t. It was already there. Right in front of my eyes. 
I was weary
Trying to regain my strength
   “Bring it,” I gasped
It came at me 
A few feet away
I looked on in shock as I saw my daughter knock it flying up into the air.
   She opened the door, “get in!”
I did what I was told and moved my arse. I looked and it was getting up. 
I was in and we were away. I looked in the mirror and watched it getting smaller and smaller into the distance. It was still running, but it wasn’t going to catch up. 
   “Don’t do that again, please,” she said   
   “I’m sorry,” I gasped, “I thought I could take them”
   “You could’ve been killed and then what?” She asked, “I need you here, with me, not out there acting like a hero”
   “I will always try and protect you and the kids, always and that’s not going to change”
   “Can I at least get a thank you?”
   “Thanks, you saved my ass, I love you Evelyn”
   “I love you too dad”
   “Thank you for saving me,” I heard
I looked in the mirror and saw the boy looking at me. He looked tough for his age. Rough around the edges. His hair was scruffy and his eyes looked like they had a few pages to turn. He was young, but he wasn’t.
   “No problem kid,” I said
I was about to ask for his name 
   “Before you ask, my names Preston and I’m twelve”
   His confidence made me smile, “Hi Preston, I’m Graham, this is my daughter Evelyn and these are my granddaughters, Katelyn and Michelle”
   He smiled, “nice to meet you all”